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The Strain Seasons 1 – 3 Full Recap

With the Strain renewed for a fourth and final season set to air this Summer, we thought we’d recap seasons 1 – 3 for you.  Enjoy, or jump straight to the recaps for season 2 or season 3

Season One

The story starts with a plane landing at JFK International and losing all contact with ground staff. Dr. Ephraim Goodweather, Dr. Nora Martinez and the CDC investigate and on board find all passengers dead except four, including the pilot Doyle Redfern. They spot small parasitic worms and decide it’s some kind of plague disease. Abraham Setrakian, an old man approaches Goodweather and explains all the bodies must be destroyed, and not to let the plane cargo (a large wooden box) leave the airport.

Recently paroled Gus Elizalde is hired by Mr. Eichhorst to retrieve the wooden box from the airport, which he does with the help of Jim Kent, a CDC worker being blackmailed by Mr. Eichhorst, and Gus delivers the cabinet, although frightened by the noises inside. Eichhorst is working for The Master, who has unlimited funds due to his promise to dying billionaire, Eldritch Palmer, that he’ll give him immortality. Later, an airport worker is attacked by a large creature who crushes his skull after sucking the blood from the man’s body.

The four plane survivors continue to show bizarre symptoms, but are released from CDC custody, despite Eph protests. Goodweather is removed from the case officially, but continues to investigate. Eichhorst visits Setrakian, and it’s clear these two are sworn enemies. Eichhorst mocks Setrakian, but Setrakian vows to stop the Master from creating an army of “Strigoi”.

Of the four plane survivors, attorney, Joan Luss decides to sue the airline, rock star, Gabrial Bolivar begins to crave blood and soon his penis falls off, and the pilot, Redfern, deteriorates and his body begins to change. Meanwhile, a Mr. Arnot calls Eph to say his daughter has come home, confusing Eph as Mr. Arnots daughter was one of the flight victims. After hanging up the phone, Mr. Arnot is attacked by his daughter using a long appendage which shoots from her neck. Eph then discovers all the plane victims and the medical examiner are all missing; unaware they all came back to life.

We find out Jim Kent has been helping Eichhorst because his wife is terminally ill and Eichhorst has been bribing him with potential treatments for his wife. We also see Eichhorst’s true appearance, he’s a full “Strigoi” (vampire), who uses make up to cover up his lack of nose and hair and general scary as hell appearance. Pilot Redfern completely changes and escapes CDC custody craving blood, Nora, Eph and Jim find him in the basement and after a struggle, they kill Redfern. Jim then explains he’s been helping the other side due to his wife’s illness; Eph kicks him off the team.

Billionaire, Eldritch Palmer, hires a computer hacker, Dutch Velders, to take down the cities internet and phone communications.

Fourth plane survivor, Ansel Barbour, now craving blood, tells his wife, Anne Marie, to take their children to safety, which she does, and when she returns home, she finds her husband has chained himself up in the shed, he explains his list for blood, and doesn’t trust himself. Ansel is soon able to feed when Anne Marie tricks a neighbour into entering the shed when she discovered the neighbor once hit her dog.

When Eph and Nora visit the Arnot house after Mr. Arnot called to say his daughter returned home, they find Mr. Arnot and his daughter, now both turned and infected. Setrakian turns up and decapitates both Mr. Arnot and his daughter. He tries to explain about the “Strigoi”, a race of vampiric beings who feed on blood and want to enslave mankind. Eph believes him, but Nora is repulsed by his methods of killing the monsters.

Bolivar, the rock star survivor, finding it difficult to control himself kills two people. Meanwhile, Joan, our attorney survivor has her children taken away by her housekeeper, who’s scared of what she’s seeing Joan turn into. Eph and Setrakian go to the Barbour house where they find Ann Marie hanging, then find Ansel in the garden shed, along with the neighbor, who’s now turned as well. Setrakian kills them both, which Eph records to show the CDC what the disease can do. However, at the CDC, he finds out he’s been framed for the murder of Pilot Redfern and is arrested, but escapes with Jims help.

We now begin the flashbacks and see the history of Setrakian and Eichhorst. A young Setrakian arrives at a concentration camp during the war, which Eichhorst (who looks the same as he does now and is still human) is a guard at. Eichhorst orders Setrakian to carve a large wooden cabinet, which he begins to do. And later that night Setrakian sees a creature feeding on another camp inmate, and later Setrakian’s brother is the next victim of this creature.

Nora later breaks her mother out of a nursing home when Strigoi attack the home, and Vasiliy Fet, a city exterminator comes across a Strigoi living in the sewers when he tracks 100s of strangely behaving rats.

Eph visits his ex-wife, Kelly, who he’s in the middle of a custody battle with for his son, Zach. Kelly’s new boyfriend, Matt contacts the FBI who turn up and arrest Eph. Nora and her mother seek refuse at Setrakian’s pawn shop, where has a secure bunker where he keeps his wife’s still beating heart in a jar. Fet is forced to kill his co-workers after they turn and discovers sunlight also kills the Strigoi. During an eclipse, Eph escapes FBI custody during the chaos of the Strigoi feeding on mass in the streets, something they couldn’t usually do due to the sunlight. Gus and his friend Felix are attacked by a Strigoi and Felix is infected before the two are arrested. Setrakian welcomes Eph to his shop as well where Nora and her mother are also hiding. They gather weapons and supplies before going to get Jim, whose wife has just left him after discovering his involvement in recent events. They decide to use Jim as bait to lure our Eichhorst, who in turn would lead them to the Master. Their plan fails, and although Eichhorst turns up, he gets away.

