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Preacher Episode Guide

Based on the popular cult comic book franchise of the same name, Preacher is an absurdly twisted and action-packed thrill ride. When Jesse Custer, a small-town preacher with a criminal past, realizes God is absent from Heaven, Jesse sets out to find Him. Along for the ride are Tulip, Jesse’s volatile true love, and Cassidy, a 119-year-old Irish vampire, who is Jesse’s best mate. The gang ends up in New Orleans, where they must dodge local gangsters, dangerous secret agents in white suits, and the Saint of Killers, an unstoppable murderous cowboy from Hell.

Show: Preacher
Status: Returning Series
Network: AMC
First Aired: May 2016
Country: United States

Regular Cast:
Dominic Cooper as Rev. Jesse Custer
Joseph Gilgun as Proinsias Cassidy
Ruth Negga as Priscilla “Tulip” O’Hare
Graham McTavish as The Cowboy
Ian Colletti as Eugene “Arseface” Root
Pip Torrens as Herr Starr (Season 2)
Julie Ann Emery as Lara Featherstone (Season 2)
Noah Taylor as Hitler (Season 2)
Malcolm Barrett as Hoover [ 2- ] Tom Brooke as Fiore
Lucy Griffiths as Emily (Season 1)
W. Earl Brown as Sheriff Hugo Root (Season 1)
Derek Wilson as Donny Schenck (Season 1)
Anatol Yusef as DeBlanc (Season 1)
Jackie Earle Haley as Odin Quinncannon (Season 1)

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  1. 22 May 16 Pilot
    A “comet” soars through the solar system and hurtles toward Earth.In Nairobi, the “comet” strikes a preacher down as he delivers a sermon to his congregation. The preacher arises and proclaims himself “the prophet,” but then he suddenly explodes. Blood splatters all over the congregants, who flee the church as the “comet” zooms away.In Annville, Texas, the local preacher Jesse Custer lies in bed hungover. In a brief flashback, a young Jesse sees his preacher father forced to his knees. Back in the present, Jesse gets dressed and leaves for church.Jesse walks to All Saints Congregational and fixes the letters of the church sign that someone had previously rearranged to read, “Open your ass and holes to Jesus.”Jesse delivers an uninspired sermon to a bored and distracted congregation. Emily Woodrow, Jesse’s assistant, mercifully concludes the service with organ music before Jesse’s able to finish his final words.At the Sunday barbecue outside the church, a young boy named Chris tells Jesse that his father, Donnie, abuses his mother. He asks Jesse to hurt his father. “People say before you came back here, before you were a preacher, you did things,” Chris says. Jesse warns Chris that violence just leads to more violence.At Annville City Hall, Mayor Miles Person tries to suppress a riot over the politically correct replacement of the town mascot, Chief Red Savage. Nearby, Sheriff Hugo Root asks Jesse to check in on his son Eugene. Jesse tells Sheriff Root that Donnie is beating his wife, Betsy, but Sheriff Root refuses to investigate unless Betsy files a formal complaint.

    In a corporate jet, a group of hedge funders drink and snort cocaine with an Irishman named Cassidy, who tells tales of his last trip to Tiajuana. While in the bathroom, Cassidy finds a bible covered with scribbled phrases. He smiles knowingly.

    Back in the main cabin, Cassidy notes that the plane is not flying toward Tijuana. He then single-handedly fights and kills the “hedge funders” and pilots, who all turn out to be assassins. One of the pilot dumps holy water on Cassidy, who reveals his true nature as a vampire by drinking the pilot’s blood and jumping out of the soon-to-crash plane with a to-go bottle of blood and umbrella in hand.

    At a diner, a church attendee by the name of Ted gripes about his mother to Jesse. Emily, who works at the diner when not acting as Jesse’s assistant, eats with Jesse and her two kids. She suggests Jesse check on her co-worker, Walter, who called in sick. She’s worrying out loud about the church finances and the threat of competition from a nearby megachurch when Miles awkwardly interrupts to flirt with Emily. She sends him away, but not quick enough, as Jesse suggests Emily, now a widow, get back on the dating market. With secret longing, Emily tells Jesse she is available.

    Back in Nairobi, a jeep pulls up to the church. Two mysterious men step out of the jeep and enter the church.

    Jesse stops by Walter’s house and finds Walter passed out drunk. He hears a woman singing in the shower and immediately leaves.

    In Kansas, not too long ago, a woman named Tulip O’Hare races down the road in her Chevelle while fighting a gangster. Their fight continues in the back seat as the car snakes its way through a corn field. After biting the gangster’s ear off, Tulip careens to a stop, kills the gangster and grabs a map from his jacket. A young boy and girl watch from their yard. Tulip receives a text alerting her that more people are coming for her.

    Under the illusion of arts and crafts, Tulip enlists the boy and girl to help make a bazooka out of metal cans and G.I. Joe action figures.

    Tulip hides the kids in a cellar. They hear mayhem and destruction above ground, then silence. They emerge to find a Blackhawk crashed in their yard, G.I. Joe’s impaled in the dead pilot’s head.

    In the same flashback from earlier, a young Jesse sees his father brought to his knees and shot in the head. Back to present day, Jesse sits in his truck outside Quincannon Meat & Power.

    Cassidy, whose guts lie around him in a crater in a nearby cornfield, lures a cow in and devours it.

    At Quincannon, Jesse visits Betsy and asks if Donnie hurts her. She admits that he beats her, but when Jesse asks her to report Donnie, she insists that she enjoys the abuse as part of their kinky sex life.

    Meanwhile in Russia, police investigate a church that has been struck by the “comet.” A witness tells police that the Magister exploded in the middle of mass. The two mysterious men who were investigating in Africa enter the church and shut the doors.

    Jesse meets Tulip in her Chevelle. She thanks him for checking in on her uncle Walter, then starts to fill him in on a big job for which she already procured a map. Jesse firmly reminds her that he no longer takes on jobs. Tulip asks Jesse why he’s returned to Annville. He doesn’t have much of an answer. “We are who we are,” she yells as Jesse walks off.

    Jesse stops by the Root house. Sheriff Root hands Jesse a meat smoothie to bring to Eugene.

    Eugene, whose face is grotesquely disfigured, greets Jesse enthusiastically in his room. He worries that God doesn’t want him at church because of what he did and wonders if some deeds are too evil to be forgiven. Jesse assures Eugene that God forgives him.

    Afterward, Jesse drinks at a local bar, where a TV news report announces that Tom Cruise exploded while presiding over a Scientology service. Cassidy joins Jesse at the bar and asks what town he’s in. He heads to the back. Donnie strides into the bar with his friends and punches Jesse for talking to Betsy.

    Cassidy speaks to his boss on a pay phone and wonders how the assassins keep finding him. His boss instructs him to lay low.

    Donnie threatens to beat Chris for snitching to Jesse. When Donnie ignores Jesse’s order to leave Chris alone, Jesse swiftly takes down Donnie and his friends. Cassidy watches from the back of the room. Sheriff Root tells Jesse to stop. Jesse assures him, “almost done Sheriff,” and concludes the beating by breaking Donnie’s arm.

    Jesse sits in a jail cell with Cassidy, who Sheriff Root believed to be Jesse’s accomplice. Jesse bemoans coming back to Annville but says he had to honor a promise. Cassidy denounces promises, faith and hope. Jesse’s released on bail and the two men shake hands before parting ways.

    Emily picks up Jesse from jail and drives him to the church, where Jesse informs her that he’s quitting and will make an announcement on Sunday. “You were never really here in the first place so what difference should your leaving make?” she snaps. After he’s gone, she explodes, breaking her children’s iPad in a devastated, heartbroken rage.

    Ted calls Jesse to complain about his mother just as Jesse sees a light emanating from the church. He tells Ted he’ll call him back.

    Inside the church, Jesse turns on the light switch to find it’s broken. He sits on a pew, where he decides to ask for God’s help one last time. Jesse kneels and says, “God, please forgive me.” Getting no response, he lights up a cigarette. The doors creak open. The pews move. A supernatural shadow — which eventually reveals itself to be the “comet” approaches Jesse then slams him to the ground.

    In a now familiar flashback, Jesse’s father is forced to his knees. He tells a young Jesse, “You’ve got to be one of the good guys. Because why?”

    “Because there’s way too many of the bad,” young Jesse says.

    “You promise me?” his father urges.

    “I promise, daddy,” Jesse says before his father is shot in the head.

    Jesse wakes up three days later on Sunday morning. Emily sits by the bed and informs him that Cassidy found Jesse passed out at the church and has since moved into the attic.

    As Jesse walks to church, Ted harangues him about his mother again. Jesse tells Ted in a stern, otherworldly voice, “Be brave, tell her the truth, open your heart.” Ted rushes off, repeating Jesse’s words like a mantra.

    Tulip enters All Saints, where Cassidy, too, is attending Jesse’s sermon. Jesse, who initially set out to quit, instead tells his congregation that he’s let them down but he’s going to make things right. “You deserve a good preacher and that’s what you’re going to get,” he says. “As of right now I’m going to fight, I’m going to do what all good preachers have done since the serpent and man’s fall. Pray for the sinner. Offer peace to the restless. Avenge the innocent.”

    As Jesse’s sermon continues in the background, we watch on as bullies steal Eugene’s backpack, Tulip paints her nails over her stolen map and Cassidy lights his arm on fire by exposing it to the sun.

    Meanwhile, Ted flies to Florida and drives to his mother’s retirement home, all the while repeating the mantra. He finds his mother at the home and asks her to treat him with kindness. “What are you talking about?” she asks. He unbuttons his shirt and takes out a knife. “Now I have to open my heart to you,” he says. He cuts his chest open, removes his heart and falls dead on the table as his mother screams.

    One of the mystery men from Russia and Africa eats a tea bag while waiting in his car. “It’s here,” his partner informs him. They cross the street and stand at the foot of the driveway to All Saints Congregational.

  2. 05 Jun 16 See
    In 1881, a mother nurses her sick daughter in a farmhouse cabin. The cowboy father leaves on horseback to get medicine.The cowboy rides day and night through the desert. He encounters a group of pioneers who’ve left St. Louis to stake their own claim in the wilderness. The patriarch of the group asks the cowboy if he believes the West is paradise. He finally utters his first words: “It ain’t,” he says.The cowboy passes a tree with Native Americans hanging from the branches, their scalps removed. “Towne of Ratwater,” reads a sign as the cowboy presses on into town.In the present, Jesse baptizes his parishioners in the church yard as the two mysterious men (who showed up previously in Africa and Russia) surveil him from a distance. Tulip coyly requests a baptism. As Jesse begrudgingly dunks her underwater, she asks him to help with her next job. He refuses again. Jesse’s assistant Emily watches them closely and later asks Jesse about Tulip.Inside the church, Miles, the mayor, tries to help Emily as she struggles with the new cappuccino maker. She brushes him off. Cassidy asks Emily for an advance payment for his work, but she points out he hasn’t completed any jobs for the church yet.Emily tells Jesse that Cassidy drank a cask of communion wine and asks him to have a word with Cassidy. She also advises Jesse to visit the Loach family. Jesse comments on the good turnout for the morning’s service.In the next room, Cassidy gasps at Eugene’s grotesque face. Jesse tells Cassidy that Eugene tried to kill himself with a shotgun, then asks Cassidy to stay out of trouble.

    Outside, Sheriff Root and Eugene pass a group of parishioners. “Murderer,” a man snickers. Eugene urges a defensive Sheriff Root to let it slide.

    In the chapel, Linus, one of the congregants, confesses to Jesse that he’s attracted to a young girl on the school bus that he drives. Jesse sternly warns Linus against acting on his urges.

    After everyone’s gone, Jesse sits out on the porch steps, in the dark, smoking a cigarette. “Quiet!” he hollers at a barking dog. The barking stops immediately.

    A convoy of Quincannon vehicles head down a road. Odin Quincannon sits across from a husband and wife in their living room, flanked by a team of Quincannon employees. He issues a spiel about purchasing their land. Donnie pulls out a contract but drops his pen. Clive, a co-worker, picks it up and hands it to Quincannon. Donnie glares at Clive. The husband signs the contract. The Quincannon team promptly demolishes the couple’s home.

    In a Quincannon van, Donnie violently shoves Clive’s face into the steering wheel until his nose breaks.

    Jesse and Emily stand outside a grocery store and solicit suggestions for the church. Jesse looks upset after he sees Linus’s school bus drive by.

    Jesse gets in his truck only to find the steering wheel missing. Tulip pulls up, mocks Jesse’s dull life, then drives off. He sees the steering wheel hanging from a street light.

    Jesse drives to church and finds Cassidy waiting on the front steps.

    Jesse and Cassidy drink inside the church, sitting in two pews they’ve turned to face each other. Jesse deflects Cassidy’s attempts to get to know him, asking why they’re always talking about him and not Cassidy. Cassidy tells Jesse that he’s a 119-year-old vampire from Dublin City on the run from religious vampire-hunting vigilantes. Jesse laughs believing Cassidy to be joking. Cassidy pulls out a flask and despite his attempts to keep it from Jesse because it’s too potent, Jesse snatches it. Jesse takes a swig and drops to the floor of the church. Cassidy thinks for a second before stealing the keys to his truck.

