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Kodi and the Law – UK Specific

Over the past six months there has been a lot of talk about “Kodi boxes” and the legality surrounding them, especially in the UK where the UK government has started to “crack down” on these Kodi boxes.

The frustrating thing is Kodi is in no way illegal, it’s a media management tool, developed and maintained by a group of dedicated and talented developers, but unfortunately these idiots selling Kodi loaded media boxes are on the verge of ruining it for everyone by flaunting illegal addons, selling them across the web and in shops.

The legal issues start when you start installing addons onto your Kodi. The majority of these addons, like Kodi, are not illegal, but some allow you to stream music, live TV, on demand TV and movies which do infringe copyright laws. This is where the “crack down” comes into play as movie studios, TV networks etc are complaining about these blatant infractions. This all comes back to the argument which has been going on since software like Napster came into play, and fast forward a few years and people are downloading music, movies and TV shows fro torrent sites, streaming content on websites etc, and now doing this via Kodi. Many do it and don’t care, they’ll say the TV, music and movie industry has enough money that what they’re doing (streaming this content) wouldn’t have any impact on the industries.

Now part of me agrees, not that I condone illegal activity, but I know many people who don’t go to the cinema, don’t buy CDs or music and don’t rent or buy DVDs, so they argue the industries are not losing any money as they wouldn’t have gotten it from them anyway. If this is your stance, then that’s your choice and your risk. But this boils down to the people who don’t just watch/listen to copyright content, but rub the faces of these industries in it by selling these loaded boxes.

Some people don’t even know they may be breaking the law; using a legal Kodi addon, but then clicking on a movie or TV show for example which they didn’t know they shouldn’t be watching without owning any rights to do so. If you’re concerned about this, then you can always install a VPN on your machine.  A VPN stands for virtual private network, it masks your internet activity from anyone outside of your network. In this day in age though, with paranoia about spying, hacking etc, a VPN is a great tool to have even if you don’t use Kodi, it’ll help you protect your online activity from potential threats. A good tool is IP Vanish, it’s very cheap, highly configurable and will offer you piece of mind. Click here more details on a VPN for Kodi.

So, my final thoughts. If you’re offered a Kodi box in a pub or look to get one online; DON’T. All you’re doing is paying over the odds for something you can do yourself and you’re also risking ruining this for everyone. And before anyone mentioned that I’ve got links to Android TV boxes on my site, the ones I list are not kodi loaded, meaning they have Kodi with a bunch of illegal addons on them, they’re just android TV boxes and some have Kodi on, but the one’s I’ve checked just have a basic Kodi installation. It’s then up to you what you’d like to install. It’s not a complicated process to install and configure Kodi on a device, and it’ll also save you money. Take a look at some quick links below.

The Kodi Guide – The big Kodi guide; how to install, what box to buy, how to install an addon, how to install a build, how to diagnose problems etc.

If you don’t fancy reading through the above big guide, then some of the below may apply to you:

Install Kodi on an Amazon Fire Stick / TV which is my personal choice for a media device, and what I use myself (Fire TV that is, not a Fire Stick)

Install Addons on Kodi – This says for Kodi 17, but also has instructions for Kodi 16

VPN for Kodi

Top Kodi Addons for February 2017

Popular Kodi Builds

Any questions, please ask in the comments below 🙂



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