Joan Luss housekeeper, Neeva, who’s been keeping Joan’s kids safe and away from their mother, is chastised by her daughter for taking the children and insists her mother returns to kids to Joan. Neeva, her daughter and the Luss children return to the Luss household, unaware Joan has just killed her husband. The group are ambushed where Neeva’s daughter is infected. A group of rebel Strigoi led by Mr. Quinlan, break in, kill Joan, Neeva’s daughter and release Neeva and the Luss children.

Eph, Nora, Jim and Setrakian bump into Fet while getting UV lights to fight the Strigoi, and soon are attacked by Strigoi. While hiding in a shop, they bump into Dutch Velders, unaware of her involvement. Setrakian explains how the Master can control the Strigoi, sending them to kill the group. When attacked again, Jim is infected, and begging to be killed before he turns, Fet shoots and kills Jim. The group then escape.

Eph saves his son from an infected Matt when he returns to his ex-wife’s home, but his ex-wife Kelly is nowhere to be seen, unaware Matt attacked Kelly, infecting her. Eph and Nora stay to wait for Kelly, while the others take Zack to safety at the pawn shop. Dutch and Fet go to her apartment, which is overrun with Strigoi so she joins Fet and explains how she was responsible for the internet and telecoms going down, but had no idea why.

Felix, while going to jail, completely turns and attacks the drivers. Gus manages to kill Felix before getting away. When Kelly doesn’t show up, Nora and Eph head back to the pawn shop, but not before getting down and dirty 😉 They ask a friend of Kelly’s to tell them if she turns up.

In another flashback, Setrakian, armed with a knife he stole tries to kill the Master while it. Unaware of the Masters strength, the Master crushes Setrakian’s fingers and escapes. When the camp is attacked by Allied forces, Eichhorst escapes to a bunker in the woods, where the Master infects Eichhorst, turning him to Strigoi.

Dutch explains to others what she did, that it was for Eldritch Palmer, and if she can break into his headquarters for the Stoneheart Group, she may be able to undo her work and being the web and telecoms back up. Fet and Dutch get into the HQ but are seen and captured. Palmer orders his right-hand man Fitzwilliam to kill Fet and Dutch, but instead he lets the two escape as he doubts what his boss now stands for. The pair return to the pawn shop, but Dutch leaves after arguing with Eph. Kelly is summoned by the master and the two meet.

Planning to infiltrate the Masters underground lair, Eph, Nora, Fet and Setrakian leave Zack with Nora’s mother, who has dementia, but locks the pair in the pawn shop for safety, giving Zack the keys.

Gus meanwhile, returned home after escaping custody, found his family infected and killed his brother and landlord, but didn’t kill his infected mother, who he couldn’t bring himself to kill.

Zach, who leaves the pawn shop to get Nora’s mother cigarettes, is attacked by Strigoi in a grocery store, but saved by Gus, who kills the Strigoi.

Eph and the group at searching underground and find a lair full of resting Strigoi. Eph hears Kelly calling for help and runs off to find her, despite Setrakian telling him it’s a trap. Eph finds himself in a large chamber where he finds Strigoi and finally see’s the master. Before he can kill Eph, the rest arrive turning on the UV light bomb, killing some Strigoi, and causing the Master to flee.

Everyone regroups at the pawn shop, including Dutch who’s returned with computers and a plan. To use the Emergency Alert System (when all TV and radio is taken over for emergency broadcasts) to warn the world about the Strigoi. They manage to do it and Eph transmits his message, but only for a few minutes before the signal is blocked.

Gus goes to a former acquaintance, Creem, to acquire weapons, and discovers Creem has been transporting Strigoi. The pair is attacked, but the rebel Strigoi arrives and rescue/kidnap Gus.

Rock star, Bolivar attacks the pawn shop and infects Nora’s mother, forcing Nora to kill her own mother. Eichhorst then storms the pawn shop with an army, causing Setrakian and the group to flee.

During another flashback, we learn Eichhorst infects Setrakian’s wife, who returns to find his wife infected. He kills his wife and keeps her heart.

The Master later keeps his promise to Palmer, and give Palmer immortality by feeding Palmer a fluid from his body.

Eph, Fet and Setrakian realise the Master needs his coffin/cabinet and Fet and Eph set out to retrieve the coffin. They’re led to Bolivars theatre and there they discover the coffin. Before leaving, Fet removes a manhole cover to trap any Strigoi who won’t be able to exit through the cover as it’s now flooded with sunlight. Palmer discovers he’s not immortal but just temporarily cured, and The Master assures him he’ll give him full immortality when his work is complete. Fitzwilliam soon leaves Palmer, completely disillusioned by what his boss is doing.

When CDC Director and Secretary of Health and Human Services tell Palmer they plan to quarantine the city, which would ruin the Masters plans, so Palmer kills Secretary of Human Services and along with Eichhorst, they convince CDC director Everett Barnes to join them.

Fet, Eph, Nora, Setrakian, Dutch and Zack go back to the theatre to attack. They kill a group of Strigoi with dynamite and go after the master who’s protected by Eichhorst and Bolivar. They all fight and manage to drive the Master outside, who’s burned by the sunlight, but escapes again along with Eichhorst. Devastated the sunlight didn’t kill the Master, the group retreat, but stop at Zach’s home so he can get his asthma pump. At the house, Kelly is there, she tries to lure Zach, but Eph shoots and wounds her.