    At the Sundowner Motel, a maid offers towels to the one of the mystery men. She runs off when she sees he has a gun. The men leave the motel with a large trunk.

    Cassidy zooms down the highway in Jesse’s truck.

    As Jesse lies unconscious on the church floor, a mysterious blob pulsates somewhere inside of him. Meanwhile, the mystery men arrive at the church and find Jesse. They open the trunk and crank music from a contraption while one of the mystery men sings “Wynken, Blynken and Nod.” When Jesse doesn’t respond, the man playing the music contraption grabs a chainsaw and heads toward Jesse. Cassidy returns with a fresh bottle of liquor. He thinks the men are after him, not Jesse and threatens them. One of the men shoots Cassidy in the stomach. Cassidy bites the man who shot him and bludgeons him to death with a hymnal. Then, he wrestles the other man with the chainsaw before cutting off the man’s arm, killing him as well.

    At Toadvine Whorehouse, Tulip beats a group of Quincannon employees at poker. Clive storms out. Tulip receives a phone call from someone named Dany and tells her that she’ll see her soon.

    At the church, Cassidy cleans up the bloody aftermath and cuts up the men with the chainsaw. He puts their body parts in a trunk and starts to drag it outside only to find that it’s daylight. He stays inside, hidden from the sun.

    Emily finds Jesse sleeping on the church floor and reminds him of his appointment with the Loaches.

    Jesse visits the Loach residence, where Mrs. Loach nurses her comatose daughter, Tracy. Jesse tries to comfort Mrs. Loach, but she says words cannot heal Tracy.

    Outside, Jesse again sees Linus’s school bus drive by.

    That night, Jesse drives down a back road and spots a car seat in the middle of the road. When he stops to investigate, someone attacks him with a Taser.

    Jesse wakes to find himself chained up at Toadvine Whorehouse. Tulip, his captor, tells him that she’s going to Houston to give the stolen map to Dany in exchange for some valuable information. She refuses to do the job without him and predicts that he will revert to his old ways. Jesse insists he’s not interested and Tulip lets him go, revealing his chain was never actually secured in the first place.

    Eugene visits Jesse at church and tells him that he still feels bad, even after the baptism. He says he stays the same no matter how hard he tries to change. The words stir something in Jesse.

    Jesse goes to Linus’s house and punches Linus. He fills a tub with scalding water and dunks Linus’s head in the water, ordering him to repent for lusting after the young girl. “Forget her,” he bellows. Jesse falls back, hit by his own words. Linus asks what happened. “I told you to forget her,” says Jesse. “Forget who?” asks Linus.

    Cassidy buries the trunk of body parts on a hilltop that features the same tree seen outside of Ratwater in the flashback. The next day, however, the mystery men are back in their motel room, being interrogated by Sheriff Root. “We’re from the government,” one of the men explains.

    Jesse visits the Loach residence and tells Tracy that he’s going to try something new. “Open your eyes,” he whispers into her ear.

  3. 12 Jun 16 The Possibilities
    Tulip meets a woman named Dany in Houston and hands over the stolen map. In return, Dany gives her a slip of paper with an address. In a flashback, a car zooms past Tulip in an alleyway as an alarm blares nearby. “Wait!” she screams after the car. Back in the present, Tulip tells Dany that was the day she lost everything — including her relationship with Jesse.Afterwards, Dany sits behind a mysterious Man in White in a pop-up movie theater and hands him the map. He dismisses her. The Man in White leaves the theater.At the Sundowner Motel, Sheriff Root interrogates Fiore and DeBlanc, the two men who have been stalking Jesse. They explain that “something” got loose and ended up in Annville, and that people will die if they don’t find it. When Sheriff Root asks if they’re talking about an escaped prisoner, they say yes. Sheriff Root bemoans the state of humanity.After Sheriff Root leaves, Fiore suggests they try using the can again on Jesse. “This time, no surprises,” he says, revealing an assortment of guns.At the Loach residence, Mrs. Loach tells Emily that Tracy’s eyes opened after Jesse prayed with her.In another part of town, Donnie walks his son, Chris, to the bus stop and tells Chris not to worry about noises coming from his parents’ bedroom. Donnie adds that adults’ relationships can be “complicated.” Chris apologizes for ratting out Donnie to Jesse and says he attacked a boy who mocked Donnie for getting beat up by Jesse.

    Linus picks up a line of kids up in his school bus. He smiles at the young girl he once desired and asks her name — his memory of the girl having been wiped out by Jesse. The kids on the bus erupt in squeals when they see Donnie, mimicking the sound Donnie made when Jesse beat him up. Donnie hollers at them.

    At church, Cassidy answers a knock at the front door and finds a coffin with the body of Ted, the man who badgered Jesse for help handling his mother before ultimately flying to her nursing home and cutting his heart out in front of her. Emily tells Cassidy to handle the body.

    Cassidy grabs the van keys and sees Jesse sitting in the common room. “I want to show you something,” Jesse says.

    Out on an open road, a cop pulls Tulip over for speeding and asks her to step out of the car. The officer catches sight of a ring Tulip’s slipped onto her finger, prompting him to ask where she served. He lightens up as she lies about her time in the military. Tulip explains she was speeding because she’s desperate to help a friend who’s been making bad life decisions. The cop lets her go.

    Jesse tries out his new power on Cassidy and barks out a list of commands, ending with “fly,” sending Cassidy straight into a wall. Cassidy’s excited about Jesse’s new power.

    At Quincannon Meat & Power, Ms. Oatlash, the receptionist, leaves an envelope on Odin Quincannon’s desk.

    At church, Cassidy brainstorms explanations for Jesse’s superpower and asks what it feels like. Jesse describes it as “all of God’s creation inside of me.”

    At the motel, Fiore watches a TV news report about Tom Cruise’s death. He and DeBlanc are outfitted in helmets and bulletproof vests, ready to go deal with Jesse.

    In Quincannon’s office, Donnie reads a letter from the owner of a company called Green Acre, which proposes a joint business venture with Quincannon. Donnie offers to beat up the owner. Quincannon doesn’t reply but tells Donnie to clear his lunch tray. Donnie struggles to pick up the tray with his one good arm. “A right-hand man with no right hand,” Quincannon says.

    Cassidy cremates Ted’s body at a crematorium. As he returns to the van with Ted’s ashes, he sees Fiore and DeBlanc drive by.

    Jesse drives down the road, lost in thought. Tulip pulls up next to him.

    On the roadside, Tulip shows Jesse the address that Dany gave her. “Carlos,” he says. In a flashback, Jesse stands over a dead security guard whom he’s shot in the head, as an alarm sounds in the background. Tulip screams at the getaway car as it speeds away. In the present, Tulip proposes they kill Carlos, the “rat bastard, money-stealing, child-killing, life-ruining son of a bitch.” Jesse and Tulip drive off together.

    At night, Fiore and DeBlanc walk toward the church, armed with guns. Cassidy runs them over with the van, killing them. Cassidy looks at the bodies and recognizes them as the men he killed in the chainsaw fight. Believing them to be clones, he heads back to the church to find clean-up supplies.

    Inside, Cassidy runs into Fiore and DeBlanc. Before he can kill them again, they explain that they’ve come for Jesse, not him. “He has something of ours and we need to put it back,” DeBlanc says, indicating the can.

    Tulip fills up at a gas station. As Jesse tries to tell her something important, she gets into a fight with another driver. Tulip recovers from her argument with the stranger, but Jesse just shakes his head and wanders off to the bathroom without telling her what it is he wanted to share.

    In the bathroom, Donnie sneaks up on Jesse with a gun. Donnie plans on making Jesse squeal this time. “Back up,” Jesse commands. Donnie backs up. “Sit down,” Jesse commands. Donnie sits down, with horror slowly settling in as he realizes Jesse has some sort of control over him. On Jesse’s orders, Donnie puts the gun in his mouth and pulls back the hammer. Petrified, Donnie waits for Jesse’s next command. “I get it,” Jesse mutters to himself, finally understanding how his power works. He tells Donnie to leave.

    Back at the car, Jesse tells Tulip he changed his mind. Despite her protests, he walks away leaving her at the gas station.

    At the church, DeBlanc tells Cassidy that people will die if they don’t retrieve what’s inside Jesse. Cassidy asks what they want to do with it. “Nothing,” says DeBlanc, saying it must never be used. Cassidy asks what branch of government they’re from. “We’re from heaven,” Fiore says.

    Outside, Cassidy tells Fiore and DeBlanc that he will talk to Jesse about their mission and convince Jesse to come to them.

    At Sheriff Root’s house, Eugene tells his father about Tracy opening her eyes and suggests they pay a visit to the Loach house. Sheriff Root warns Eugene to stay away.

    The next day, Jesse recites his eulogy for Ted to only Emily in the church graveyard. In a nearby field, the lid on a vent flies open, emitting a gas, before it closes shut again.

  4. 19 Jun 16 Monster Swamp
    Lacey, a prostitute from Toadvine Whorehouse, flees through Annville and into a field in the middle of a foggy night. Clive, one of Odin Quincannon’s men, chases her with a gun. He shoots another prostitute who appears in the field. He finally catches up to Lacey and shoots her too: It’s just paint. But, suddenly, Lacey falls into a sinkhole.In a flashback, a young Jesse prepares the All Saints chapel for services. He later listens to his father, John Custer, deliver a sermon to his congregation.In the present, Cassidy tries to tell Jesse about Fiore and DeBlanc. Jesse barely listens as he prepares for his day. Outside, Cassidy advises Jesse to flee Annville but his advice falls on deaf ears. Jesse drives off.Quincannon, his men, the Toadvine girls, and Tulip gather around as a truck hoists Lacey’s dead body out of the pit. Quincannon, who owns the property, warns everyone to be more careful. Tulip complains to Mosie about the group’s apathy toward Lacey’s death.Jesse visits Emily at home and suggests they raffle off a flat-screen TV to attract more people to the upcoming Sunday service. He asks Emily to buy a TV after work and alludes to a scheme that he predicts will boost church attendance.In a flashback, a young Jesse smokes with his friends, including a young Tulip. John admonishes him and whips him in front of his friends, emphasizing that the others look to him for guidance.

    In the present, Jesse smokes in his church residence, lost in thought.

    Cassidy visits Fiore and DeBlanc at the Sundowner Motel. In exchange for cash, he promises to convince Jesse to meet with them. After Cassidy leaves, Fiore expresses doubts about Cassidy and takes out a strange-looking old telephone. “It’s time to let them know what’s going on,” he says. DeBlanc forbids Fiore from making a call, saying they will be punished for coming down without permission.

    At Toadvine, a prostitute pleasures Cassidy as he gets high on drugs purchased with his recent payment from Fiore and DeBlanc.

    Quincannon plays Q*bert at his desk. Ms. Oatlash alerts him that Miles, the mayor, has arrived.

    Miles sits across from Quincannon and asks why sinkholes are appearing in Quincannon’s fields. Quincannon evades the question and brings up Miles’s recent meeting with the Green Acre Group, a sustainable farming company. Miles gives Quincannon a Green Acre brochure and suggests he consider a partnership, given that local tax revenues have decreased 58 percent in 10 years. Without hesitation, Quincannon urinates on the brochure.

    The phone rings in Fiore and DeBlanc’s motel room. They panic before realizing it’s just the hotel phone. Fiore answers and tells the front desk they’ll be checking out soon.

    At the hotel front desk, Fiore orders a burger he just saw on TV and is informed that there’s only a vending machine.

    Emily arrives home with the new TV for Sunday’s raffle and relieves Miles of babysitting duties. She agrees to have a drink with him when he points out how hard she works for everyone, especially Jesse. In her kitchen, Emily laughs at Miles’s stories but reminds him that she’s never going to be with him. She then removes her pants and warns him to leave before morning. “Kids almost caught you last time,” she says.

    The prostitutes and Quincannon’s crew gather at Toadvine to remember Lacey. Tulip and Clive trade angry words. Mosie offers Clive a free hour on the house to ease the situation and advises Tulip to watch her temper. Tulip marches upstairs and whips a man who she thinks is Clive, causing him to fall through a window. When Clive comes to the bedroom door, Tulip realizes she attacked the wrong man. Down below, Cassidy grunts as blood spurts from his neck.

    Tulip cradles Cassidy in a car as a prostitute drives them to the hospital. She apologizes profusely and chastises herself for having anger issues. Cassidy watches her speak and asks her to kiss him. She does.

    At the hospital, Tulip urgently begs a nurse to get a doctor only to turn around and find that Cassidy is gone. She follows a trail of blood to a blood bank and discovers Cassidy slurping blood from a bag.

    In a flashback, Jesse’s father John wakes him in the middle of the night and takes him to Quincannon Meat & Power. Jesse waits in the hall while John goes into Quincannon’s office. While waiting, Jesse steals an ashtray. Shouts are heard inside and John walks out. “Denounce him!” Quincannon yells after him.

