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Installing Addons on Kodi 17 (Krypton)

Kodi 17 is slowly picking up pace, earlier addon/build problems are being ironed out and more and more people are appreciating Kodi 17 for the improved performance, great additional features and improved, more user friendly layout.

So we’ve detailed instructions below for how to install addons not help in the standard Kodi repository (using TV and Movie addon Exodus in our instructions). Most steps to install the addons are the same with the differences mainly down to the names of the sources added which hold the repositories, then the repository names and locations. So we’ve first detailed the standard installation instructions for addons not in the Kodi repositories.

If you have any questions, drop us a comment. Also, please note if you’re on an earlier installation of Kodi, these steps still work, you just need to skip the first few steps setting “allow addons from unknown sources” to Yes. But the other steps (adding a repository source>installing the repository zip file>then installing the addon remains the same).

First, in Kodi 17 you have to tell it to allow addons to be installed from unknown sources. So.. Firstly open Kodi and open settings (by clicking the gear icon in the top left of the screen.

Once in settings, click on “System Settings”

Then click “Add-ons”

Once “Add ons” is highlighted, click “Unknown Sources” to Yes (see below, the slider should be to the right)

Once you select “Unknown Sources” you’ll get a warning. Click yes to this, it’s just a warning as you’re installing addons which haven’t been verified by Kodi. But we’ll only recommend addons we’ve personally used and can vouch for 🙂

Now go back to your Kodi home screen (click back on your remote or mouse) and click on the settings Icon again.

Click on “File Manager”

In file manager, click on “Add source”

When the add source box opens, click on the box which says “None” to add the URL (online location) of the repository you’ll install the addon from.

Once the text box opens, type in

Click OK, and when back at the add source screen, click the box to “Enter a name for your source”

Call your source “Fusion”

After adding your source, go back to your Kodi home screen again and click on “Add ons”

Once in your addons screen, click the addon browser icon (see below)

Once here, click on “Install from Zip file”

Now select “Fusion”

Now select “Kodi-Repos”, then select “English”, then select “” (the x.x.x will be whatever repository version is the latest)

After selecting your Zip file, wait for the “Addon enabled” notification in the top right of the screen

Once enabled, click on “Install from repository”

Select “Exodus repository”

Select “Video addons”

The select “Exodus”

Once selected, click “Install”

You’ll now see your addon downloaded and installed

You’ll get an addon enabled notification, once you see this, go back to your Kodi home screen and select addons. You’ll now see Exodus.

You’ll now be able to use Exodus 🙂 Please remember we don’t condone any use of copyright material, any decision around this will be yours. Even if you don’t use any copy right material but would prefer to keep your online activity secret, read here about our guides for using a VPN

After installing Exodus, I’m sure you’d like to put some more addons on your Kodi Krypton. Well click here for our top addons for February.

But remember you only need to do the steps to “allow addons from unknown sources” to “Yes” once.




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