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Install IP Vanish VPN on Android TV Box

If you’ve gotten yourself an IP Vanish VPN account to protect your privacy online and when using Kodi (if not, read our guide here) and have an Android TV Box, then read below for instructions on how to install and activate on your TV Box.

Firstly, if you have an Android TV box which has a modified interface (when the box seller customises the menu and layout) then you need to go to the standard system settings.

The below instructions are from and are the property of IP Vanish.

Step 1: After setting up your IP Vanish account, on your Android device, Click the MENU button

Step 2: Go to SETTINGS

Step 3: Click on APPLICATIONS

Step 4: Make sure that “UNKNOWN SOURCES” is checked

Step 5: Read the warning message and acknowledge if you are OK to proceed with the changes

Step Two: Install the IP Vanish app (from the Play Store) and launch it.

Step Three: Select the server you want to connect to and click on it.
Step Four: Allow it permission to create the connection and click ok.
Step Five: Enter your username and password and then sign in.
Step Six: Wait for it to establish a connection.
Step Seven: Once successfully connected, you will be brought to the connection details page which contains the following items: Uptime, the server you are connected to, current upload and download speed along with total uploaded/downloaded, graphs for upload (red) and download (green) speed, and finally a red disconnect button. The graphs will appear empty until some data is registered passing through.
Step Eight: Upon connection to the VPN server, two entries to your device task bar will be added. The top one (A) will bring you back to the status screen, while the bottom one (B) will give you the choice to remain connected or disconnect and turn off the client. At this stage you can just tap your devices home button to let the client run in the background, and NOW you can open Kodi and be confident your privacy is now protected.
Step Nine: Things to note:
* After a few connections your device may begin to fail to connect again. A reboot of your phone will often fix this problem.
* If you fail to connect there is no log or message to tell you why. You will want to check the following things:
— Is the device currently connected to the Internet with your mobile Data or WiFi? Are you able to browse the internet?
— Have you tried restarting the device to clear any stuck sessions?
— Are you connecting to an active server?
— Is your IPVanish account currently active?



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