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Install IP Vanish VPN on Amazon Fire Stick / Fire TV

If you’ve gotten yourself an IP Vanish VPN account to protect your privacy online and when using Kodi (if not, read our guide here) and have an Amazon Fire Stick V 2 or Amazon Fire TV, then read below for instructions on how to install and activate on your fire device.

The below instructions are provided by and remain the property of IP Vanish.

Please note the below instructions are for Fire Devices running the latest OS 5.2.2.x So you need an Amazon Fire TV with this OS or a second generation Fire Stick. This WONT work on the first generation Fire stick. To find out what version of Fire OS your Fire Stick is running, go to your home screen and then go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘About.’

1. First, (apart from having your IP Vanish username and password to hand) you will need to allow the installation of the IPVanish application to your Fire Stick. To do this, go to your home screen and scroll right to ‘Settings’

 2. Once you are in the Settings section, scroll right until you get to ‘Device,’ select ‘Device’ and then select ‘Developer Options’

3. In the ‘Developer options,’ you will see toggle options for “ADB debugging” and “Apps from Unknown Sources’. Turn ON ‘Apps from Unknown Sources’

When you enable the Apps from Unknown Sources you will be prompted with a message asking if you are sure. You will need to click ‘Turn On’.

IPVanish Android Application Install

1. To install IPVanish on your Fire Stick, first you will need to go to ‘Apps’ – ‘Utilities’ on your home screen and download and install ‘ES File Explorer’. This will allow you to download and install our IPVanish application (Use the search on the ‘Apps’ screen to locate ‘ES File Explorer’ and select ‘Download’)

2. Open ‘ES File Explorer’ and select the ‘New’ button so you can download our IPVanish application

3. In the ‘New’ window, select the Type HTTP(Web), then set the path to ‘‘ without quotes and select OK

4. Note the page will be blank when it loads the first time, to download the IPVanish application select the ‘More’ option on the bottom menu and select “Open in browser’ and the download will start

5. When the download of the IPVanish.apk is finished, click the ‘Open file’ option

6. A ‘Properties’ window will open and allow you to install the IPVanish Android application, select the ‘Install’ option to proceed

7. When the IPVanish application install window opens, select the ‘INSTALL’ option

8. The IPVanish application will finish installing and then ask if you would like to open the application, select the ‘OPEN’ option

9. You will first be prompted to enter your IPVanish Username and Password to login to the application, please make sure to select the ‘Remember Me’ box so you don’t have to enter it each time then select ‘LOGIN’

10. Once you are logged in, you can pick a location and click the ‘CONNECT’ button or you can go to the options to select a specific server

Once you are connected, you can go back to your home screen and all of your applications will be routed through our VPN.

To open the IPVanish app once installed you will either need to launch the ‘ES File Explorer’ and go into the Apps folder to launch IPVanish

Or go to your home screen Applications and select ‘Manage Installed Applications’ and then find the IPVanish and click Open.

You can now Run Kodi knowing your privacy is protected. Please note, if you have a Netflix account, make sure IP Vanish is turned OFF when using netflix as Netflix won’t work with a VPN running.



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