Mr. Quinlan and the rebel Strigoi explain to Gus that the Master is one of an ancient group of original Strigoi who has broken a truce with humans and turned against the others. They recruit a willing Gus to help kill the Master..

Season Two

In 1932, a young Abraham Setrakian’s grandmother tells him the legend of Jusef Sardu, a kind-hearted nobleman afflicted with gigantism. Believing that the blood of a great wolf will cure him, Sardu’s brother and cousins take him on a hunting trip. Seeing a strange creature in the woods, they leave Sardu to investigate. When they fail to return, he follows the party to a nearby cave and finds them slaughtered, with the creature feeding on his brother’s blood. Sardu attempts to kill the vampire, but it overpowers him and possesses his body by infesting it with parasitic worms, as the creature’s former body dies. Sardu returns to the town and begins feeding on the local children. In present day New York, Setrakian goes to Bolivar’s theater to learn where the Master went. He follows a trail of vampire blood and encounters Vaun and his strigoi team. They abduct Setrakian and take him to meet the Ancients. The Ancients, Vaun, and Setrakian strike a deal that once Setrakian finds the Master that he will report his location to them. Setrakian, who keeps his deal with the Ancients a secret, later asks Eph, Nora, and Fet to help him retrieve some items from a storage warehouse. While searching the facility, the group discover a married couple hiding out in a locker. After finding Setrakian’s items, they are ambushed by strigoi. They fight their way out, but the couple are infected. Fet wants to euthanize them before they turn, but Eph wants to use their infected bodies to devise a biological weapon against the strigoi. Meanwhile, the Master, whose body is dying after exposure to sunlight, orders Eichhorst to retrieve blind children who are converted into a new type of strigoi called Feelers, imbued with psychic abilities and used as trackers. By the Master and Eichhorst’s command, the Feelers are given to Kelly, whose memory has been restored. She is tasked with finding her son, Zach, and with leading the Master to Setrakian.

Eichhorst and Bolivar prepare for the Master’s transfer to a new body. Eph and Nora coerce the infected couple into acting as test subjects for their experiment. The vampire biology initially appears to be invulnerable, but they eventually isolate a microbe that destroys vampire brain tissue and start testing the subjects. Dutch and Fet begin clearing their neighborhood of strigoi and end up becoming intimate. Justine Feraldo, city councilwoman for Staten Island, meets with Mayor Lyle and other officials about the vampire crisis. Disgusted with their ineffectual response, she vows to take matters into her own hands. A frustrated Setrakian pores over his old notes and books for clues to defeat his ancient nemesis. He discovers a copy of a page from the Occido Lumen, a legendary tome which may reveal how to kill the Master. He confronts Eldritch Palmer, who is speaking at the opening of his new food distribution center. Setrakian confirms that Palmer does not have the Lumen and makes his escape with Fet’s help, vowing to find the Lumen. In flashbacks to 1965 Vienna, Setrakian meets Palmer for the first time. At Palmer’s suggestion, Setrakian finds Sardu’s sword in an antique shop owned by Draverhaven, a former Nazi doctor. Setrakian chases Draverhaven, losing him but obtaining the cane. Later, a panicked Draverhaven meets an old acquaintance from his Nazi days: Eichhorst, who offers him the opportunity to enter the Master’s service and turns him. Palmer persuades Setrakian to help him search for the Lumen in exchange for an endowed professorship. Kelly fetches Zach’s clothing from her Queens home so her “Feelers” can learn his scent. She orders them to find her son.

The team stop Zach as he attempts to return home to search for his mother. To convince him that Kelly is beyond saving, Eph shows Zach the strigoi test subject at the lab. Following Palmer’s confrontation with Setrakian, the Master assigns Bolivar as extra security for Palmer, who grudgingly accepts. Palmer’s new assistant, Coco Marchand, tells Palmer that she distrusts Eichhorst and Bolivar. Elsewhere, Palmer’s former assistant, Reggie Fitzwilliam, travels to Staten Island and reunites with his brother, Curtis. Councilwoman Feraldo declares Staten Island a vampire-free zone, exhibiting decapitated strigoi to the media to demonstrate her effective tactics. Mayor Lyle wants her to institute the same measures throughout New York City. Setrakian, meanwhile, prepares a concoction using strigoi worms and puts the drops into his eyes. Nora finds him unconscious and revives him; he confesses that his advanced age (94) makes it necessary to use the worm brew to sustain his health and extend his life. Dutch spots a missing person poster for her former roommate, Nikki. She and Fet visit Nikki’s mother, hoping for news, but the mother angrily accuses Dutch of ruining her daughter’s life. Gus and Vaun lead a strigoi assault team to kidnap Palmer; however, Palmer activates an anti-strigoi UV device in his office, forcing Gus to flee while Vaun and his strigoi team are burned alive. Eph and Nora perfect their anti-strigoi bio-weapon. The neuro-toxin kills one subject too quickly, however, making it ineffective for infecting other strigoi; a weaker dose appears promising, and they decide to field-test it by releasing the surviving test subject. Eph angrily vows to the Master, who is watching through the test subject, that he will kill both Zach and himself before allowing the Master to turn them.