    Back in the truck, John tells Jesse that some people just can’t be saved.

    In the present, Jesse visits Quincannon’s office where they’re building a model of the Alamo together. Jesse invites Quincannon to his Sunday service. Quincannon, who is an atheist, declines. Jesse tells Quincannon that if he comes to church on Sunday and does not leave a Christian, he’ll give Quincannon his father’s 20 hectares of land — the biggest plot in Annville that Quincannon doesn’t own.

    On Sunday, Jesse stands before a packed house and tells the congregation that the world is turning to shit — and that it’s all their fault. “You’ve turned your back on the Lord,” he says. He vows to bring them back to God one by one and asks Quincannon to serve God. Quincannon refuses and starts to leave. As everyone watches, Jesse puts his hand on Quincannon’s shoulder and employs the Word of God. “Serve God,” he commands. “Of course I will, yes sir,” Quincannon says. The room erupts in whispers.

    Fiore and DeBlanc wait in the motel room. The phone contraption begins to ring. They stare motionless at the phone as it rings and rings.

  5. 26 Jun 16 South Will Rise Again
    In 1881, the Cowboy arrives in Ratwater and requests his daughter’s medicine at the apothecary. The apothecary says it won’t be ready until morning at the earliest.The Cowboy requests a room at Cooley’s Inn & Saloon but everything is booked up. In a back room, he sees a man raping a pioneer woman as her son is forced to watch. The husband lies dead on the floor. A debauched preacher vaguely recognizes the Cowboy’s face.The next morning, the Cowboy picks up the medicine and heads back home. He passes the pioneer family that he met on his way to Ratwater. The boy waves and says they’re going to Ratwater. After some thought, the Cowboy gallops back to Ratwater to save the pioneer family from a potentially horrible fate.In Ratwater, the Cowboy finds a dog lapping up blood inside the family’s empty wagon. He strides to the back room of the saloon and finds… the pioneer father alive and well, selling scalps. The preacher and his men beat up the Cowboy.Outside, the preacher finally recognizes where he knows the Cowboy from — they fought each other at Gettysburg and the Cowboy killed many of his men and horses. He shoots the Cowboy’s horse.The Cowboy treks across the prairie by foot. When he returns home, crows are feasting on the bodies of his dead daughter and wife. He grabs his gun and saber from the closet.

    Back in the present, Sheriff Root looks for intruders in his yard after hearing a noise. He sees a saw clattering in the wind and returns inside.

    Sheriff Root tells Eugene to go to bed. Eugene calls him upstairs and shows him a message painted on his wall: “Finish the job.” Eugene moves out of the way to reveal a shotgun that’s been propped against the wall. Sheriff Root deduces immediately where Eugene has been and yells at him for visiting Tracy Loach.

    Jesse looks out on the prairie from the Flavour Station window and smiles to himself. Emily sits across from him and asks him to explain what happened with Quincannon at the Sunday service.

    A family at a nearby table commends Jesse on the powerful Sunday service and asks him to help decide on the best gospel. “This doesn’t feel like you,” Emily says.

    Cassidy wakes up at Walter’s house to Tulip watching him from the doorway. She interrogates him about being a vampire before ordering him to leave.

    Instead, Cassidy follows her downstairs and asks for suggestions on how to obtain drugs. She ignores him. He admits that he’s fallen for her. Tulip rejects him and says she’s waiting for her boyfriend to ditch his job so that they can go kill a man who screwed them. “Maybe this boyfriend isn’t the man you thought he was,” Cassidy says, not knowing it’s his best mate, Jesse, that she’s referring to.

    Emily watches on as Jesse chats up the family at the Flavour Station.

    Over at Donnie’s, he’s moping in bed, telling Betsy he’s still sick. Betsy rips open the curtains and threatens to sleep with a co-worker if Donnie doesn’t get out of bed.

    As the phone rings in their motel room, Fiore and DeBlanc rehearse what to tell their bosses about the “massive security breach.”

    Emily stops by the church. She cleans up Jesse’s living area before heading to the bathroom. Tulip watches Emily from a dark corner and strides after her into the bathroom, demanding to know where Jesse is. Startled, Emily explains she doesn’t know Jesse’s whereabouts.

    Eugene cooks breakfast for Sheriff Root, offering to cut his food for him. Sheriff Root erupts, throwing the plate of food to the floor, roaring, “If you really want to help, maybe you should do like they said and go ahead and finish the goddamn job.”

    In a mysterious control room, a man taps a gauge to release pressure. The needle lowers. He leaves the room.

    Quincannon meets with Miles in his office and admits to being selfish and shortsighted. Miles isn’t expecting this change of tune and connects it back to seeing Quincannon at Sunday service. Surprised to hear that Quincannon attended church, Donnie frantically asks him what Jesse said to him. “He said to serve God,” Quincannon says. Donnie’s mind races. Quincannon tells Miles he’d like to meet with the Green Acre executives.

    At the Flavour Station, Jesse counsels a man about his relationship as a crowd lines up to speak with the preacher. “Be patient,” Jesse tells the man, employing the Word of God. Tulip interrupts and warns everyone that Jesse is a bad man. “And look at me now,” Jesse says unphased. “Really look and be honest: I have changed.” A waitress tells Jesse that someone is waiting for him outside.

    Outside, Eugene asks Jesse to help alleviate the suffering that he’s caused his father.

    Jesse visits Mrs. Loach. She sees Eugene in Jesse’s truck and goes after him with a bat. “Drop it,” Jesse says, employing the Word of God. She drops it. “Murderer!” she screams at Eugene. “Forgive him,” Jesse says, using the Word of God. Mrs. Loach hugs a hesitant Eugene.

    Donnie and Betsy eat lunch outside Quincannon Meat & Power. Donnie tells Betsy that Jesse has a power to force people to do things and that he forced Donnie to put a gun in his mouth. He cries. Betsy comforts him and vows that Jesse will get what he deserves.

    In the truck, Jesse tells a confused Eugene that Sheriff Root no longer has to worry.

    That night, Tulip puts on a ski mask and robs a drug store.

    Fiore and DeBlanc rehearse Fiore’s lines one last time. As Fiore goes to answer the phone, it stops ringing. They look at each other: This isn’t good.

    Tulip finds Cassidy leaving a strip club and gives him some stolen pills. They have sex in her car as she looks despairingly out the window.

    Sheriff Root brings Fiore and DeBlanc to Jesse at the Flavour Station. They explain that they’re from heaven and that they need what’s inside of Jesse. Jesse laughs at the idea of God fitting inside a coffee tin. “What’s inside of you, it isn’t God,” DeBlanc says.

    Quincannon meets with the Green Acre executives in his office and, after serving them all a drink, he casually guns them all down as Miles looks on in confused horror.

  6. 03 Jul 16 Sundowner
    At the Flavour Station, a blonde woman sits at a table near Jesse, DeBlanc and Fiore’s booth. Jesse uses the Word of God to force DeBlanc into explaining what’s inside of him. DeBlanc says it’s called Genesis and is the product of an angel and demon who fell in love. He describes it as “the most powerful entity ever known, the singular force that could shift the balance of power and threat all of creation.”The blonde woman leaves the diner. Fiore and DeBlanc follow her outside to speak with her. As Jesse watches from the diner window, suddenly Fiore and DeBlanc start to beat her up, kicking her as she attempts to defend herself. Jesse runs to try and help her, but the woman throttles him. Fiore shoots her in the head and grabs her phone from the car. He sees a “wanted” flyer with their faces on it. A light flashes inside the diner and the woman’s clone emerges. Fiore, DeBlanc and Jesse pile into Jesse’s truck and drive off before she can get to them.In the truck, DeBlanc explains that the woman was a seraphim and that she was resurrected through a process called “reinvigoration.” Jesse asks if he can call heaven with the phone, but DeBlanc says you need “angel hands” to use the phone.The seraphim finds Fiore’s car keys at the diner and goes to their car. Inside, she finds a bible bearing the name of the Sundowner Motel.In their motel room, DeBlanc and Fiore tell Jesse that the seraphim is hunting them down because they’re on earth without permission. They explain that Genesis is top-secret and would be highly coveted if angels and demons learned of its existence. The seraphim charges into the room and shoots Fiore and DeBlanc. A bloody battle ensues. Fiore, DeBlanc and the seraphim’s bodies pile up as they constantly die and reinvigorate. DeBlanc tells Jesse to restrain the seraphim rather than kill her to prevent her from reinvigorating.The fight continues through the night. Cassidy walks in and joins the fight and finally knocks the seraphim unconscious.

    Fiore dismembers the seraphim with a chainsaw, then orders Jesse to give them Genesis. Jesse refuses, figuring God wants him to have Genesis. DeBlanc warns him that there will be consequences.

    At school, a kid says hello to Eugene, who is caught off guard by the friendly treatment.

    Tulip barges into Emily’s house and orders her to stay away from Jesse. She hurls an art project made by Emily’s daughter and stomps out. Emily marches to Tulip’s car and yells at Tulip for breaking her daughter’s “art thing.” She storms back inside. Tulip knocks on Emily’s door and offers to fix the art project.

    A shell-shocked Miles stands in his bedroom and listens to a message from Cynthia at Green Acre, inquiring about Quincannon’s meeting with the Green Acre executives.

    Meanwhile, Tulip sits at Emily’s kitchen table and repairs the art project. Emily makes awkward chit-chat.

    Jesse and Cassidy drink beer at the church while laundering their blood-soaked clothes. Cassidy inquires about a flower tattoo on Jesse’s back. “That’s my tulip,” Jesse says. Cassidy advises Jesse against keeping Genesis, but Jesse refuses to listen.

    In the school cafeteria, the friendly kid joins Eugene, who typically sits alone. The kid’s friends reluctantly join them.

    Tulip offers to babysit Emily’s sick daughter while she runs church errands. Noting Emily’s discomfort with the arrangement, Tulip tells Emily that she once had a kid. She then offers to run the errands while Emily stays with her daughter.

    Jesse hammers a speaker onto the church roof in preparation for Sunday services. Cassidy tells Jesse that he’s making a mistake.

    Tulip and Emily load church supplies into Tulip’s trunk. Emily reviews the errands with Tulip.

    After school, the friendly kid invites Eugene to join him and his friends. They take Eugene to a dark culvert. Eugene warily follows. They light fireworks in the tunnel, and, despite Eugene’s worry, he realizes they just wanted him to join them. “It’s beautiful,” Eugene says.

    Jesse sets up chairs outside the church for Sunday services. Miles drops by and tells Jesse that he’s thinking about doing something wrong because doing what’s right would hurt more people. Jesse asks for more details but Miles refuses to say anything further. Jesse gets distracted when he sees Tulip carrying supplies inside the church.

    Cassidy corners Tulip in the supply closet and hears Jesse call her name. “You’re his Tulip,” Cassidy realizes. Tulip hides Cassidy then explains to Jesse that she’s helping Emily. She and Jesse leave the closet. A heartbroken Cassidy remains inside.

    On Sunday, Jesse prepares to address his congregants, who are beginning to gather outside. Emily tells him Eugene wants to talk. Jesse puts off Eugene and commends Emily and Tulip for setting up the church. Emily frowns when she hears Tulip’s name and tells Jesse she’s sending Eugene in.

    Eugene asks Jesse to reverse what he did to Mrs. Loach. “I just don’t think that God would like that. Not like that. It’s cheating,” he says. Jesse tells Eugene that what he did for Eugene and what he’s about to do for the town is God’s will. “It is not cheating,” he growls. Eugene tells Jesse that he can’t force people to see the light. “Go to hell, Eugene!” Jesse roars, accidentally using the Word of God. He hears a horrible noise and turns around: Eugene is gone.

    Miles stands at the scene of a horrific car crash. The bodies of the Green Acre executives are charred to a crisp. Miles calls Cynthia and tells her there’s been an accident.

  7. 10 Jul 16 He Gone
    At church, Jesse briefly examines the spot where Eugene disappeared then carries on with his morning. He opens the doors to his congregation. Meanwhile, Cassidy stands on the balcony, having just witnessed Eugene’s disappearance.Jesse delivers his sermon to a packed house. Sheriff Root looks at the empty seat that he had saved for Eugene. Jesse tells his congregation that their whole life will change in this moment. “Serve God,” he commands.After the sermon, Sheriff Root asks congregants if anyone has seen Eugene, but no one has.Quincannon gazes out the window of his office listening to cows in his slaughterhouse.In a flashback, a young Jesse and Tulip sit outside the principal’s office. John Custer and the principal admonish them for beating up three kids, including Donnie Schenk. Jesse insists they were being bullied and begs John to take Tulip home with them, since her mother is in jail and her uncle is a drunk.That night, Tulip sleeps in the Custer living room. In his prayers, young Jesse thanks God for making John do the right thing.

    Back in the present, Tulip chases down a kid and forces him to hand over a pair of pants that he stole from her Uncle Walter. She returns to Walter’s house, where he’s passed out on his stoop wearing only boxers.

