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How to Use Subtitles in Kodi (v 16.1 & 17)

Below is a guide on how to activate and use subtitles in Kodi.

It’s very simple, you just choose a subtitle addon from the Kodi repository then switch on as and when you need them.


  1. Go to System > Settings > Addons (if in Kodi 16.1, if in Kodi 17, just select Addons from the main screen)
  2. Once here, select “Install from Repository
  3. From the repo list, select “Kodi Add-on Repository
  4. From the addon type list, select “Subtitles
  5. Now you’ll have a list of subtitle addons. Feel free to have a play with them, but personally I use “OpenSubtitles“, they have over 4 million subtitle sets in over 75 languages.
  6. Whichever subtitle addon you choose, select it and choose “Install
  7. Once installed, you can configure the subtitles by going to “Settings > Video > Settings” and here you can choose default languages, colour, style etc. Also, if you install more than one subtitle addon you can choose the default addon for TV shows, one for movies etc.
  8. To use when watching something, you need to press Select on your remote (or equivalent on your device) to bring up the Now Playing bar. Once there, go to the Subtitle icon (see below)
  9. Once selected, click download, and from the list of available subtitle files, click one to download (the top result is usually the best quality and best match to what you’re watching)
  10. Your subtitles will now load (usually takes literally a second or two) If you find your subtitles are out of sync, try another from the list using the steps above.



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