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The Best Tech to buy which started on Kickstarter

So many amazing items started their journey on Kickstarter, the crowd funding website. A lot of these items are innovative and unique tech, so we’ve curated a list of some of the best available to buy on the web namely Amazon. If you’ve tried any of the below, let us know what you think in the comments. Many I’ve purchased myself, so will offer personal opinions when applicable.

You can take a look at the full Kickstarter page on Amazon here, but below we’ve curated a list of the most popular and highly rated (minimum 4 out of 5 stars) tech available.

Zendure A4 Power Bank 13400mAh  – Ultra-durable Portable External Battery Charger

Amazon Rating – 4.5/5

Price – £40.95 / $42.95

This saved me many time at the Glastonbury festival. Before I’d take an old Samsung brick which would last me the five days, but I missed my smart phone and being able to take pics, live stream etc. When I got this, I managed to charge my Samsung Galaxy S5 5 times from one full charge on this device. It’s by far the most powerful portable charger out there. There are even better (and more expensive) versions now, but this one is more than sufficient for most people. And it comes with an 18 month warranty.

Customer Review: “OMG, charged my iPhone 6 5 times 0 to 100%! So impressed

 Pebble Time Smartwatch for Smartphone – Black

Amazon Rating – 4/5

Price – £74.00 / $67.94

Pebble Time Smartwatch The Time of Your Life. Past, Present and Future–At Your Fingertips. The best interface for a great smartwatch is time. Pebble Time’s new timeline interface respects that busy people want to Get. Things. Done. Pebble Time lets you act now, reflect on the past, and look into the future. With a new color e-paper screen and a thin, comfortable ergonomic design, the Pebble Time smartwatch is the companion you’ll want with you every moment, every day. And with over 8000 apps on the Pebble app store, you’ll be hard pressed not to find an app for every occasion.

Customer Review: “This smart watch is great. I love it!. OK so it’s not an Apple watch but in my opinion it’s even better! Works seamlessly with my android phone.

Musaic MP10 – Wireless Smart Speaker for Multi-Room Music Streaming

Amazon Rating – 4.5/5

Price – £369.95

This speaker may seem expensive, but the reviews are overwhelming. I’ve not tested this, but know a friend who has it and swears by it. The initial kickstarter campaign hit it’s £100,000 target in a matter of days, and have gone on to further develop speakers like this one. Surpassing Sonos and Bose in leading tech magazine tests, this speaker truly needs to be heard to be believed..

Customer Review: “I promise, this sounds so much better than Bose and Sonos, best speaker I own and well worth the money.

TurnsPro – Time lapse Camera Mount

Amazon Rating – 4/5

Price – £74.99 / $99

Create unique panoramic shots using TurnsPro and panoramic mode on your camera. The world has gone selfie mad, people are taking selfie poles everywhere and snapping constantly. But selfies only get you in the photo, not your surroundings. TurnsPro can be used to create unique ‘panoselfies’, taking a panoramic photo that includes you, your friends, family and the scenery. Also use time lapse with your smart phone, GoPro & Action Camera, as well as with DSLR and compact cameras, a really popular choice with many photographers; professional and amateur.

Customer Review: “For the price this is unreal – I am so eggstatic about this modern day egg timer.

WingLights Mag – Direction Indicators for Bicycle – As seen on Dragon’s Den

Amazon Rating – 4.5/5

Price – £33.99 / $55.99

WingLights are CYCL’s high quality bicycle turn signals. These lightweight, durable, waterproof turn signals are easy to install and even easier to use. Held in place via a metal mount and magnetic back, WingLights produce a bright flashing light when activated. Not only can WingLights be seen from all angles at any time of the day, they can be turned on or off without moving your hands from the handlebars. When removed, the units clip together to form a keyring on a caribiner for safekeeping. WingLights have been featured in The London Evening Standard, Road Safety GB, and Road.CC, and Dragon’s Den (the British original Shark Tank TV Series)

Customer Review: “Ingenious! Now I’ll enjoy riding my bike instead of wobbling around trying to indicate by taking one hand off the handlebars. I’m delighted with my new purchase.

Polar Ice Tray

Amazon Rating – 5/5

Price – £30 / $35

Not much to say about this apart from it’s an amazing ice cub tray which makes perfect spherical crystal clear ice cubes! This is one of these items I do own and everyone, and I mean everyone who has seen my balls (sorry ;)) asks how I made them and went on to buy their own. A little tip, if you use water which was previously boiled, that will guarantee your balls are clear. You may not need to do this, but if you live in a hard water area and don’t boil your water the ice balls will be cloudy. You can also freeze items like fruit etc into the balls which are another talking point. Seriously, if you buy anything from this page, get one of these 🙂 I drink gin in a tumbler, and one of these balls will last me all evening about about 6 drinks.

Customer Review: “This little ice maker makes beautifully clear ice balls. The usual ice ball makers make ice bslls that arn’t clear with bubbles inside. The advantage of pure ice is it looks gorgeous and doesn’t melt as quick.”

 SAM Labs Science Museum Inventor Kit

Amazon Rating – 4.5/5

Price – £99 / $139

Originally designed for children, this kit enables you to create, design and build a number of small tech projects and interactive games. Although designed to get children into design and technology, I know so many adults who have bought this, and even a geek like me who works in IT had hours of fun with it.

Customer Review: “I’m originally an English teacher, and I have always had my students talk about gadgets and things. To be honest, I have always dreamt of building something electronic. When I was younger for example, I had this idea to make a dope robot. I never came to building something like it. Until TODAY! I bought the Inventor Kit, and I managed to make the light sensor trigger the DC Motor to make the robot move. Yaaayy!! So much fun. Love this product, best gadget for people like me. and any kid would love it.

Simbrix ‘Creator Kit’ for fans of fuse/melty beads

Amazon Rating – 5/5

Price – £35 / $45

One of kickstarters bigger successes which has gone on further develop numerous kits and addons, Simbrix are like the popular melt brick kits, but no heating required, instead a locking connect is made between the pieces. This is a great starter kit with enough for you or younger friends and family to make a number of creations. It has top marks on Amazon, safe for kids to use and comes in a very cute cotton bag.

Customer Review: “My granddaughters love Simbrix. They were fans of the mosaic beads but grew frustrated when their designs were disturbed or didn’t fuse properly. Simbrix lock together using a “tooth” and ” gum” method and can be unlocked to make a different design. However, they do like to save their creations, so I have ordered some separate packs of popular colours from the Simbrix website (5 packs of 200 for £10). You can create your own designs but there are some patterns included, with others online. I think a pack of “design cards” would be a useful accessory. 

Please note prices are correct as of 23rd February 2017



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