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If you’re new to Kodi you may not know what a URL resolver is, but when you do, they can make Kodi a much better experience.

Basically when you search for a movie or TV show on Kodi, Kodi will search a range of online sources for a stream of that particular show or movie. What a URL resolver does is it also searches premium hosts like rapidgator, but instead of paying a load of monthly fees for these premium hosts, you pay one fee to a URL resolver who include these premium services in your search. The resolver will use a premium Debrid site, which aren’t Kodi exclusive, but their Kodi configurations are a great tool.

I use Real-Debrid and all-debrid. Real-Debrid is only €9 for 90 days (about £7, $10) so costs very little. If you want to try, you can set up real-debrid premium for 15 days to try for only €3.

Real-Debrid is more than just a tool to add to Kodi though, it’s a premium downloader, and for the above costs you get so much. If you ever use downloaders like Rapidgator which charge for fast downloads, with Real-Debrid, the price includes premium downloads from Rapidgator and so many more downloaders at around 300mbps. Not only this, if you ever use torrent services to download files, you can paste them into your real-debrid account and again, download via your account at high speeds! It’s a great service at a very good price, and it’s all 100% legal.

Not all Kodi addons support real-debrid, but many do, especially the most popular including; Exodus, Specto, SALTS, iStream, Release Hub, Entertainment Hub, Ice Films & 1Channel

So, if you decide to take the plunge, read below for how to add real-debrid to Kodi.

  • Set up a premium account at Real-Debrid
  • Select System > Addons > System > Dependancies > URLResolver > Configure > Universal Resolvers (If Kodi 17, just select Addons from the home screen instead of “System > Addons)
  • Scroll down the list until you find to Real-Debrid
  • Select Priority
  • Update the priority to 90 and select Done
  • Select OK to save your changes
  • Select Configure once again and select Universal Resolvers
  • Scroll down to Real Debrid
  • Select “(Re)Authorize My Account” and a pop up will appear giving you a URL to go to and an authorisationn code.
  • In a browser on your phone, tablet, PC etc, any browser will do and go to, ensuring you’re logged into your real-debrid account. If not, log in and then go back to
  • Enter the code in the box on the website provided in the pop up in Kodi and click Continue.
  • You’ll be told your account is authorised and the box in Kodi will soon disappear.

Some addons you can configure individually. For Exodus, fro your Kodi home screen, go to System > Addons > Video Addons (For Kodi 17, from your Kodi home screem just select “Addons > Video Addons). From your video addon list, find Exodus, and either hit “C” buttons (on PC), right click (if using a mouse on a streaming device) or if you’re using a TV device like a Fire Stick etc, hit the context button (usually three horizontal lines) and click “Configure”.  Scroll down to the Accounts tab on the left hand side, find real debrid and click on “Authorization” and follow the instructions on the screen (they’ll just ask you to log onto your account and enter a code)

Don’t forget to check out our Kodi addon guides to install the latest and greatest Kodi addons and utilise your Real Debrid account to it’s fullest.



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