    At church, Jesse goes over his daily itinerary with Emily.

    Eugene’s bedroom sits empty.

    In the church kitchen, Cassidy confronts Jesse about Eugene’s disappearance. Jesse ignores Cassidy’s concerns and leaves. Tulip walks in with groceries and Cassidy tells her he hasn’t told Jesse about their fling. He questions Jesse’s commitment to her. Tulip grows defensive and dares Cassidy to tell Jesse he’s a vampire, figuring Jesse will reject him.

    In a flashback, young Jesse and Tulip wrestle in the Custer living room. John orders them to clean the dishes. When going to get more soap from the closet, Tulip overhears John talking on the phone.

    Young Tulip crawls into Jesse’s bed that night. “Till the end of the world, right?” she asks. “Till the end of the world,” he replies.

    The next day, the Department of Human Services picks up Tulip. Jesse angrily asks John why he sent Tulip away despite her good behavior. “She’s an O’Hare, there’s always gonna be trouble,” John says.

    That night, young Jesse prays to God. “Please, please, kill my dad. Kill him and send him straight to Hell,” he says.

    Back in the present, Emily directs a church play and asks Jesse for feedback. An unimpressed Jesse coldly tells the actors to stop smiling and to look more terrified. Quincannon stops by and asks to speak with Jesse.

    In private, Quincannon orders Jesse to sign a deed and transfer for the church. Jesse points out that he won the bet after Quincannon promised to serve God, but Quincannon denies being a Christian. Jesse again refuses to sign. Quincannon vows to return.

    Emily joins Cassidy on the front porch of the church and admits she doesn’t know Jesse as well as she thought she did. Cassidy assures her Jesse is a good man.

    Jesse, Tulip, Cassidy and Emily eat a dinner that Tulip has cooked in the church kitchen. Jesse eats in sullen silence as Cassidy idly chatters about movies. Sheriff Root stops by to ask if they’ve seen Eugene. Jesse denies seeing Eugene, but Emily reminds Jesse that she sent Eugene in to speak with him that morning. She then covers for Jesse and claims to have seen Eugene leave afterwards.

    Jesse walks Sheriff Root to his car and sees him off. Cassidy orders Jesse to help find Eugene. Jesse tells Cassidy that Eugene shot Tracy Loach in the head after she rejected him then turned the shotgun on himself. Jesse justifies his actions by saying that better men than Eugene have gone to hell. Cassidy points out that he himself is a sinner. He tosses a fire extinguisher at Jesse and steps into the sunlight. Cassidy bursts into flames.

    Jesse marches back to the kitchen and angrily realizes that Tulip was already aware that Cassidy was a vampire. Tulip demands to know what Jesse did to Cassidy. He sneers at her for being an O’Hare with low standards. She storms out. Emily assures Jesse that she believed in him from the day he returned to Annville. “Well, that was stupid,” says Jesse.

    In a flashback, John tells young Jesse to hide under his bed. From under the bed, a frightened Jesse watches as a group of men beat his father.

    Outside, a man holds John at gunpoint while Jesse is forced to watch. “I prayed for this, it’s all my fault,” Jesse cries. The man shoots John.

    Back in the present, Jesse rips up the church floor in the spot where Eugene disappeared. “Come back!” he screams.

    Meanwhile, Quincannon leads a group of men with bulldozing equipment toward the church.

  8. 17 Jul 16 El Valero
    In Vail, a ski gondola carrying Odin Quincannon’s family plummets to the ground, killing everyone on board.Quincannon sits dazed in his office. The room is filled with his family’s coffins as well as a cow. He calls John Custer in the middle of the night and asks him to come over. “Oh my God, what have you done?” John asks when he sees inside Odin’s office.John finds Quincannon covered in blood. The coffins are pried open and the cow is slaughtered. Quincannon picks up two pieces of intestine — one his daughter’s, the other the cow’s — and points out how similar they are. “It’s all meat. There’s no spirit,” he realizes. He orders John to denounce God in front of his congregation. John walks out, but not quick enough, and young Jesse catches a glimpse of the horrific scene in Quincannon’s office.Back in the present, Quincannon’s men storm the All Saint’s chapel. Jesse fights back and takes their weapons. The men retreat.Jesse downs whiskey in the church and promises to abandon his power if God brings Eugene back. He hears a scratching sound coming from the spot where Eugene disappeared. He pulls Eugene out of the ground.Jesse goes to the kitchen to get Eugene some water. As Eugene gulps it down, Jesse questions him about his experience in Hell. Fighting back tears, Eugene asks if they can stop talking about Hell.

    Outside, Quincannon promises to build his men a food court if they drag Jesse out of the church. Cheers erupt from the excited men.

    Jesse calls Sheriff Root to let him know he found Eugene. Moments later, he realizes that Eugene is just in his imagination.

    Tulip adopts a dog, Brewski, from an animal shelter.

    Miles visits Emily at home to tell her that Quincannon is tearing down the church. Emily immediately leaves for the church.

    Jesse pours anointing oil into a whiskey bottle.

    Outside, Donnie leads Quincannon’s men in a charge. Jesse shoots at them from the bell tower then tosses the flaming bottle of oil at Quincannon’s bulldozer. Clyde charges at the church while the rest of the men retreat.

    From behind the fire and smoke, Clyde retreats from the church in a daze. Clearly in shock, he shows everyone his severed penis, which Jesse shot clean off.

    Sheriff Root arrives. Quincannon tells him that Jesse has lost his mind. “Bring me the agents,” Jesse says on a loudspeaker. Although Quincannon is confused, Sheriff Root springs to action.

    Fiore and DeBlanc haul a trunk toward the church and knock on the door. Jesse invites them in.

    Townspeople set up camp outside the church to watch the battle unfold. Sheriff Root tells Quincannon that the church is holy ground, regardless of Jesse’s mental state. “That church is nothing more than wood and paint and bits of colored glass,” Quincannon says.

    Jesse asks Fiore and DeBlanc if they can help bring Eugene back from Hell. They refuse to help until Jesse gives them Genesis.

    Outside the church, Emily tells Miles that Jesse is simply defending his property against Quincannon’s illegal actions. Miles insists that Quincannon and Jesse’s bet was a legally binding agreement and points out that Quincannon is going to help boost the municipal tax revenue once he builds on Jesse’s land.

    Tulip plays with Brewski in Walter’s backyard.

    Fiore and DeBlanc set up the necessary equipment to extract Genesis from Jesse. Jesse makes a final plea to keep Genesis, arguing that God wants him to have it. DeBlanc points out that Jesse has had Genesis for a long time. “What good have you done with it?” he challenges.

    Townspeople barbecue and socialize outside the church, while Quincannon gathers his men and plans a night assault. Donnie quietly walks to his car, sticks his head in the trunk and fires his gun.

    Jesse lies on a blanket with the coffee tin on his chest. DeBlanc sings to Genesis as Fiore cranks the music player. Finally, Genesis jumps out of Jesse and into the can. Jesse asks them to help find Eugene but DeBlanc dismisses him. The coffee tin lid suddenly flies opens and Genesis jumps back inside Jesse. Fiore tells DeBlanc it’s time to use the other option and they depart the church, ignoring Jesse’s pleas to help him bring Eugene back from Hell.

    That night, Jesse sits on the church floor with a rifle as the siege unfolds. Quincannon’s men fire at the church. Jesse fires back.

    Donnie sneaks up on Jesse with a gun. Jesse uses Genesis and commands Donnie to lower the gun, but Donnie can’t hear the Word of God: He’s blown out his own ear drums. Donnie knocks Jesse unconscious.

    Quincannon sits down with Jesse at the church and gives him the deed and transfer papers. Jesse starts to sign the paperwork then stops. He asks Quincannon for one more Sunday and vows to bring God to Annville so that God can answer all of their questions. “If we don’t like his answers, I will denounce the bastard then and there,” Jesse says.

    At Walter’s house, Tulip affectionately rubs Brewski. “Goddamn you, Jesse Custer,” she says. She leads Brewski inside a room and shuts the door. Inside, Cassidy devours Brewski.

    Sheriff Root puts Jesse in the back seat of his police car. Miles puts his arm around Emily as Jesse is driven off.

    An alarm goes off in a control room. An older man named Pappy walks in and checks a gauge, which is at maximum capacity. He pushes a button. The gauge lowers. He reads a magazine and waits.

  9. 24 Jul 16 Finish the Song
    In Ratwater in 1881, a boy looks out the window of the schoolhouse as an ominous shadow is cast upon his face.The Cowboy enters Cooley’s Inn & Saloon. All goes quiet at the sight of him. The preacher who killed his horse introduces the Cowboy as the Butcher of Gettysburg and tells the Cowboy to declare his love for Jesus. The Cowboy dumps a bag of children’s heads on the floor then slaughters everyone in the saloon. The earth quakes.In the present, Sheriff Root drives Jesse to the police station and demands to know where Eugene is, ignoring Jesse’s claim that he sent Eugene to Hell. Jesse picks the lock on the car door with an ink pen and leaps out of the car.Fiore and DeBlanc inform a travel agent that they want to go to Hell. The agent furtively closes the shades of the travel agency and enters their names into a computer. She takes their money and prints out tickets.Emily arrives at Walter’s house to help Tulip. Tulip informs her that Cassidy is a vampire and requires the blood of living animals in order to heal from his sun burns. She indicates caged animals around the house and gives Emily feeding instructions. She tells Emily she’s done with Jesse and she’s leaving. “Where you going?” Emily asks. She tells her she’s going to Albuquerque to kill a man.Two congregants living under a bridge help Jesse get out of his handcuffs and cook Jesse some food. They ask him how he plans to bring God to church. “You’ll see,” Jesse says.

    Emily holds a guinea pig while staring petrified at the door to Cassidy’s room. Her phone rings, startling her. It’s Miles calling to confirm that he can pick up the kids from school. She hangs up then places the guinea pig in Cassidy’s room. She shuts the door and hears the guinea pig squeal. She peeks inside to discover Cassidy huddled in a corner, devouring the guinea pig. He gnashes his teeth at her. She recoils and shuts the door.

    At the Sundowner Motel, Fiore and DeBlanc pack up their belongings. After a coin toss, they decide to call Heaven and confess rather than go to Hell. Appearing relieved, they look for the Heaven phone only to find it’s gone.

    Jesse hides around the corner with the Heaven phone.

    At Walter’s house, Emily watches Psycho while cradling a bunny. “Someone, please!” Cassidy screams from his room. Emily hears him and silently hatches a plan.

    In Quincannon’s office, Miles watches a wrestling match between Quincannon’s men. He takes a phone call from Emily. “He’s gonna kill me,” she cries.

    Miles arrives at Walter’s house and enters Cassidy’s room, calling Emily’s name. Emily locks the door behind him and allows Cassidy to devour him.

    Sheriff Root arrives at Fiore and DeBlanc’s vacated room after a maid discovers the bloody mess inside. He finds the Seraphim in the bathtub, her legs and arms cut off, and orders an ambulance. “Kill me,” she begs. Sheriff Root reluctantly grants her wish and strangles her to death. She reinvigorates and leaves without him seeing her.

    Fiore and DeBlanc board the shuttle to Hell.

    Emily releases the caged animals in Walter’s backyard. Jesse shows up. Emily informs him that Tulip went to Albuquerque and that Cassidy is inside.

    Jesse finds Cassidy huddled in a corner and apologizes for letting him burn. Cassidy points out that Jesse did eventually extinguish his burning body. Jesse offers to help get rid of Miles’s body.

    Quincannon tells Donnie that Jesse escaped from Sheriff Root but gleefully anticipates the moment when Jesse will denounce God on Sunday. “The greatest lie ever told will get untold,” he says.

    Cassidy tinkers with the Heaven phone at Walter’s house. Jesse remembers that they need angel hands to use it. Cassidy offers to get him the angel hands he needs.

    Jesse leaves a voicemail with Tulip and reminisces about their past. “It’s just you till the end of the world,” he says.

    Meanwhile, Tulip hears the voicemail as she sits across from a bound-and-gagged Carlos at his home in Albuquerque. She walks toward him with a mallet.

    Back in Ratwater, 1881, we relive the Cowboy’s story, from the moment he leaves his sick daughter to the moment he slaughters everyone in the saloon. The sequence repeats over and over until, finally, two men enter the massacre scene at the saloon: It’s Fiore and DeBlanc, and this is Hell. DeBlanc offers to release the Cowboy from Hell if he helps them with a job. The Cowboy shoots DeBlanc then asks Fiore what the job is. “We want you to kill someone,” says Fiore. “A preacher.”

    A storm brews outside Ratwater. The scalped Native Americans sway in the prairie tree. Cut to the present: Next to the same tree, Jesse and Cassidy dig up the grave where Cassidy buried Fiore and DeBlanc. Cassidy recovers one of their angel hands and gives it to Jesse. They drag Miles’s body into the grave and cover it back up with dirt.