A short, black and white film introduces the Silver Angel, a famous luchador who once starred in a series of low-budget Mexican adventure movies until a crippling injury ended his career. In a flashback to 1966, Setrakian informs Palmer that he has traced the Occido Lumen to an Austrian nunnery. They arrive and discover the occupants are now vampires; a lone survivor, a young boy named Rudyard, tells them that the Mother Superior destroyed the Occido Lumen, believing it was evil. While Setrakian briefly leaves to battle strigoi, Eichhorst arrives and introduces himself to Palmer. It is implied that Eichhorst offers Palmer immortality, as Palmer immediately dissolves his and Setrakian’s alliance when he returns. In the present day, Palmer convenes a meeting of the world’s top financial leaders under the ruse of restoring financial stability to New York City; he has actually set them up to be slaughtered by strigoi under Bolivar’s command, resulting in global financial markets going into free fall. Having escaped the Stoneheart building, Gus returns to his apartment where the Master taunts him by possessing his strigoi mother. Shaken, he goes to a restaurant for solace, but has a confrontation with the dishwasher after flirting with the owners’ daughter, Aanya; Gus later recognizes the man as the former Silver Angel, who he idolized as a child. Setrakian and Dutch travel to Staten Island seeking Fitzwilliam’s help in fighting Palmer, but he declines. Eph and Nora field-test their bio-weapon and get confirmation that it works when the Master forces infected strigoi to commit suicide to prevent them spreading the disease. Working alone, Fet blows up the Red Hook subway tunnel to block vampires from entering through it; he is captured by one of Feraldo’s vigilante goon squads and viciously beaten. Kelly and her Feelers close in on Zach.

NYC increases its efforts to battle the strigoi as frantic citizens attempt to evacuate the city. Meanwhile, Kelly and her Feelers continue searching for Zach. Leaving Zach in Nora’s care, Eph, disguised and using a false I.D., travels to Washington, D.C. to inform a government-connected colleague about the anti-strigoi bioweapon that he and Nora developed, hoping to begin mass-producing it. Nora and Dutch meet with Councilwoman Feraldo to negotiate Fet’s release from custody in exchange for Nora teaching Feraldo’s medical personnel how to quickly diagnose the strigoi infection. She euthanizes Feraldo’s infected nephew when Feraldo is unable to do it. Setrakian visits Alonso Creem, wanting to hire him to search for the Occido Lumen. Fet and Dutch accompany Feraldo’s police squad to clear a strigoi-infested building, teaching them their vampire-hunting techniques and killing a Feeler. Fitzwilliam finds Setrakian and says he is ready to help fight Palmer. While on the train to Washington, Eph encounters his former boss, Everett Barnes, who intends to have Eph arrested. During the ensuing altercation, Eph throws Barnes off the moving train and ultimately arrives in Washington without being caught. Cardinal McNamara interrupts Palmer and Marchand’s romantic dinner to inform Palmer that a “certain item” Palmer is looking for may reappear soon. An unknown strigoi arrives on a private jet that has breached New Jersey’s restricted airspace. Before authorities can detain him, he leaves the airport and is picked up by a car.

In Washington, D.C., Eph learns that the Federal government is slowly disintegrating, as Congress prepares to impeach the president for failing to halt the strigoi outbreak. Eph’s old friend, Rob Bradley, introduces Eph to a National Guard contact who promises to help. Bradley also arranges for Eph to meet Leigh Thomas, a representative for Kemerall, a pharmaceutical company. Leigh convinces Kemerall to consider mass-producing Eph and Nora’s anti-strigoi bioweapon; later, Leigh and Eph celebrate, then spend the night together. Fitzwilliam shares what he knows about Palmer’s plans with Setrakian and Fet. The unnamed strigoi who arrived in New Jersey meets with the Ancients and criticizes them for failing to destroy the Master long ago; he agrees to help stop the Master, but for personal reasons. Gus and Angel escort Aanya on a food delivery run, during which they are attacked by strigoi. Gus kills the strigoi with Angel’s help. Nora and Zach are ambushed by Kelly and her Feelers. Taking refuge in a church, the duo evade them until Setrakian, Fet, and Fitzwilliam arrive. The group drives off Kelly and kills the Feelers but not before one stings Fitzwilliam. Setrakian kills him to prevent his turning. After Leigh learns that Kemerall is reviewing the bioweapon on a fast-track basis, she and Eph go to Rob’s house to tell him, but discover his body, the victim of a Stoneheart assassin sent to eliminate Eph. The assassin kills Leigh and wounds Eph, but Eph fatally shoots him and flees. Eichhorst is shocked and dismayed when the Master transfers his essence into Bolivar’s body rather than his. The Master then demands that Eichhorst swear fealty to him in his new form.

Fet and Dutch return to Dutch’s apartment where they discover Nikki, Dutch’s former roommate, hiding. Dutch brings her back to their hideout, fueling Fet’s jealousy and anger over Dutch and Nikki’s ambiguous relationship. Based on Fitzwilliam’s information, Fet and Setrakian investigate an abandoned factory owned by Palmer and discover the Feelers’ nursery. When Feelers attack, the mysterious strigoi arrives and slaughters them. He introduces himself to Fet and Setrakian as Quinlan, and says he is hunting the Master. Flashbacks reveal Quinlan’s history as a millennia-old human-vampire hybrid who was a feared and vicious gladiator in Roman times. In the present day, Setrakian and Quinlan confront the Master, who is nesting in the factory, and also Eichhorst. When Fet dynamites the building, the Master escapes in the explosion. Quinlan angrily blames Setrakian and Fet for thwarting his opportunity to destroy the Master, then warns them to abandon the hunt to him. Coco Marchand entices Palmer into bed. Drinking heavily, a wounded and dejected Eph returns from Washington, learning that Zach barely escaped Kelly’s clutches. Eph tells Nora that Eldritch Palmer is behind the Master’s plan, and later vows to Fet that he plans to kill Palmer.

