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Install Navi-X for Kodi – And How to Use – NOW OFFLINE

Navi-X is a great media addon for Kodi, and one of the oldest.

Navi-X has been around years, and before the days when addons were curated lists of TV, movie, music & live TV lists, Navi-X invited people to create their own playlists, submitting them on so others could share them. Although there are now 1000s of media playlists on Kodi, Naxi-X is still very popular.

It doesn’t have an interface as intuitive and “pretty” as some others, but it more than makes up for this with a fantastic catalogue of media.

  1. Open Kodi and go to “System > File Manager” (for Kodi 17 click the “Settings” gear icon in the top left of Kodi home screen and then select “File Manager.”)
  2. Select “Add Source
  3. Select the box which says “None
  4. Type and click “Done
  5. Go to the box underneath which says “Enter a name for this media source” and type “Fusion” before clicking “OK
  6. Click back to your Home Screen (the back arrow on a remote a few times should do this, if you’re unsure, close Kodi and open it again.
  7. Select “System>Settings>Add-ons” (for Kodi 17, just click “Addons” from the Kodi home screen)
  8. Select “Install from zip file
  9. Select “Fusion” from the list of file sources (folders)
  10. Select “xmbc-repos” then select “English” then select “
  11. After seeing the “Add-on Enabled” notification click “Install from Repository” then select “VinMan Repository”, then select “Video Addons
  12. From the list of addons, select “NaviX
  13. Once you see the addon enabled notification, you’re set to go.

When you first open Navi-X just click “Naxi-X Start Here” to open the playlists. If you go to “User Lists”, you’ll see the customised lists others have made. The lists look large, with no real formatting, but to me this is the fun bit, spend some time scrolling through others lists, remembering you can “Favourite” any playlists and/or items.

Naxi-X also has a good search function which will save you some browsing if looking for a particular item.

Another popular area is the most viewed. Here you can view the most popular playlists and choose either the most popular from the previous 24 hours or previous 7 days.

Either way, have a play around, it can be a loads of fun and you’ll find a hell of a lot of stuff. Be careful though if you ever let your children use Kodi as there is also a lot of adult playlists and items which can easily be stumbled upon.




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