  10. 31 Jul 16 Call and Response
    Jesse flees from cops in the streets of Annville.Tulip races back to Annville in her car and meets Mosie, who tells her that Donnie has Jesse.At the Schenck house, Donnie spanks Betsy while she wears a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz costume.A smiling Donnie and Betsy sit at their kitchen table, pleased to have things back to normal between them. Tulip storms into the Schenck home with a gun, demanding to know where Jesse is. She manages to break a glass door and likely Betsy’s nose before Jesse steps into the kitchen, relaxed and clean from a shower.Cassidy sits in a cell at the Annville jail. Sheriff Root demands to know Eugene’s whereabouts. He reviews Cassidy’s lengthy criminal record, noting the questionable range of years he’s been alive, deducing that Cassidy is a vampire. He shoots Cassidy then fills a cup with blood from a thermos. “It’s going to be a long night,” he says, handing Cassidy the blood.Donnie tells Tulip that he refrained from killing Jesse at the church because Jesse had shown him mercy in the gas station men’s room. He credits Jesse for his choice to not be the bad guy.

    Tulip takes Jesse to her car and pops open the trunk. Carlos is inside bound at his ankles and wrists, a gag in his mouth. “Kill him,” she says.

    In a flashback, Carlos stands guard outside a Dallas bank as Jesse and Tulip empty safety deposit boxes into duffle bags. Carlos checks in and finds them flirting. They give him the two duffel bags full of money to stow in the getaway car.

    Carlos puts the bags in the car then walks back inside. Through his earpiece, he hears Jesse and Tulip flirt and joke. Upset by what he hears, he cuts a bank guard loose and leaves the bank.

    The security alarm rings. Jesse and Tulip stand outside the bank, Jesse having just shot the guard. Carlos drives off without them. Tulip doubles over in pain. “The baby,” she says through the pain.

    Back in the present, Jesse asks Carlos why he double-crossed them. “You were happy,” Carlos says. Jesse shuts the trunk.

    In the control room at Quincannon Meat & Power, Pappy talks to his wife on the phone. He looks out upon a giant repository of manure waste.

    Cassidy drinks blood in his cell and removes a bullet from his body. Sheriff Root again asks where Eugene is. Cassidy says that Jesse sent Eugene to Hell. He asks Sheriff Root if he’s a little bit relieved that Eugene is gone. “Eugene’s a good boy,” Sheriff Root replies, fighting to hold in his emotion. Cassidy agrees, adding he’s annoyingly good and that he doesn’t know how Sheriff Root sits across from him every morning. Sheriff Root shoots Cassidy repeatedly. Fed up, he releases him.

    Jesse refuses to kill Carlos, but Tulip insists someone must pay for their lost baby. Jesse grabs a garbage bag and goes to the car.

    Jesse places the garbage bag over Carlos’ head and aims his gun. Tulip stops him and changes her mind. Warmed by the fact that Jesse would be willing to do it, she says it was the thought that counts.

    Jesse and Tulip release Carlos from the trunk. They hand him a crowbar and gun to even the playing field in the beating he’s about to get. Later, Carlos hobbles down the sidewalk, alive but severely beaten.

    The next morning, Betsy tells officers guarding the church that Jesse and Tulip are at her house. After the cops leave, Jesse and Tulip climb out of Betsy’s trunk.

    Jesse, Tulip, Donnie and Betsy clean up the chapel in preparation for Sunday services. Betsy helps Jesse figure out how to use the God phone.

    Jesse and Tulip wait in the common room as the congregation cheers in the chapel. Tulip insists they get french fries after the service.

    Cassidy joins Tulip in the chapel. She hugs him.

    Jesse takes his place at the pulpit. Quincannon quickly takes the attention of the room, stating he thinks the preacher is “full of sh—.” He praises the “god of meat” as the real God and then gives the attention of a now confused audience over to Jesse.

    Confused himself by the speech, Jesse quickly moves on, putting the angel hand on the God phone to place the call. After a long moment of silence, the room goes dark and God appears on a large video projection. At Jesse’s insistence, God takes questions from the audience. Jesse senses something amiss and calls God an impostor. The angel pretending to be God finally admits that God is missing. Off-screen angels grab the impostor and end the transmission. Silence descends. People sob. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy leave.

    An angry mob destroys the chapel.

    Emily tells her children that nothing has changed. “We don’t need God,” she says. “We never did.”

    Chief Red Savage smokes a cigarette then hangs himself from a tree. A group of schoolchildren murder Linus on his schoolbus. Mrs. Loach euthanizes her daughter. Donnie lies listless in bed next to Betsy, suffering from sexual performance issues again. Quincannon cradles a heap of ground meat stuffed into his dead daughter’s ski parka.

    A “danger” sign flashes in the control room. A prostitute tries to stop the alarm as Pappy lies dead in the room. “Uh oh,” she says through the ball gag in her mouth.

    Methane gas blasts out of pipes throughout the town.

    Chief Red Savage and the Prairie Dog hang dead from a tree. The embers of the Chief’s cigarette ignite the methane. A massive explosion destroys the church and incinerates all of Annville.

    The shuttle to Hell returns. Fiore steps off alone.

    Jesse, Cassidy and Tulip eat fries at a diner. Jesse proposes they hit the road and find God. With everyone in agreement, they prepare to leave. Jesse pays the cashier: It’s “Eugene.” Jesse vows to the hallucination that he’ll get him out of Hell. After Jesse leaves, a TV station reports that a methane explosion leveled Annville after an excess accumulation of cow manure. No survivors are expected.

    In the parking lot, Tulip asks Jesse how Genesis works. He employs the Word of God and tells Tulip to kiss him. As Cassidy watches, Tulip kisses Jesse. She then punches him, ordering him to never do it again. They get in the car and drive off.

    Meanwhile, the seraphim emerges from the wreckage in Annville. The Cowboy shoots her dead. “Preacher,” he growls.

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  1. 25 Jun 17 On the Road
    Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy cruise down a Texas highway in search of God. A cop tries to pull them over for speeding. Jesse encourages Tulip not to stop. She races away. The police chase them until Tulip runs out of gas.Police haul Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy out of the Chevelle and confiscate Cassidy’s protective umbrella. Cassidy, a vampire, runs into the police car to avoid the sun. The police recognize he’s avoiding the sun and start to pull him out which causes Cassidy much pain as he starts to catch fire. Jesse uses Genesis, his special power to make anyone do his bidding with a single word, to command the police to let Cassidy go. Jesse then proceeds to make the cops perform silly acts. He’s interrupted by gunshots: It’s the Saint of Killers, making his way down the road.A gunfight breaks out between the Saint and the police. Cassidy hides underneath a police car to shield himself from the sun. Tulip siphons gas for the Chevelle using the intestine of a cop who’s been shot dead. Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy pile into the Chevelle and escape.Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy pull into a gas station. The attendant threatens to call the cops when he sees a piece of intestine hanging from the gas tank. Jesse uses Genesis to command the attendant to pretend they’re not there.

    Tulip shops for cold beverages at the convenience store. Cassidy devours a cat to heal his wounds.

    Jesse dislodges one of the Saint’s bullets from Tulip’s car. He drops the bullet when it turns hot.

    The attendant, per Jesse’s orders, pays no attention to Tulip at the cash register. She leaves with free beverages.

    Jesse decides they should keep looking for God despite the road attack. They drive off.

    The Saint arrives at the gas station. “Preacher,” he growls at the attendant. The attendant denies having seen a preacher. The Saint rips out the attendant’s tongue and keeps walking.

    Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy arrive at the home of Jesse’s friend, Mike. Cassidy and Tulip wait in the garage while Jesse goes inside. Cassidy suggests they tell Jesse that they slept together, but Tulip says Jesse would not handle the news well. They hear a noise and discover a young woman, Ashley, locked up in a cage. Mike enters the garage and tells them to ignore Ashley.

    In the house, Mike, who is a preacher, explains that he helps parishioners overcome their urges by locking them in a cage. Jesse asks Mike if he has any idea where to find God, but Mike has no advice. While Mike goes to give Ashley water, Jesse explains to Tulip and Cassidy that Mike was the only family his father had. Mike returns and invites them to stay the night.

    Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy share a bed. Cassidy apologizes for spoiling an opportunity for Jesse and Tulip to have sex.

    Cassidy’s snoring wakes Jesse up. He goes outside to smoke and is joined by Mike. Jesse tells Mike about Genesis and demonstrates his power by forcing Mike to hurl his glass to the ground. Mike tells Jesse that he recently ran into a parishioner, Tammy, who told him that God stopped by her strip club. He gives Jesse her card.

    Jesse’s group leaves Mike’s house the next day.

    While washing dishes, Mike hears his dog barking outside. He grabs a knife, pours some whiskey and waits patiently in his chair. The Saint arrives at his house and demands to know where Jesse went. Mike kills himself with the knife to prevent the Saint from forcing him to give up Jesse’s destination.

    Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy visit She She’s strip club. Tulip sees a crowd of patrons watching a news report on TV. A man tells her that a town blew up, but Jesse calls Tulip away before she can learn the name of the town.

    Jesse and Tulip meet with Tammy in her office and tell her they’re looking for God. She reluctantly admits God came in a few months ago as a customer but reveals no other details. Jesse contemplates using Genesis to force more information out of her. Tulip thinks God came because he fancied one of the strippers. Meanwhile, in a security camera, a guard beats up Cassidy for touching one of the strippers. Cassidy and the guard struggle over a gun and accidentally shoot it. The bullet goes through the wall and hits Tammy. As she dies, Jesse commands her to reveal who God came to see at the club. “God didn’t come for the girls, you idiot,” she says. “He came for the jazz.”

    At their motel, Tulip yells at Cassidy for getting Tammy shot. Cassidy apologizes.

    Later in their hotel room, Tulip locks herself in her motel bathroom and coyly invites Jesse to knock the door down. He punches down the door and kisses her. They make love.

    Next door, Cassidy watches a local commercial for the Amazing Ganesh. A look of recognition crosses his face.

    Jesse wakes up in the middle of the night and goes outside for a smoke. He sees the Saint walking toward him. “Stop,” Jesse commands, using Genesis. The Saint keeps walking. Jesse again commands him to stop, to no avail. The Saint aims his gun at Jesse.

  2. 26 Jun 17 Mumbai Sky Tower
    The Saint of Killers fires his gun at Jesse and hits a truck, killing the driver. The truck spins out of control and crashes into the Saint.A mob of gun-toting motel guests, who are in town for a gun convention, run outside to investigate the commotion. The Saint emerges from the wreckage and Jesse commands the mob to stop the Saint. They open fire on the Saint, who is impervious to their bullets. The Saint then guns down the mob.Tulip watches TV coverage of the Annville explosion in her motel room. She shows Jesse the TV report before they flee with Cassidy and escape through a hallway window.The Saint watches Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy peel away in Tulip’s Chevelle.

    At a gas station, Tulip reels from the news about Annville. Jesse wonders how they’re going to find God with the Saint in pursuit. Cassidy recalls the Amazing Ganesh commercial and tells Jesse that he knows someone who might be able to help.

    Flash back to a couple of days ago: Fiore, one of the angels who came to Annville looking for Genesis, takes a shuttle to the Mumbai Sky Tower casino and resort. In his hotel room, he mourns the demise of his partner DeBlanc and tries to hang himself. He reinvigorates and emerges from the bathroom. He repeatedly commits suicide, only to reinvigorate each time.

    Fiore attends a variety show at the resort. Frank, the performer, gives his microphone to Fiore in the audience. Fiore puts the mic in his ice bucket and electrocutes himself. A reinvigorated Fiore walks onto the stage. The audience claps.

    Fiore and Frank create “The Amazing Ganesh,” a show in which Frank kills Fiore on stage — and, moments later, Fiore returns to the stage alive. The audience goes wild every time.

    Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy arrive at the Mumbai Sky Tower and watch a stage crew remove Fiore’s bloody body after a show.

    Jesse and Cassidy meet with Fiore in his dressing room. Fiore explains that he hired the Saint of Killers to destroy Genesis and has the power to call off the Saint, who Jesse realizes has been tracking him whenever he uses Genesis. Jesse tells Fiore that God is missing and that they might never find him if Genesis is destroyed. Fiore refuses to help.

    Cassidy tells Jesse he can change Fiore’s mind in the next two hours and 45 minutes.

    Jesse joins Tulip in the lounge as she mourns for her Uncle Walter. She proposes they get a room.

    Jesse and Tulip lie in bed after making love. He suggests they get married at the wedding chapel in the lobby.

    Fiore returns to his room and finds Cassidy waiting for him.

    Tulip slaps Jesse and tells him she hates marriage, but eventually embraces the idea.

    Cassidy offers to lift Fiore’s spirits by treating him to a smorgasbord of drugs. He injects heroin into Fiore’s neck, but the dose kills Fiore. He reinvigorates in the bathroom.

    Cassidy and Fiore have a drug-fueled romp around Fiore’s hotel room, tossing beach balls, playing frisbee, soaking in the hot tub. As they eat ice cream, Fiore looks adoringly at Cassidy.