Eichhorst teaches Kelly how to disguise herself as a human using cosmetics, prosthetics, and a wig. Eph and Zach visit Jimmy Wu, a black market dealer that Fet knows, to buy a sniper rifle with which to assassinate Palmer. Wu has been shot, and Eph performs emergency surgery to save Wu’s life. In return, Wu’s daughter gives Eph a rifle. Eph tells Nora about what happened while he was in Washington, D.C. Dutch helps Nikki, who was uncomfortable with the living arrangements, find a safe place to stay. Elsewhere, Cardinal McNamara engages Palmer and Setrakian in a bidding war for the Occido Lumen. Realizing this, Setrakian decides to steal the Lumen before Palmer can buy it, but Eichhorst reaches McNamara first. When McNamara refuses to reveal who is the tome’s owner, Eichhorst infects him, taunting him that once fully turned, the Master can read his mind to locate the Lumen. Setrakian and Fet arrive and drive off Eichhorst. McNamara tells Setrakian that Rudyard Fonescu, the sole survivor of the 1966 massacre in the Austrian nunnery, is the Lumens owner. Setrakian kills McNamara to prevent his turning. Meanwhile, Marchand and Palmer argue over his secretiveness regarding Eichhorst. Gus and Angel, on a supply run for the Guptas’ restaurant, find the warehouse destroyed. They persuade the Guptas to abandon their restaurant and leave the city. While kissing Aanya, Gus is interrupted by Quinlan. He tells Gus he must leave Aanya for her own safety, and recruits him to help hunt the Master. The now human-looking Kelly and several Feelers breach Red Hook’s quarantine and track Zach to Fet’s hideout. Kelly convinces Zach to let her enter, but Eph and Nora kill the Feelers and fight Kelly off; in the process, Kelly’s mask is damaged, revealing her strigoi appearance underneath to Zach.

After Kelly’s incursion, Setrakian suspects another strigoi attack is imminent; he and Eph are rebuffed when they attempt to warn Councilwoman Feraldo and her team. Fet and Nora stop by Nikki’s new place and suggest that Dutch and Niki join Setrakian’s group for protection, but they decline. Eichhorst and Kelly lead a small party of strigoi across the river from Manhattan and enter a power station, shutting down the power grids. Without UV lamps protecting Red Hook’s border, a massive strigoi army invades. Mayor Lyle flees, leaving Feraldo in charge. She initially panics at the hopeless situation, but quickly collects herself and rallies the Red Hook citizens, calling on them to fight in the street to defend their homes. Dutch and Nikki have a vicious argument about their contentious relationship, which culminates in a passionate encounter. Later, Dutch joins the street battle and is nearly stung when Niki arrives and kills the attacking vampire. Fet and Nora restore all the electrical power, causing the UV lamps to annihilate the strigoi army. Kelly makes another attempt to kidnap Zach, but Fet fends her off. Meanwhile, Eichhorst goes to Fet’s hideout to settle his and Setrakian’s old feud. Setrakian, waiting, is attacked, but Eph intervenes and Eichhorst pursues him instead. He traps Eph on a rooftop, about to turn him, when Setrakian outflanks his old foe, driving him off with silver bullets. The next morning, Feraldo makes a triumphant victory speech to Red Hook citizens, declaring the battle a turning point in the war against the strigoi plague.

Eph and Dutch spy on Palmer to determine an ideal time and place to assassinate him. Searching for Rudyard Fonescu, who possesses the Occido Lumen, Setrakian, Fet, and Nora work to track down every “R. Fonescu” in New York City. Palmer, hoping to reconcile with Marchand, convinces her to return to his employ. Councilwoman Feraldo demands that the Upper East Side’s wealthy residents pay a parcel tax in exchange for her protection, angering Mayor Lyle and his rich supporters. Eph and Dutch, learning that Palmer is appearing at a press conference, seize the opportunity to shoot him, but Eph botches his shot and hits Marchand instead, critically wounding her. He and Dutch are arrested, but Dutch is inexplicably taken away from police custody. Palmer threatens Eichhorst, demanding that the Master heal Marchand or else he will dissolve their partnership. He later confronts Eph face-to-face at the jail to show that he is still alive. The Master revives Marchand, and Palmer confesses his involvement with the Master to her. A strigoi mob attacks the police station, slaughtering most of the officers; Fet and Nora arrive in time to rescue Eph. The cop whose partner took Dutch away tells them she is at the Mayfield Hotel. Setrakian tracks down the last R. Fonescu on the list and finds the Lumen hidden in the man’s room, but an unknown assailant knocks him out and takes the book. Finally, Dutch finds herself chained inside Eichhorst’s dungeon.

