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Get Kodi on your iPhone and/or iPad WITHOUT Jailbreaking

If  you have an iPhone or iPad, you can now install Kodi on it without needing to jailbreak your phone.

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If you don’t know, Apple won’t allow Kodi on their app store due to their over zealous paranoia over copyright (Kodi is perfectly legal) and before you’d need to jailbreak your phone (which allows third party apps on your phone, but invalidates your warranty). Now there’s a way to get Kodi on your iPhone without needing to Jailbreak it.

What you need.

  1. An iPhone
  2. A MAC (or ask a mate with a MAC to borrow theirs)
  3. The Kodi DEB file (download here)
  4. The iOS App signer, kindly created by Dantheman827 (download here) choose “Download 1.9, and unzip the file to your desktop)
  5. xCode7 from the Apple App store (download here)

So, let’s do this. Make you you read all instructions as there are a few steps, but it’ll be worth it.

  1. Plug your iPad or iPhone into a Mac and open Xcode (download link above)
  2. Select ‘Create a new Xcode project‘. Ensuring “Application” is highlighted in the left hand list, and select “Single View Application” Then select “Next
  3. In the next window, give the application a name, “Kodi” is an obvious choice. In “Organisation Identifier“, give it a unique name, maybe your name and kodi e.g: bob.smith.kodi. Under devices you can choose the make the app for iPhone, iPad or universal, choose whatever device you have, or if you have both, select “Universal“, then click “Next
  4. Next you’ll be asked for a location of your Git repository (GIT is a free and open source distributed version control system) Just choose “Desktop” as your location for this. The click “Create
  5. When xCode asks for access to your contacts, just select “No
  6. You’ll then see an error message saying “No code signing identities found“, just click “Fix issue“, then it’ll ask for an Apple ID to fix the issue, so select “Add” and add your Apple login.
  7. Return to the main screen and you’ll see another message saying “To fix this issue, select a Development Team to use for provisioning” The development team should already be highlighted so just click “Choose” After a short time, this will be resolved.
  8. Once resolved, open App Signer and double click on the file you unzipped to your desktop.
  9. Where App Signer asked for your input file, click “Browse” and select the Deb file you downloaded earlier and click “Open“.
  10. Your Apple ID should already be in the Signing Certificate field. For the Provisioning Profile, enter the profile you created above in step 3 (bob.smith.kodi was the example we used)
  11. Whatever is in the App Display Name field, over-type this with “Kodi” and click “Start“. New Application ID will be filled in, but we added Kodi as an App Display Name (this is what will appear on your Home screen). Click Start
  12. Choose a file name and a location to save to and click “Save” App Signer will now unpack your data and save the file, wait a short while and when complete it’ll say “Done
  13. Now open xCode, select Window > Devices then click on your device from the left hand column.
  14. With your device selected, in the main window, scroll down until you see Installed Apps, which will have a Plus icon (to add an app). Click the plus “Add app” icon.
  15. When prompted, select the file you created in step 9 and click “Open“. It’ll take about 20 seconds to install the app, now you’ll see Kodi under the Installed Apps list.
  16. Unplug your iPhone or iPad and look for the Kodi icon in your device.  Don’t click it yet.
  17. If you get an error about an “Untrusted Developer”, then tap “Cancel
  18. Now go to “Settings > General” and go to Device Management, click the account your used earlier in the signing certificate field and click “Trust – ACCOUNT NAME“, and then click “Trust” again.
  19. Now go to your home screen and you’ll see Kodi. Click and Enjoy 🙂





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