    Jesse and Tulip go to the wedding chapel. A woman gives them a beeper to alert them when it’s their turn. Tulip notices a man staring at her. She abruptly leaves Jesse, saying that she needs to go change her shirt.

    Tulip tries to track the man down but is unable to find him. She goes to her room and tells herself that everything will be alright. The man, Gary, knocks on her door.

    At the bar, a fellow patron raves to Jesse about music as salvation. “He came for the jazz,” Jesse says in a moment of clarity, repeating Tammy’s final words.

    Cassidy informs Jesse that he convinced Fiore to call off the Saint. Jesse tells Cassidy that they can keep looking for God after he and Tulip get married.

    Gary enters Tulip’s room and notes that she’s a long way from Louisiana. He says that Viktor has been looking for her and starts to call Viktor. Tulip knocks the phone out of Gary’s hand. A fight ensues and she bashes his face in. Cassidy walks in on the grisly scene. Tulip orders him not to tell Jesse.

    Jesse and Fiore wait for Tulip in the wedding chapel. Jesse asks if he can use Genesis after Fiore calls off the Saint. Fiore reminds Jesse that Genesis is not a toy and, to Jesse’s surprise, reveals that Eugene is still in Hell.

    Tulip finally shows up at the chapel but tells Jesse that she changed her mind about marriage. She insists that marriage isn’t important as long as they love each other.

    Cassidy and Fiore hug goodbye outside the casino. Jesse tells Fiore that they are heading to New Orleans, based on the fact that God loves jazz. “Find peace,” he commands Fiore, using Genesis to summon the Saint.

    Fiore sadly returns to his hotel room, which is still a mess from his party with Cassidy.

    The Saint comes to Fiore in his dressing room. Fiore asserts that Jesse can’t be trusted with Genesis and orders the Saint to keep hunting Jesse. He asks the Saint for one final job.

    Fiore walks on stage for an Amazing Ganesh performance. The Saint shoots Fiore from the audience, killing him once and for all. The crowd boos when Fiore doesn’t reappear.

    The Saint keeps walking down the highway.

  3. 03 Jul 17 Damsels
    In a flashback, Eugene comforts Tracy Loach in her bedroom after she discovers that her boyfriend cheated on her. She gets out a rifle to shoot herself, but Eugene talks her out of it. He tries to kiss her, but she recoils and decides to kill herself after all. She pulls the trigger as Eugene jumps to intervene. She shoots off the top of her head but is still breathing. When Tracy’s mother begins knocking at the door, Eugene panics and shoots himself with the rifle. The scene repeats itself over and over: This is Eugene’s hell.In Hell, Eugene stands in a locked cell, forced to watch the scene on a loop. The image flickers and goes dark. A woman named Ms. Mannering walks in, tells Eugene to stay put and leaves.Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy drive to New Orleans. Jesse listens to God’s favorite jazz song, “A Walk to the Peak,” to figure out God’s thinking. Tulip tries to persuade Jesse to pick a different destination but Jesse insists on New Orleans.Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy enter a jazz club on Bourbon Street and inform the bartender that they’re looking for God. A man leads them to the basement and takes them to a woman sitting next to a man dressed as a dalmatian, ready to perform a kinky sex act.

    Jesse’s group returns to the street. Tulip spots a black SUV and suddenly claims that she’s not feeling well. Jesse demands to know what’s going on, but Tulip tells him she’s going to take a rest. Cassidy accompanies her to take her to his friend Denis’s house, where they are staying.

    Jesse tells a bartender that he’s looking for God, prompting snickers from a couple at the bar. Jesse hurls a drink at them.

    Cassidy notes that Tulip is anxious and asks if it has anything to do with the dead body from her hotel room. To Tulip’s dismay, an old acquaintance, Mrs. Barbaret, recognizes her in the street.

    Cassidy rings Denis’s doorbell. Denis opens the door and talks to Cassidy in French. Cassidy tells Denis he doesn’t understand French but asks if they can stay at his place. Denis leads them inside.

    Jesse takes a cigarette break in the street.

    Cassidy thanks Denis for letting them stay and gives him some peanut M&Ms. Denis gives him the silent treatment.

    Tulip complains to Cassidy about coming to New Orleans and worries that Mrs. Barbaret is going to tell Viktor that she’s in town. When Cassidy prods, Tulip explains that Viktor is a man that she screwed over. Cassidy suggests she tell Jesse about her predicament but she insists it would only make matters worse.

    Jesse visits one bar after another in search of God.

    A bartender wakes Jesse and tells him the bar is closed. When Jesse tells the bartender that he’s looking for God, he suggests Jesse speak to the singer at Le Chamonix.

    Jesse watches Lara Featherstone perform at Le Chamonix. She orders a drink at the bar and rebuffs a man’s advances. Jesse approaches her and explains that he’s looking for God. She tells him to meet her outside.

    Outside, Jesse sees Lara ride off in a cab, which collides with a white van around the corner. Men in white suits drag Lara into the van. Jesse commands the van to stop then beats up the men. He helps Lara out of the van.

    Lara takes Jesse to her home and begins packing. She explains that a bar customer once told her that God was missing and that people in white suits were after the customer. The customer’s body then washed up in the swamp. She asks how Jesse got the men in the van to stop. Jesse explains that he can make people do anything he says. Lara sidles up to him and tells him to make her stop kissing him. “Stop,” he says. She follows his command.

    Tulip sits in Denis’s living room while Cassidy and Denis sleep.

    Jesse sends Lara off in a taxi then fixates on a poster for a magic show at a place called Angelville. Tulip calls him and tells him they’re at Denis’s place. Jesse demands to know her real reason for calling. When she stalls, he loses patience and hangs up.

    Tulip leaves Denis’s house to get some cigarettes.

    Back in Hell, Eugene finds his cell door unlocked and enters the hallway. A man steps out of a nearby cell: It’s Adolph Hitler.

    Jesse listens to jazz in a club and requests, “A Walk to the Peak.”

    Lara gets into a white van and removes her wig. She tells the driver that Jesse’s power is real and orders him to send Jesse’s case up to the Samson Unit.

    Someone places a stack of files on the desk of Herr K. Starr, the Commander in Chief of the Samson Unit. One of the files is labeled, “Jesse Custer.”

    At the club, Jesse tells a fellow patron that he’s been trying to understand what “A Walk to the Peak” is about. The man urges him to feel the music. Jesse listens and nods. “It’s the end of the world,” says the man.

    Tulip goes to a laundromat and puts coins in a cigarette vending machine. A man walks in and clears everyone out. Tulip turns around and finds herself cornered by Viktor’s thugs. A man calls Viktor on his phone. “We got her,” he says.

  4. 10 Jul 17 Viktor
    At the laundromat, Viktor’s thug Nick confiscates Tulip’s gun then carts her off in a black SUV.Jesse arrives at Denis’s apartment. Cassidy informs him that Tulip went out the previous night and never returned. Jesse acts unconcerned and assures Cassidy that the behavior is normal for Tulip.Viktor’s thugs bring Tulip to the Kruglov mansion and seat her in Viktor’s office. She hears a man screaming next door in the torture chamber. Cassidy texts to ask Tulip if she’s okay. Before she can reply, Viktor exits the torture chamber and sits across from her. “What are we going to do with you?” he asks.Eugene and Hitler meet in the hallway of their cell block after a projector malfunction unlocks all the cell doors. Other prisoners step out of their cells. Tyler, one of the prisoners, mocks Eugene’s face. Hitler defends Eugene. The alarm sounds and everyone returns to their cells. Hitler invites Eugene into his cell when Eugene gets locked out of his.

    Inside Hitler’s cell, the projector starts up and reveals Hitler dining with a woman in Munich, circa 1919. The woman encourages Hitler to show his drawings to a gallery owner. Hitler weakly agrees with the woman as she condemns Communists.

    The projectors malfunction again, unlocking all the cell doors. When Eugene begins to question Hitler about his version of Hell, Hitler urges Eugene to return to his cell.

    Pat, one of Viktor’s henchmen, listens to music while torturing a victim.

    Viktor accuses Tulip of making a fool out of him after he brought her into his family. He tells Tulip to walk around the mansion and meditate on her response. Tulip receives another concerned text from Cassidy.

    Denis watches an informercial about Hurricane Katrina on TV. Cassidy tells Jesse he’s concerned about Tulip, but Jesse explains that Tulip often disappears when they’re in the middle of a fight. Jesse tells Cassidy about Lara and the secret organization of men in white suits.

    Meanwhile, a white van pulls up to Denis’s house. An man named Hoover jumps out and starts spinning a giant ad. He tells someone on a mic that he’s in position.

    Cassidy watches the Katrina infomercial and suddenly recognizes on of the actors in the commercial as God from Jesse’s phone call to Heaven. Jesse concludes that “Fake God” is a local actor.

    A janitor tries to fix Eugene’s projector. Superintendent Mannering tells Eugene to come with her while his projector is under repair.

    Jesse and Cassidy ring the doorbell of the Teddy Gunt talent agency and explain that they’re looking for the actor Mark Harelik.

    Tulip wanders around Viktor’s mansion and gets the cold shoulder from everyone on Viktor’s staff. She admits to Nick that she messed up, but he ignores her.

    Cassidy tells Teddy Gunt that they want to cast Mark Harelik in Game of Thrones. Teddy excitedly works out a deal with Cassidy but confesses that he hasn’t heard from Mark ever since his out-of-town audition for a God role. Jesse asks for a copy of Mark’s audition tape.

    Mannering tells Eugene that she’s putting him in the holding cell while they fix his projector, and she threatens to put him in “the hole” if he gets out of line. A guard reveals a steam-filled hole in the floor. Mannering also warns that Eugene’s sweet behavior will not be tolerated in Hell.

    Tulip joins Viktor’s daughter, Ellie, at the dining room table. Ellie spits in her face and says she hopes Viktor kills Tulip.

    Jesse and Cassidy watch Mark’s audition tape. An off-camera director offers Mark the part then shoots him dead in order to send him up to Heaven. Cassidy suggests they look for Tulip but Jesse is too engrossed in his search for God.

    Tulip tries to open Viktor’s gun safe but Nick catches her and tells her they changed the combination. She beats him up and takes his gun.

    Tulip goes to Viktor’s bedroom and holds a gun to his head and tells him to let her go. Viktor’s thugs tackle her. Pat offers to torture her but Viktor tells him to leave her to him.

    A guard takes Eugene to the holding room. Tyler again mocks Eugene. Hitler orders Tyler to stop but doesn’t fight back when Tyler punches him. The other prisoners join in and beat up Hitler. Eugene asks them to stop but then remembers Mannering’s warning and joins the assault.

    Cassidy tells Jesse that Tulip may be in trouble. He breaks his promise to Tulip and tells Jesse about Viktor.

    Jesse shows up at the Kruglov mansion. Using Genesis, Jesse commands Viktor’s thugs to stand down. Pat knocks him unconscious in the torture room.

    When Jesse comes to, Pat attacks him while listening to music on his headphones. Jesse orders him to stop but Pat’s earbuds protect him from hearing Jesse’s command. Jesse finally stabs Pat, removes his earbuds and asks where Tulip is. Pat tells him Tulip is in the upstairs bedroom.

    Jesse storms into Viktor’s bedroom and starts to strangle Viktor. Tulip stops Jesse and tells him that Viktor is her husband.

    Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers arrives in New Orleans.

  5. 17 Jul 17 Dallas
    Jessereels from the news that Tulip is Viktor’s wife. Tulip explains that she and Viktor were just in the middle of discussing divorce. Jesse punches Viktor and drags him downstairs.Jesse drags Viktor to the torture chamber and hangs him from the ceiling in a harness. Tulip tries to stop him from hurting Viktor, but Jesse uses Genesis to push her out of the room.In a flashback, Tulip miscarries after Carlos abandons her and Jesse during the bank robbery. Three months later, Jesse lounges at home in a disheveled state. Tulip suggests Jesse shower before dinner with their former boss, Dany.At dinner, Tulip tells Dany that she’s working as a realtor while Jesse tends bar. Dany tries to convince Tulip and Jesse to come back and work for her. She reaches into her briefcase to present them with prospective contract work, including a job with Viktor, but Jesse and Tulip refuse to go back. Tulip asks if Dany has heard anything from Carlos, but Dany says she has no news.

    Later in the bathroom, Tulip and Jesse look at the results of a pregnancy test together. It’s negative.

    Jesse and Tulip have sex.

    Jesse wakes up and drinks a can of beer from his bedside table. He finds Tulip holding a stool in the kitchen and asks what she’s doing. She evades his question.

    In the present, Jesse grabs a tool to torture Viktor.

    Tulip brings Allie, Viktor’s daughter, to Denis’s house and yells at Cassidy for telling Jesse about Viktor. She vows to break up with Jesse if he kills Viktor. Cassidy leaves the apartment to speak with Jesse.

    Viktor tells Jesse that when Tulip first came to work for him, she had clearly just been through some sort of hell. “It was you,” he sneers.