Eichhorst tortures Dutch, forcing her to eat pineapple to season her blood before feeding on her. Flashbacks depict Eichhorst’s history as an unsuccessful door-to-door radio salesman in 1930s Germany. While on a dinner date with Helga, a pretty coworker, he is captivated by a Nazi recruiting speech. Afterwards, he rails against the Jews to Helga, who reveals she is Jewish and rejects him. Four years later, Eichhorst has risen to the rank of Obersturmführer in the SS, attaining the status and power he had craved. He is summoned by his superiors to explain his past relationship with Helga, who has been arrested and claims to know him. He lies and says she was merely a former office co-worker who was suspected of stealing money. Shortly after, Eichhorst comes upon her and several other Jews’ bodies hung in a public area. He feigns indifference as his superior watches him, but after turning and walking away, he is visibly shaken. In the present day, Dutch fends off Eichhorst’s attack using mace, frees herself, and attempts to escape down a dead-end stairwell but is quickly subdued. Eph, Nora, and Fet break into Eichhorst’s secret lair at the Mayfield Hotel, and, hearing Dutch’s screams, blast their way through a brick wall and rescue her as Eichhorst escapes. Meanwhile Gus and Aanya become intimate. After Gus and Angel help the Guptas pass a security checkpoint and leave New York City, they join Quinlan’s associate, Eve. Setrakian regains consciousness and finds himself bound to a chair by Rudyard Fonescu. He pleads with Fonescu to release him and give or sell him the Occido Lumen to save humanity; Fonescu abandons him to meet with Alonso Creem, intending to sell him the Lumen.

Flashbacks depict Eph and Nora’s first meeting at a medical conference and the beginning of their romantic relationship. In the present day, Zach’s grandparents have been located in Georgia and Eph and Nora make plans to take him there. Eph confesses he still loves Nora, but she is unresponsive and walks away. Dutch ends her relationship with Fet, choosing to reconcile with Nikki; however, Nikki is leaving the city, saying that Dutch has found her true passion in fighting the strigoi and she cannot take part in that. Gus and Angel break Gus’s former fellow-inmates out of Rikers Island prison and recruit them as soldiers for Quinlan. Setrakian meets with Alonso Creem, who schedules a final auction for the Occido Lumen between Setrakian and Palmer. Quinlan tells Setrakian the Ancients will agree to financially back him to obtain the book. In return, Setrakian must hand over the Lumen to the Ancients after he examines it. Eichhorst demands that Palmer give him unlimited financial control at the auction. When Palmer balks, Eichhorst reveals that Palmer will soon die without another dose of the Master’s rejuvenating white essence, and Palmer grudgingly accedes. A furious Mayor Lyle threatens to indict Feraldo for extorting money from the Upper East Side’s wealthy residents; however, he is promptly killed under suspicious circumstances, making Feraldo a potential suspect. In the aftermath, Palmer offers Feraldo his political support, and the New York city council appoints her as the city’s new special director of security. Feraldo vows to combat the strigoi menace by any means necessary, and agrees to help Eph and Nora mass-produce their anti-strigoi bioweapon. Quinlan orders Gus to kill Setrakian and take the Lumen if Setrakian refuses to surrender it to the Ancients.

Eichhorst inspects the “animal processing” facility being built and is pleased with its progress. At the auction, Setrakian and Eichhorst bid against each other for the Occido Lumen. Initially Eichhorst wins, but Palmer double-crosses Eichhorst by freezing his gold funds at the last minute, allowing Setrakian to obtain the book. While returning in the van with the Lumen, Setrakian and Fet are ambushed by Eichhorst and his vampire army. Quinlan and Gus arrive with their own army and battle the vampires, forcing Eichhorst to flee. Setrakian and Fet get away through a pre-planned escape route by way of the rain sewer but are intercepted by Gus, Quinlan, and Angel at the other end. Setrakian convinces Quinlan that the Lumen can be used as bait to lure and kill the Master. In retaliation for Palmer’s betrayal, the Master kills Coco Marchand as Palmer helplessly watches. As Setrakian did with his wife, Palmer removes Marchand’s worm-infested heart as a keepsake. Meanwhile Eph, Nora, and Zach board the last train allowed to leave New York to deliver Zach to his grandparents in Georgia. Eph and Nora will then travel to Washington, D.C. to build the vampire bioweapon. They unknowingly are sitting next to Rudyard Fonescu, who sold the Occido Lumen to Creem. Vampires derail the train as it moves through the tunnel. Nora and Zach, separated from Eph, escape into an adjoining subway tunnel. Kelly appears and infects Nora, after which Kelly takes Zach away with her. Eph finds Nora, and, making peace with him, she then touches her sword to the third rail, electrocuting herself. Meanwhile, Fet, Setrakian, Quinlan, Gus, and Angel escape in a stolen tug boat.

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Season Three

After Nora’s death and Zach’s kidnapping, Eph is spiraling out of control and drinking more heavily. He continues working on the anti-strigoi bioweapon for Feraldo, who informs him that its fatality rate has dropped from 100% to 75%. Fet assists Navy SEALs to eliminate vampire nests and search for the Master; however, Eichhorst lures the SEALS into a trap and the Master kills nearly the entire team. Setrakian, assisted by Mr. Quinlan, continues translating the Occido Lumen. Gus has his turned mother chained in their apartment, feeding her his own blood to sustain her. Kelly, accompanied by her surviving “feelers,” goes to her and Eph’s home in Queens, where Eph has been hiding out, hoping Zach will return. Kelly offers Zach in exchange for the Occido Lumen.

