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Install OTTTV IPTV Premium Kodi Addon

OTTTV (Over the Top TV) is a premium IPTV service with 1000s of Worldwide TV channels (including UK, US, Australia and Canada) including 4K content as well as a raft of 3D, 4K, and HD Movies as well. The service is £8 ($11) a month, but the cost is worth it for all the content you get. To sign up go here

To set up your OTTTV Account, follow these instructions.

  1. Go to the OTTTV Nova Site. Once on the site, which is called VPN Nova, click “Buy Now” from the top of the page
  2. On the next page, choose “1 Theme Hosting
  3. Next you’ll see the product config page. Choose if you want to add any extra connections (£5 extra ($7) a month) if you want multiple connections. Also on this page choose a username (which you’ll need for Kodi later).
  4. Next, review your order and click “Checkout”
  5. Next fill out the check out form, where you’ll specify your email, billing details etc and password.
  6. Once complete, wait for your confirmation email. Make sure to check your spam folder if it doesn’t arrive quickly. Once you have received this, log into the client portal. Once logged in, click “Services” > “My Services”
  7. When your services page has loaded, you’ll see “1 theme hosting” under your products. Click “Manage Product”
  8. Your service page will now open with all details of the service. On the service page, click IPTV Service Details
  9. The IPTV information will now open and you’ll see your username and password. Make a note of these to use soon in Kodi.

*Note, you’ll also see an M3U link here, I’ll explain further down how you can use these in your own IPTV app,many you’ll find for Windows, iOS, Android and Smart TV.

Now, to install the Addon in Kodi

Over the Top TV

If this is the first third party Addon or Build you're adding to Kodi, click here for details on how to enable Addons from Unknown Sources in Kodi

  • With Kodi Open, Click the Settings “Gear” Icon
  • With the setting menu open, click System Setting
  • With the system settings open, click “Addons” from the left hand menu. (If you can’t see “addons”, make sure you’ve clicked “Advanced” on the bottom left of the menu to enable to Addons settings).
    After clicking Addons, click the “Unknown Sources” button so it turns white.
  • Once you click “Unknown Sources”, a box will pop up ensuring you’re OK to allow third party addons. Just click “OK”

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  • Open Kodi and click the “Settings” gear icon in the top left of Kodi home screen. and select “File Manager“.
    1. For Kodi 16, from the Kodi home screen, select System > File Manager
  • -Select “Add Source
  • -Select the box which says “None
  • -Type and click “Done
  • -Go to the box underneath which says “Enter a name for this media source” and type “Gentec” before clicking “OK
  • -Click back to your Home Screen
  • Click “Addons” from the Kodi home screen, then click the addons browser icon in the top left.
    1. For Kodi 16, from the Kodi home screen, select System>Settings>Add-ons
  • -Select “Install from zip file
  • -Select “Gentec” > “OTTTV”
  • -Select
  • Once you see the “Add-on Enabled” notification go back to the Addons menu and click “Install from Repository”, select “OTTTV Repository” > “Video Addons” > “OTTTV” and click Install.
  • Once installed go to your “Addons” > “Video Addons” > “OTT TV” and open. You’ll see Step 1 is “Insert Login Credentials”.
  • Open the login credentials screen and enter your username and password you set up above (see step 9).
  • Once entered you can now view the 1000s of TV channels, movies, Video on demand and more.
  • As a side now, while on the product page of your account (step 9 above). You’ll see 2 links, m3u and m3u plus. These are playlist links and you can copy these to use with most IPTV applications. Just search on Apples AppStore, Google Play Store, Windows App Store, your smart TVs app store etc for “IPTV player” and you’ll find a load of IPTV players. Download one and where it asks for the source of your IPTV, just copy the m3u link from the page above (step 9)

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And to download the android app, just head here to install the apk. You may have to allow apps from unknown sources. To do this, go to your settings, security and ‘allow apps from unknown sources’.

*Please note, we are no way involved with the development of this addon, for any technical or account queries, please join the OTTTV facebook Group.



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