    In a flashback, Jesse walks to a convenience store and buys beer, cigarettes and a pregnancy test. He walks back home.

    Tulip and Jesse check a pregnancy test again. It’s negative.

    Jesse drinks beer while watching TV. He walks to the convenience store. He has sex with Tulip. He buys beer, cigarettes and a pregnancy test. The cycle repeats, over and over.

    Before checking a pregnancy test, Jesse prays to God for a baby. The test is negative. The cycle continues.

    Jesse and Tulip attend church service.

    While fixing a fire alarm at home, Jesse notices a blue bag stashed in a vent.

    Tulip returns home from work. Jesse confronts her about the blue bag, which is filled with cash. Tulip admits that she quit her real estate job after three weeks and resumed working for Dany. Jesse also waves a packet of birth control pills that he found. Tulip confesses that the life Jesse wants feels wrong for her. Jesse lashes out and says that Tulip doesn’t deserve that life. Tulip says Jesse will never be forgiven, despite his desire to be a good guy like his father.

    Jesse tells Tulip that he’s going to become a preacher at his father’s old church in Annville. “Good luck with that,” she says.

    In the present, Cassidy talks with Jesse in Viktor’s bedroom and insists that Tulip loves him. Jesse questions why he should believe Cassidy, since he’s been lying to him this entire road trip. Cassidy assures Jesse that he’s on his side, whether he decides to kill Viktor or not.

    Jesse goes back to the torture chamber and grabs an axe. Viktor tells Jesse that Tulip married him because he was nice, while Jesse was an asshole. Jesse swings the axe.

    Jesse returns to Denis’s apartment. “I took him down,” he tells Tulip and Cassidy. Tulip screams at Jesse, who quickly clarifies that he took Viktor down from the harness, in exchange for divorce papers. Tulip kisses him. Jesse apologizes for being bad for her, but Tulip says they’re bad for each other.

    In a flashback, Tulip and Viktor play Monopoly in his bedroom. Viktor kisses her gently on the head then leaves to speak with Pat. While he’s gone, Tulip receives a call from Dany alerting her that she found Carlos. Tulip asks if Jesse knows.

    Viktor returns to his bedroom and finds Tulip gone. Her drawers are empty.

    In the present, Viktor reads to Allie in his room. They hear gunfire downstairs. Allie hides while Viktor waits with his gun. The Saint of Killers shoots one of Viktor’s men through the door. “Preacher,” he growls at Viktor before killing him. He finds Allie sobbing in the closet. Allie offers to tell him where Jesse is staying.

  6. 24 Jul 17 Sokosha
    A Japanese technician explains a medical procedure to a husband and wife and informs them that they can get double their money’s worth if they opt for 15 percent. The husband signs an agreement.The technician inserts a needle into the husband and fills a vial with 15 percent of the husband’s soul. He hands the wife a check for $150,000.The technician gets inside an armored vehicle for the company Soul Happy Go Go. Guards lock the door behind him.The Soul Happy Go Go crew picks up sausages from a food truck then proceeds to their next client.

    Inside a mansion, a husband introduces the technician to his wife, Millie, who suffers from dementia.

    The technician places a vial of soul matter on one side of a scale and Milly’s wedding ring on the other side. The scale registers a close match. He converts the soul matter into a pill and gives it to Milly, instantly curing her dementia. The husband pays the technician.

    The guards lock the technician back inside the vehicle and drive off.

    At Denis’s apartment, Cassidy helps Denis tie his shoes. Denis pushes him away and yells in French.

    Tulip makes pancakes for Jesse and Cassidy. Jesse proposes they get back on track with the God search and brings up his encounter with Lara Featherstone, arousing Tulip’s jealousy.

    Meanwhile, Viktor’s daughter Allie brings the Saint of Killers to Denis’s apartment building. Allie points to one of the apartment doors, then runs. The Saint breaks into the apartment and shoots a man inside once he realizes Jesse isn’t there. The bullet travels through the apartment walls.

    Jesse hears the bullet.

    The Saint kills residents inside another apartment.

    Jesse goes to the refrigerator and finds the Saint’s bullet in a carton of yogurt. He warns the others.

    The Saint arrives at Denis’s apartment and finds it empty. He sees Jesse’s name spelled with M&Ms on a pancake.

    Jesse gets off the phone with the Mumbai Sky Tower and tells Cassidy and Tulip that Fiore is dead. He wonders why Genesis doesn’t work on the Saint.

    Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy go to the library to read about the Saint. They learn from a book about American psychopaths that the Saint’s soul shattered into a million pieces following the death of his wife and daughter, making him the only living man without a soul.

    Cassidy calls Denis to warn him about the Saint, but it’s too late. The Saint finds Denis and aims his gun. “Don’t hurt him, I’m coming,” Jesse tells the Saint through the phone.

    At the apartment, Jesse tells the Saint that God has disappeared and shows him the audition tape as proof. Jesse says that while God can no longer send him to Heaven, he has the power to help. The Saint gives Jesse one hour to get him into Heaven.

    Jesse informs Tulip, Cassidy and Denis that the Saint is taking them hostage while he finds him a soul.

    Jesse visits Papa Bebe at the House of Voodoo and introduces himself as Jesse L’Angelle. He gives Papa Bebe the Saint’s bullet and asks for a matching soul. Papa Bebe informs Jesse that he no longer sells souls because the Japanese cornered the soul-selling market. He sees the Soul Happy Go Go vehicle on the street and points it out to Jesse.

    Jesse tries to talk to the Soul Happy crew inside the vehicle, but the guards ignore him.

    Tulip calls Jesse and informs him that Denis is getting sick without his asthma medication. Jesse asks her to help him break into an armored vehicle. She lists off supplies to manufacture a bomb.

    Jesse purchases the supplies at a nearby hardware store and detonates his handmade bomb on the vehicle, to no avail. A police car pulls up behind him.

    Cassidy caresses Denis’ head and tells Tulip that Denis is his son.

    Tulip asks the Saint to release Denis so that he can get his medicine. The Saint grabs her by the face and throws her to the ground. A visibly rattled Tulip rejoins Cassidy.

    Jesse commands policemen to order the guards to open the Soul Happy Go Go vehicle.

    The technician tests a number of soul vials for Jesse but none are a match for the Saint. Tulip calls Jesse to check on his progress. Jesse assures her he’s working on it. Jesse then asks the technician to test his own soul: It’s a match.

    The technician extracts 1 percent of Jesse’s soul, which he says is the minimum amount required.

    At the one-hour mark, the Saint hauls Tulip to the kitchen and raises his sword to kill her. Cassidy grabs the sword, slicing his fingers off. Jesse arrives just in time.

    Tulip takes Cassidy and Denis to a hospital.

    The Saint ingests the soul pill. Jesse commands the Saint to get on his knees and explains that the Saint is no longer immune to Genesis, now that he has a soul. Jesse threatens to send the Saint back to Hell but the Saint reminds him that he would be sending a piece of his soul to Hell as well.

    Jesse puts the Saint in the armored vehicle and sends the vehicle into a swamp. “Preacher!” the Saint screams as the vehicle sinks.

    Back home, Cassidy introduces Denis to a new TV system. He checks on Tulip, who is still shaken by her encounter with the Saint.

    Jesse hides the Saint’s weapons underneath the floor tiles in Denis’s bathroom.

  7. 31 Jul 17 Pig
    In the jungles of Vietnam, a married couple spots something outside their hut. The wife screams.Herr Starr travels to the Vietnamese couple’s house and finds a pig floating in their yard. A crowd of locals and tourists gawk and take photos.Two carts — one labeled “Drunk” and one labeled “Dead” — search the streets of New Orleans for people lying in the street. The men operating the carts shocks a young woman with a cattle prod. When she moans, they place her on the “Drunk” cart.Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy stand outside a jazz club after striking out on their search for God. In the street, a doomsday preacher talks about the end of the world. Cassidy suggests they take a break from their search.

    Jesse’s gang heads to the Hurt Locker bar. A man shoots another patron in the chest. The “victim,” wearing a bulletproof vest, gets up within 10 seconds. The crowd exchanges money to settle up their bets. Tulip volunteers her “boyfriend” Cassidy to be shot.

    As Tulip straps a bulletproof vest onto Cassidy, Jesse arrives at the bar and denounces the game as ungodly.

    The bartender tells Tulip that players get more money for bigger guns. Tulip picks the biggest gun.

    Tulip kisses Cassidy as the shooter loads his gun. The shooter fires at Cassidy and accidentally “kills” him. Jesse calls for the police, causing the crowd to flee. Tulip revives Cassidy by feeding him blood while Jesse grabs the bet money from a box.

    Jesse, Cassidy, Tulip, and Denis hang out at the bar. Jesse notes that Tulip has been acting strange ever since the Saint of Killers attacked her. He assures her that the Saint is gone. They leave the bar together.

    Denis talks to Cassidy at the bar. A French professor translates and tells Cassidy that Denis is dying of a heart disease and would like Cassidy to help him become immortal. Cassidy refuses. Meanwhile, on the TV, a reporter says that the floating pig might be a viral marketing hoax.

    In Vietnam, Herr Starr speaks to an associate by phone and requests extra operatives. As he drinks a cup of water, he gets an idea and hatches a new plan.

    Flash back to 2004: A man named Saltonstall meets with Herr Starr in his office and says that his organization, the Grail, shares Herr Starr’s desire to “sweep the streets clean of the parasites that befoul our society.”

    Sanitation workers find Cassidy lying in the street and load him onto a cart labeled, “Dead.”

    Tulip has a nightmare about the Saint and wakes up terrified. She puts a kettle on the stove and closes a window, only to find the window open again moments later. The Saint grabs her by the face and shoots her. She wakes up again: It was all a nightmare.

    Tulip tells Jesse that she dreamed about the Saint again and points out that the Saint would have killed her if it hadn’t been for Cassidy. Jesse bristles and leaves to interrogate the doomsday preacher.

    At the morgue, Cassidy bangs on the door of a compartment where his body has been locked away.

    In a flashback, Saltonstall stands before a line of candidates who are being considered to join the Grail. The candidates begin a series of trials that test their physical prowess, combat skills and seduction powers. Herr Starr bests an opponent at wrestling by distracting his opponent with masturbation. He convinces a woman to give him a microfiche by threatening to kill her family. He endures intense electric shocks. In a final trial, Jimmy, the remaining competitor, shoots a target in the bullseye. Herr Starr aims his gun — and shoots Jimmy.

    Saltonstall welcomes Herr Starr to the Grail and reveals that the source of their power is Christ. When Herr Starr groans, Saltonstall explains that Jesus is real and lives in a top secret location. He says that Jesus fathered a child and that the Grail has protected his lineage in preparation for the end of the world.

    Herr Starr admires the white suit that will become his new uniform.

    Saltonstall tells Herr Starr that he will help lead the Samson Unit, which handles false prophets. Herr Starr pushes Saltonstall over a balcony and takes over his office.

    Jesse asks the doomsday preacher if he’s crazy or a con man. The preacher suggests they talk over beers.

    A morgue worker escorts Cassidy out of the morgue and apologizes for the mistake. Cassidy sees a daughter grieving for her dead father.

    Tulip goes back to the Hurt Locker and admits to the patrons that she and her friends tricked them and stole their money. She encourages them to earn their money back.

    A bar patron aims his gun at Tulip. She pretends the shooter is the Saint. He shoots. She falls back, gets up and tells him to shoot again.

    Jesse talks to the doomsday preacher about the end of the world. He mentions that a parishioner gave away 1 percent of his soul to help a friend. The preacher says that men selling off their souls is a sure sign of the apocalypse and adds that the parishioner should have donated a kidney if he really wanted to help his friend.

    In Vietnam, Herr Starr stands over the dead pig and tells his associate on the phone that the situation has been handled. The crowd from the hut lies dead on the ground. He receives instructions to travel to New Orleans to deal with a preacher named Jesse Custer.

    At Denis’ house, Jesse watches a news report about the pig in Vietnam. A reporter says that toxic water was responsible for killing the entire village and making the pig float.

  8. 07 Aug 17 Holes
    In Hell, Superintendent Mannering stops by the holding room and drops her pen cap while writing a note. A prisoner picks it up for her. She admonishes the prisoner for his good deed and sends him to the Hole. Eugene shoves Hitler and looks nervously at the surveillance camera.In 1946, Cassidy sings to baby Denis in a hospital nursery and promises to be a good father. He takes a swig from his flask.In the present, Cassidy watches Denis wheeze with pain and asks if he can help. Denis glares at him beseechingly, but Cassidy refuses to turn him into a vampire.Tulip reads in the kitchen in the middle of the night and asks Cassidy if he wants to go out. Cassidy says he’s staying home with Denis and suggests she get some sleep. Tulip goes out by herself.

    Cassidy wakes up to find Denis speaking into the translation app on his phone. Denis grows agitated. “Bite me,” the phone translates.

    Lara Featherstone sits in an apartment in Denis’s building and watches footage from surveillance cameras hidden in Denis’s apartment. She informs her partner, Hoover, that Herr Starr is on the way.

