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Top 11 Amazon Best Selling Tech/Unique Gifts for Mothers Day

Impress your Mother or Mother of your children by skipping chocolates and flowers this year and instead spoil them with some great tech gadgets popular with woman.

With Mothers Day approaching (March 26th UK & May 14th US) it’s time to spoil that special lady in your life, be it your mother, mother of your children, grand mother, step mother etc etc 🙂

With our hard working mothers getting one day a year dedicated to them, maybe we should do more than grab them a bunch of wilting flowers from the supermarket, and with more and more woman flocking to the latest tech and gadgets, we thought we’d suggest some of the BEST tech you can buy your lady, all best sellers on Amazon.

amazon fire stick

2nd Gen Fire Stick

Price £39.99/$39.99
Rating 4.5/5

A new arrival in the UK, if your mother likes to spend time watching TV in the bedroom (mine certainly does), then give her unlimited TV, Movie and Music choice with the latest Fire Stick.

Amazon Review: “Very pleased,excellent value for money. Very easy to use and love the way you can move from tv to tv. Highly recommend.”

Amazon Fire Tablet 7″

Price £49.99/$49.99
Rating 4.5/5

Great value for money, with the costs kept down with some on board advertising, but this is a great tablet, speedy and a great spec for the price.

Amazon Review: “Best value for money tablet on the market. Very happy with it. At only £49 I wish I had bought a few more for the family”

ZapBlu Cute Party Bluetooth Animal

ZapBlu Cute Party Bluetooth Animal

Price £11.99
Rating 5/5

A fantastic little speaker, sound is surprisingly good and which Mother isn’t going to love these cute guys? 🙂

Amazon Review: “Great secret Santa present! Really useful, portable, cool looking.”

BigMouth Inc Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass

Price £13.22/$17.99
Rating 4.5/5

Come on, who’s mother doesn’t like a drink? Especially with a son like me, wine was an essential “tool” in our house, and this funky novelty (or maybe not novelty) wine bottle glass is a cheap yet effective gift.

Amazon Review: “Bought this for a friend because she likes a drink of wine and a laugh i saw this and just had to get it i wasn’t disappointed it looks just how it is shown and it went down a treat she loves it it is great and worth the price .”

Prynt Case for iPhone

Price £115/$123.20
Rating 4/5

No ink needed, and this is guaranteed to please any mother. A bit pricier than some gifts, but I’m sure they deserve it 🙂 The Prynt case attaches to the iPhone, and within seconds, you’ll be printing off photos from your phone. And as we said, no ink needed

Amazon Review: “This is an awesome little gadget! I am a lover of photography, so I appreciate a well engineered photographic product, and this is definitely one of those products. I love the unique and modern concept embodied by the Prynt device, yet the fact that it still brings me back to the Instant film days.”


Price £23.10/$27.95
Rating 4/5

The temperature is still a little chilly, so for the funky mother, get her this awesome Unicorn fluffy hat. My cousin has one and so many people ask her where she got it from.

Amazon Review: “Great Present! Fluffy, Comfy, Shame about the lack of rainbows out of the horn!! :)”

Thumbs Up Diamond Glass, Set of 2, Transparent

Price £16.79/$20.52
Rating 4/5

Again for the drinking mother, these glasses are unique and a great talking point. Some comments on Amazon mention the glass is thin, but these aren’t crystal tumblers, and at the price are another great gift idea for a smaller budget.

Amazon Review: “Lovely quality, nice box and always a talking point when used”

3D Printing Pen

Price £56.99/$69.99
Rating 5/5

I got one of these for Christmas and it’s great fun. I put it here because my sister and niece would not leave it alone! It’s great for craft fun, playing with the kids or if you’re mother is bored with the adult colouring books, then this is the next step up.

Amazon Review: “Nifty little device that is a great introduction to model 3D printing. The 3D pen is like a handheld 3D printer that allows you to create really cool things like 3D objects very easily.”

Andrew James Programmable Filter Coffee Machine with Integrated Bean Grinder

Price £79.99/$87.55
Rating 4/5

This is a great machine. I upgraded my Delonghi machine last year to this one and love it. To get a bean grinder coffee machine at this price and this quality is rare. And it has 24 hour programmable functions so you can wake up to coffee each day. Now which mother won’t LOVE this?

Amazon Review: “This is a brilliant buy. My husband and I are coffee mad and good coffee is a must as well as the machine that brews it. Love the timer option for the morning.”

Anker PowerCore+ mini lipstick sized portable charger

Price £11.04/$17.99
Rating 4.5/5

Many of us use portable chargers now, they’re invaluable to some, but many just don’t cut it. This is stylish (other colours available), good value and works well. You can charge an iPhone 6 from 0 to 100%, and more with devices with less power.

Amazon Review: “Brilliant, I charged my iPhone 5 from 0 to 100%, then from 0 to 35% before I needed to charge this again so I’m very happy.”

Amazon Gift Card

Price £10-£500/$10-$500
Rating N/A

If undecided then you can’t go wrong with a gift card. You can either send a physical card or email a gift code for your mother to use. They range from 10 pounds/dollars etc to 500 so all bases covered and will allow them to choose their own gift.

Amazon Review: “Perfect gift, Dad was so happy he could choose his own gift.”

Some other quick ideas: Yankee Candles, Kitchen Gadgets, Also, take a look at the new Amazon Refurbished store; great tech but much cheaper.

Still undecided, then just head on over to Amazon to take a look what else they have.

Prices correct as of February 22 2017



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