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Install Kodi on the Amazon Firestick / Fire TV

An Amazon Fire Device – Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire Stick

a. Here’s a bit on info about Kodi and Amazon Fire Stick/TV, below this is a guide on how to install Kodi on your Amazon Device. Just scroll down a bit if you just want the Amazon/Kodi guide.
Amazon make two very good TV devices, the Amazon Fire Stick and Amazon Fire TV, both are very capable of running Kodi and if you can afford it, the Amazon Fire TV box is very fast and is my main box used in my lounge. A few things to note with the Amazon devices, is they do have an amended interface when you use the system on your TV so Amazon advertise their own videos, music etc. But you can still install your own apps on here, including Kodi. Also, if you are an Amazon Prime customer, there’s a load of content you can access straight away, including thousands of films, TV Shows and Music. As a prime customer, you can also have unlimited photo cloud storage which you can easily access on your Fire TV or Fire Stick, and have unlimited access to Amazon Music; similar to spotify, it’s a catalogue of millions of songs you can play at your leisure. You can sign up for a 30 day FREE trial here if you’re in the UK, or Here if you’re in the US try it out and you can always cancel if you don’t like it.

b. So, to install Kodi on an Amazon Device. There are a few ways to do this:

i. Using ES File Explorer: The Easiest Way

1. Power up your Amazon Fire TV/Stick
2. Go to Setting>System/Device>Developer Options. Locate “Apps from unknown sources”, and make sure it’s ticked (On), and if you get a confirmation pop up box, click Yes.
3. Go back to your home screen, and under Apps, or using the Search box, search for and install “ES File Explorer”
4. Once installed, open ES File Explorer, select Favourite then select Add and enter the URL: Click Next (don’t worry if the URL disappears. Type Kodi into the box, click Next again then click Add.
5. Now open the Kodi link from the left hand panel, find Kodi Android Apps and select the ARM version (usually the 32bit Release Build. Nothing will happen yet, don’t worry though.
6. Now select the options menu (the three vertical dots towards the bottom right of the screen) and select “Open in new browser”: This will download Kodi to your fire tv/stick. Let it finish, the spinning wheel in the top right will tell you the system is doing something.
7. Once it’s downloaded, select “Open File”, and then select “Install” A permissions box will appear, just click down on your remote until you see “Install” and click it again.

ii. Using Apps2Fire – You need an android phone or tablet to do this.

1. First, on your fire tv/stick, go to go to Settings> System/Device>About>Network and note down your Fire TV/Stick’s IP address.
2. Then go to Setting>System/Device>Developer Options and make sure Apps From Unknown Sources and ADB Debugging are both ticked to Yes.
3. On your android phone or tablet, download Apps2Fire from the playstore.
4. The on your phone/tablet, download Kodi from the play store.
5. On your phone/tablet, open Apps2Fire and under setup, enter the IP you noted down in step 1 in the IP field on Apps2Fire.
6. The, still in Apps2Fire, tap “Local Apps”, find Kodi in the list, tap it once and click “Install”
7. Give it about 30 seconds, and you should see a message on Apps2Fire saying successfully installed.
8. Now on your fire TV/stick, if you go to apps, you should see Kodi there.
iii. There are some other methods to install Kodi on a Fire TV/Stick, but these two are very simple, I’ve used both methods, and seem to be the quickest.



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