After the Navy SEALS leave New York, Fet has a one-night stand with a woman named Kate. Eph rejoins Fet and Setrakian, who are pleased to see him; however, Quinlan suspects Eph has ulterior motives. As Palmer’s health deteriorates, he has his researchers attempt to process the “white”, the Master’s rejuvenating essence. When they fail, he meets with Setrakian and offers to abandon the Master in exchange for Setrakian’s knowledge of the “white.” Setrakian refuses, but later tells Fet they may be able to use Palmer’s desperation to manipulate him. Eichhorst tells Palmer to influence Justine Feraldo to funneling more victims into the Freedom Centers. Meanwhile, Dutch has fallen in with her old hacker friends who abandon her during a strigoi attack. After confronting them, she leaves. As Zach attempts to escape the Master’s confines, he glimpses Kelly feeding, then, panicked, suffers an asthma attack. The Master heals him with the “white.” Quinlan catches Eph attempting to steal the Occido Lumen. Quinlan proposes teaming up to lure the Master with the Lumen so that Quinlan can kill him and Eph can rescue Zach. Flashbacks depict Quinlan’s past where an older woman discovered him in a Roman camp. Intrigued by his strangeness, she tells him he will “complete the prophecy”. Quinlan tells Eph that the Master is his “father,” but that he was conceived by humans. The Master infected his mother while she was pregnant, making Quinlan half-human, half strigoi. Quilan says that killing the Master will result in his own death. Angel discovers Gus is hiding his turned mother. When police “sweepers” are inspecting the building, they attempt to conceal her but are captured and conscripted to fight strigoi. Fet and Setrakian chase Eph and Quinlan to recover the Occido Lumen, tracking them with the GPS device tht Fet hid inside the tome. Eph demands that the Master meet with him to exchange Zach for the Lumen. During the exchange, Kelly tries tricking Eph by disguising one of her “feelers” as Zach. She is severely burned by the Lumens silver cover when she attempts to take it. Fet and Setrakian arrive and destroy the turned Navy SEALS that are aiding the Master. Quinlan beheads the Master, but a larger than normal strigoi worm crawls from the corpse and escapes down a rain sewer. Eph and the others have the Lumen, but appear to have lost Quinlan.

During a taped interview, a TV reporter claims the police are forcing conscripted chain gangs to fight the strigoi. Feraldo denies the accusations, but later does nothing to stop it after learning it is true and that few prisoners survive. Eph treats Quinlan’s gunshot wounds and he recovers, though Quinlan had expected to die after killing the Master. The ancients later tell Quinlan that the Master was not truly destroyed, as the crimson worm containing the Master’s essence survived. Frustrated with the ancients, Quinlan severs ties with them. Police force Gus and Angel to lead a “sweep team” through a strigoi-infested tunnel; only they and one other survive. Gus realizes the strigoi’s actions no longer seem coordinated. Setrakian and Fet eject Eph from their premises after he reveals he helped steal the Lumen to exchange it for Zach. Eichhorst strikes back by sending turned Feraldo-workers to their former base of operations with C4 explosives implanted inside their bodies. The explosions blow the worms everywhere, infecting many staff and killing others. Fet barely prevents Feraldo from being infected. Dutch returns to Fet’s place and stays with Eph, resulting in them drinking heavily together. When they go out at night, they encounter a strigoi controlled through the Master announcing he is still alive. Feraldo orders her police to confiscate the TV reporter’s computers and video footage of Feraldo’s interview, then has the woman arrested.

Many world cities have been infected as strigoi numbers grow exponentially. Eph and Dutch have been capturing strigoi for Eph’s biological experiments. Elsewhere, Fet implants two strigoi with GPS trackers and follows their movements. Setrakian and Quinlan continue studying the Lumen. Quinlan compares Setrakian to historical strigoi hunters whose obsessions bordered on madness. Setrakian notes the same regarding Quinlan. Eldritch Palmer, in rapidly declining health, meets Eichhorst’s new associate, Sanjay Desai. Eichhorst inquires about a cargo shipment from Egypt that he tasked Palmer with arranging and is pleased it is on schedule. While performing a necropsy on a strigoi, Eph identifies the parasite and discovers that microwaves affect the creature’s crude central nervous system and aids their collective communication ability. Justine Feraldo and Captain Frank Kowalski are dismayed that strigoi have infiltrated previously secured areas of Manhattan. Underground, Fet comes upon strigoi digging tunnels for their brethren to enter the city through Central Park. He also discovers a massive strigoi nest. In a flashback scene set in 1972, Setrakian poses as a seller of a fake Occido Lumen to lure and entrap Eichhorst. Instead he encounters Dr. Draverhaven, the sadistic Nazi doctor turned sentient strigoi. Setrakian overpowers the doctor and dismembers him, eventually dumping him alive into the North Sea, trapped inside a steamer trunk. In the present, Setrakian discovers the information he needs is watermark text hidden within the Lumen’s pages: the Master can be defeated by containing him in a silver-lined sarcophagus. Setrakian enlists Palmer’s help, offering a dose of the “white” in exchange for him learning the identity of the Master’s new host body and his whereabouts. Further testing by Eph and Dutch reveals the strigoi can quickly adapt to the microwave interference.

As part of an all-out assault to reclaim Central Park, Feraldo sends Fet and NYPD captain Kate Rodgers on a dangerous mission to wipe out the strigoi nest under the park. Kate turns out to be the woman Fet had recently spent the night with. Eichhorst and Kelly give Zach a Feeler to act as his personal companion and protector. Eph and Dutch go to Central Park to gather more data on strigoi communication. While being forced to clear out tunnels, Gus and Angel escape the sweep team, running into Fet and Kate. Gus joins them while Angel leaves to take, Maria, another conscripted fighter, to safety. Kelly moves Zach to a new location, but he leaves a message behind for Eph. Fet, Gus, and Kate successfully destroy the strigoi nest. However, a massive strigoi counterattack overwhelms the NYPD’s checkpoints, revealing that the nest was a decoy to lure police into the open, forcing Ferraldo to order an immediate withdrawal. Eph finds and searches Zach’s vacated room. Eichhorst arrives and taunts him, and in the ensuing confrontation, Dutch severs Eichhorst’s hand, forcing his retreat. Feraldo orders a full withdrawal as strigoi overrun Central Park.