    Jesse tells Cassidy that he’s going to Circuit Works to see if video enhancements might reveal any clues in the audition video. Cassidy asks Jesse to help Denis live by using Genesis, but Jesse says Genesis should not be used for such purposes.

    Tulip passes Jesse in the hallway after spending the night at the Hurt Locker. She asks to join him at Circuit Works.

    Jesse gives the audition video to the Dork Docs at Circuit Works and asks if they can detect the serial number on a gun by enhancing the image.

    Tulip purchases a new refrigerator for Denis’s apartment and leaves Jesse by himself. Jesse realizes she only accompanied him to buy the fridge, not to help search for God.

    In Hell, Mannering tells the holding room prisoners that the projectors malfunctioned because of a drain on the central generator, which was caused by a surplus of one prisoner. She demands to know which of them is not supposed to be in Hell. Eugene starts to raise his hand then stops — but not before Hitler notices. Everyone else raises their hand. Mannering vows to find out who it is.

    Hitler confronts Eugene and guesses that Eugene does not belong in Hell. He warns Eugene that when Mannering figures out he’s an impostor, she will punish him rather than release him. To prove his point, Hitler trips someone, prompting Eugene to instinctively help the prisoner up. Mannering comes to the holding room to punish Eugene for his kind deed.

    A Circuit Works employee removes the old fridge in Denis’s apartment. Tulip stares at the bullet hole in the wall.

    Cassidy takes care of Denis as he vomits up blood.

    Cassidy casually asks Tulip if she would ever want the immortality of a vampire. He describes the pitfalls of being a vampire, such as having to avoid the sun and watching everyone die around you.

    Tulip peers through the bullet hole and sees a trail of bullet holes in all the adjacent apartments.

    The Dork Docs tell Jesse that the serial number on the gun was scrubbed off. Jesse asks them to enhance a reflection in the slate.

    Tulip spackles the bullet hole in Denis’sapartment then spackles the bullet hole in the adjacent apartment.

    Mannering pushes Eugene into the Hole. A projector replays the Eugene’s worst memory with Tracy. This time, however, Tracy kisses Eugene back. Their intimate moment is interrupted by Jesse. Tracy tells Eugene that she promised herself to God and proceeds to make out with Jesse. Eugene screams and picks up the rifle to shoot himself.

    Denis coughs into a bucket and again begs Cassidy to bite him.

    Eugene returns to the holding room and crawls into bed. Hitler tells Eugene that they will send him back to the Hole once they find out he doesn’t belong in Hell. He offers to help Eugene escape.

    Tulip stops by the last apartment in the hall. Featherstone cautiously answers the door in a wig and invites Tulip inside.

    Jesse prays to God for help, but the Dork Docs inform Jesse that the reflection in the slate was merely a coffee pot. Jesse storms out. The Dork Docs shred the DVD.

    Tulip spackles the hole in Lara’s apartment and notices Featherstone’s gun. Featherstone introduces herself as “Jennie” and explains that she’s simply taking precautions against her ex. Tulip suggests she and “Jennie” visit the Hurt Locker some time.

    Cassidy calls a friend, Seamus, to seek his advice about Denis. Seamus urges him to let Denis die rather than turn him into a vampire.

    Cassidy sings to Denis in bed and holds his hand.

  9. 14 Aug 17 Puzzle Piece
    Grail agents clean Herr Starr’s office and leave a stack of files on his desk, including Jesse’s file.Jesse sits on his bed and relives the memory of his father’s death.Jesse searches for God sightings on YouTube. Cassidy defrosts frozen blood and tells Jesse that Denis is feeling better. Tulip returns from the Hurt Locker and soothes her bruises with a bag of frozen blood. Cassidy suggests she stop visiting the Hurt Locker. Jesse interrupts Cassidy and urges Tulip to rest, then uses Genesis to put her to sleep.Featherstone shows Starr the surveillance footage of Jesse putting Tulip to sleep. Starr is unimpressed by Jesse’s so-called power and orders Featherstone and Hoover to kill Jesse’s group.

    In a van, a team of Grail agents gear up with guns, helmets, and night vision goggles. They arrive at Denis’s apartment complex.

    The agents enter Denis’s apartment and open fire on Cassidy as he attacks them. They shoot Denis in bed. Jesse attacks Phil, one of the agents, then uses Genesis to force him to kill the other agents. Jesse tries to interrogate Phil but Denis, now a vampire, attacks and devours him before he can ask any questions.

    Starr dines with a date at an upscale restaurant and admits he’s been feeling “disenchanted.” His date tells him she used to feel the same way until she made a developmentally challenged boy smile. Starr scoffs at her story then orders her to remove her shirt and hold butter under her chin. A man whispers a message into Starr’s ear. He leaves her standing with the butter.

    In his office, Starr gets ready to execute Featherstone and Hoover for botching Jesse’s death. Featherstone suggests they activate “Brad” to kill Jesse. Starr agrees, but threatens to kill her and Hoover if they fail again. In the meantime, he asks them to order him some prostitutes to play out a rape fantasy.

    Tulip wakes up and finds the bloody aftermath of the previous night’s attack. Jesse uses Genesis to direct a team of police to set up a perimeter and protect them from the next attack.

    Jesse watches the entrance to the building complex from a window. He checks in with the perimeter cops via walkie talkie.

    In the apartment down the hall, Featherstone calls Starr and informs him that “Brad” is in transit.

    Starr watches surveillance footage of a conversation between Jesse and Cassidy, in which Jesse worries about the chaos that will ensue without God. Starr gets an idea and begins to look through Jesse’s file.

    Denis feeds blood to Cassidy, who is healing from the gunshot wounds. Cassidy reminds Denis that the only time vampires drink blood is when they need to heal.

    Jesse asks Cassidy if he will be ready to fight that night. Cassidy says he will try his best but worries about Tulip’s state of mind.

    Jesse sits down with Tulip and recalls that she once got over a severe earache by taking on a big fight. He proposes she get over her funk by engaging in a good fight. Tulip admonishes Jesse for using Genesis to get her to sleep, but agrees to gear up for the fight that night.

    Tulip stops by Featherstone’s apartment and asks “Jenny” to borrow her gun. Featherstone loans it to her.

    That night, a cleaning company van parks in front of the apartment complex. A cop informs Jesse that a man has arrived to clean the bloody mess.

    The cleaner enters the apartment and starts cleaning the kitchen. Cassidy gets out of bed to prepare for the fight. Jesse stares out the window, waiting for the attack.

    Tension rises as Jesse waits for the attack. Denis plays music and dances in his room. A jittery Tulip aims her gun at the ceiling. Outside, a large man in a mask approaches an officer. Jesse starts to run outside but races back to the apartment when he hears a gunshot. Inside, Tulip has shot and injured the cleaner after mistaking his cleaning product for a gun.

    The officers report to Jesse that they’ve apprehended the intruder who turns out to be a harmless street drunk. Despite the false alarm, Jesse maintains that an attack is imminent.

    Meanwhile, a drone cruises through the sky toward New Orleans. It’s a Battle-Ready Remote-Operated Aerial Drone — or, B.R.A.D.

    Hoover informs Featherstone that they have 23 minutes until impact and suggests they evacuate. Featherstone insists on staying so that she can witness Grail’s precise engineering in action. She fantasizes about dying for the cause.

    Starr studies a flyer for Angelville, which he found in Jesse’s folder. Three male prostitutes barge into the office. Starr tells them that he wanted women but they proceed to rape him at his desk. As he endures the sex, Starr looks at Jesse’s file and gets an idea.

    After the prostitutes have left, Starr calls Featherstone and instructs her to call off B.R.A.D.

    Featherstone sits at her computer and enters new coordinates for B.R.A.D. A fireball rises in the distance as B.R.A.D. crashes into Harry Connick Jr.’s house.

    Jesse continues his surveillance for one more week. Finally, he uses Genesis to release the cops from his power. He throws his walkie talkie on the ground in frustration.

    Jesse drinks alone at a bar. Starr sits next to him and introduces himself. “I hear you’ve been looking for God,” he says.

  10. 21 Aug 17 Dirty Little Secret
    In an ancient cave home, a man has wild sex with a married woman. The man asks the woman to keep their affair a secret. He lets down his hair: It’s Jesus.Jesus’s disciples come looking for Jesus. Thaddeus sees the rumpled clothes on the floor and realizes what just transpired.In the present day, Herr Starr sits with Jesse at the bar and tells him all about Grail Industries. Jesse uses Genesis to ask where God is. Starr says that God was last seen in New Orleans and that the Grail covered up his disappearance by killing the actor on the audition tape. Starr offers to help Jesse in his quest for God.Jesse gets in Starr’s jeep. Starr places a hood over his head.

    Tulip startles awake after dreaming about the Saint of Killers again.

    Tulip knocks on Cassidy’s bedroom door and finds him and Denis in the middle of an orgy with two women. She offers to make them breakfast.

    Featherstone visits Tulip to get her gun back and notices Tulip’s emotional state.

    Jesse walks through a metal detector at Starr’s office. The Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury are waiting inside.

    Tulip opens up to Featherstone about everything from the search for God to the Saint. Tulip explains that Jesse sent the Saint to Hell with his “mind power” but that she still feels uneasy. Featherstone assures her she’s not crazy.

    Cassidy tells Tulip that he’s going out to breakfast with Denis and the girls. After he leaves, Featherstone comments that Cassidy is attractive.

    Jesse asks the Pope and Archbishop if they know where God is. The Archbishop says that God is on the run from a cabal of angels, while the Pope claims that God gave up on man and created a new species. Jesse realizes that neither knows where God is. “The boy, he knows,” says the Pope. Starr quickly ushers them out. Using Genesis, Jesse demands to know who the boy is. “He’s the Messiah,” Starr says.

    Flash back to the ancient cave. Jesus’s lover gives her baby — Jesus’s baby — to Thaddeus. Thaddeus vows to protect the baby and his blood line, then orders the mother to be killed.

    Starr tells Jesse that the Grail has protected Christ’s lineage in preparation for the end of the world, at which point the Messiah — Jesus’s 25th great-grandson — will reveal himself. Using Genesis, Jesus commands Starr to bring him to the Messiah.

    Cassidy and Denis take their dates to the arcade. Denis bites his date in a photo booth, scaring the women off. Cassidy reminds Denis that he cannot act on his new appetites. Cassidy throws away the photo evidence of Denis biting his date.

    Tulip and Featherstone play video games at Denis’ apartment. Featherstone speaks enviously of Tulip’s life of robbing banks in Dallas and looking for God. Tulip glares at Featherstone and says she never told her about Dallas. Featherstone insists that Tulip told her about Dallas, then asks to use the bathroom.

    In the bathroom, Featherstone calls Hoover to ask for his help. When she walks out, Tulip confronts her about Dallas and demands to know Featherstone’s true identity. They’re interrupted by belligerent knocking on the door. Hoover — pretending to be “Rodney,” the ex of Featherstone’s “Jenny” cover identity — yells in the hallway.

    “Rodney” smacks Featherstone. Tulip hits him with a guitar and Featherstone kicks him in the ribs. They break out in laughter.

    Tulip treats Featherstone’s wound in Denis’s bathroom. Featherstone notices the loose tile hiding the Saint’s weapons and suggests Tulip fix it.

    Starr puts a hood over Jesse’s head and they embark on the long journey to the Messiah’s hiding spot. They finally arrive at their destination.

    Starr and Jesse enter the Messiah’s chamber. Jesse kneels before the Messiah and asks if he’s on the right path. The Messiah urinates on Jesse and reveals himself to be an inbred simpleton named Humperdoo. Jesse stares at Humperdoo’s desk and sees drawings of dogs. Jesse uses Genesis to ask Humperdoo where God is. Humperdoo grows extremely agitated.

    Tulip starts to fix the loose bathroom tile but gets sidetracked by Cassidy, who invites her to play video games.

    Featherstone watches Tulip on the spy camera. She tells Hoover that Tulip almost fixed the loose tile but got distracted by Cassidy. She expresses an intense desire to kill Tulip. Hoover reminds her that Starr merely ordered them to break up Tulip and Jesse.

    Tulip finally goes to fix the tile and discovers the Saint’s guns and sword hidden underneath.

    Back in his jeep, Starr tells Jesse that he has wasted his life serving someone who cannot rule. He proposes that Jesse fill the vacuum left by God. “Why go on looking for God when you can just be him?” he asks. Jesse accuses him of blasphemy.

    Starr drops Jesse off at the apartment complex and again offers to help him find God. Jesse insists that he has friends who can help him. “Do you?” Starr asks. Jesse sees Denis swagger down the street with blood on his face. Starr tells Jesse to think about his proposition.

  11. 28 Aug 17 Backdoors
    The mission begins to alienate Tulip and Cassidy; Tulip receives advice about her relationship with Jesse; Cassidy begins to doubt Denis.
  12. 04 Sep 17 On Your Knees
  13. 11 Sep 17 The End of the Road


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