Fet and Setrakian travel to a Brooklyn pawnshop to gather silver for building a sarcophagus to imprison the Master in. Along the way, they stop at Fet’s parents’ apartment and find they have committed suicide after being infected. Flashbacks depict Fet’s grandfather, a WWII Ukrainian soldier being captured by the Nazis and coerced into executing Jewish prisoners in exchange for better treatment. Years later, he committed suicide over his Nazi collaboration. During their study of strigoi communication, Eph and Dutch isolate a signal they believe is the Master’s voice. They and Quinlan leave the safe zone and travel to JFK Airport to retrieve the black box from the airplane the Master flew to America in. They hope to get a pure sample of his voice to compare with their signal. A dying Palmer and his security team board the ship, Aurora Cutlass, in search of its mysterious cargo from Egypt. They find the crew dead and the cargo hold empty. In exchange for his promise to track down the Cutlass’s cargo, Setrakian gives Palmer a single dose of the “white,” which revives him.

Eichhorst inspects the processing plant for harvesting human blood. He is displeased that Sanjay Desai and his assistant have tested the system with human analogs rather than live subjects; Eichhort brutally tests the system on the assistant, killing him in the process. At the Elizade apartment, Gus’ turned mother returns and attempts to attack Angel, forcing Gus to shoot her. Flashbacks depict how Gus’ maternal uncles made his abusive father “disappear”; in the present day, Gus and Angel decide to leave New York. With a rejuvenated Eldritch Palmer’s assistance, Setrakian and Fet gain access to the Freedom Center where they interrogate the Aurora Cutlass ship agent. He admits the Egyptian cargo was taken to the processing center; Palmer tells them that over a hundred such blood plants are being built in North America. Fet and Setrakian invade the processing center, but Eichhorst, Desai, and their subordinates escape with the cargo. While listening to the black box recording of the Master’s paralyzing signal, Dutch collapses. Eph revives her and, later, the two become intimate. During a meeting to form a new alliance, Quinlan and the Ancients are ambushed by Eichhorst and a strigoi army. As Quinlan fights to escape, Eichhorst detonates a bomb that destroys the Ancients’ hideout.

A flashback to the early 1960s depicts Palmer seeking a position within his estranged wealthy father’s corporation. Mr. O’Neil refuses to hire his illegitimate son and instead writes Palmer a $10,000 check to sever their ties. Bitter and dejected, Palmer invests the money to begin building his own corporation, naming it Stoneheart as a nod to his uncaring, cold-hearted father. In the present, the NYPD leave New York; a few captains stay behind with Justine Feraldo. Fet goes to warn Eph and Dutch that the police have left and the city will fall within two days. Dutch and Eph opt to stay and continue working on their invention. The device works, disrupting attacking strigois’ communication ability and rendering them inert. Gus and Angel come to the aid of Feraldo, Captain Kowalski, and the remaining NYPD captains as strigoi attack their vehicle in the street. All are killed except Gus, who escapes to safety. Quinlan has survived Eichhorst’s attack on the Ancients and regroups with Setrakian and Fet. Eph and Dutch have brought the device, claiming it will incapacitate the Master. Fet, however, wants Eph to leave. Meanwhile, Palmer and his security team locate the Aurora Cutlass cargo and capture Sanjay Desai. The crate contains a nuclear bomb, one of two that Eichhorst had smuggled from Russia by way of Egypt. Eichorst used one bomb to destroy the ancients. Palmer confiscates the remaining weapon and lures Eichhorst into a trap where he and his team brutally shoot him. Severely wounded, Eichhorst leaps down the elevator shaft, his fate unknown. With limited time before the Master learns what happened, Palmer must immediately meet with Setrakian.

Palmer and Setrakian devise a plan to lure the Master to Stoneheart headquarters so that Eph, Fet, Dutch, Setrakian, and Quinlan can entrap him in the silver-lined sarcophagus. However, the Master, who has taken a new body, ambushes Palmer and transfers his essence into him, gaining Palmer’s memories. The Master retrieves the remaining nuclear bomb from Palmer’s vault and revives the mortally wounded Eichhorst. The latter leaves to plant the bomb in the Statue of Liberty, giving Kelly the detonator that is later taken by Zach. Eph and Setrakian meet with Palmer but quickly realize it is the Master and battle him. Dutch activates the strigoi disruption device, crippling the Master; Quinlan, Fet, Eph, and Setrakian seal the Master into the silver-lined sarcophagus. Eph, slightly wounded, stays behind to treat himself, as the others take the sarcophagus to dump it into the Atlantic. Kelly, accompanied by Zach, enters Palmer’s office and attacks Eph, forcing him to kill her in self-defense. Enraged over his mother’s death, Zach vengefully detonates the bomb. The explosion’s shockwave frees the Master from the sarcophagus, and the resulting nuclear debris obscures the sun, allowing the strigoi to walk freely in daylight. Eichhorst leaves with Zach, while Setrakian’s group is forced underground to avoid nuclear fallout and rampaging strigoi. Outside amid the chaos, Eph searches for Zach.

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