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Channel Zero – Season 1 Recap & Season 2 Teaser ;)

Channel Zero‘s second season is due to arrive on SyFy soon (no airdate confirmed yet). As an anthology series, it’ll be a different story to the terrifying Candle Cove of season 1, but we thought we’d still recap season before season 2.

Season 2 by the way is called The No-End House, and SyFy tell us “A young woman named Margot Sleator (Amy Forsyth) visits the No-End House, a bizarre house of horrors that consists of a series of increasingly disturbing rooms. When she returns home, Margot realizes everything has changed.”

Check out the season 2 trailer below:

Season 1: Candle Cove

11 Oct 16   You Have to Go Inside
Mike Painter is a child psychologist who seems to struggle more with memories of his own childhood than his clients do with theirs. And there’s plenty to struggle with: when he was a child he lost his twin brother, along with four other of his neighbors, to the Iron Hill Murders, and his father had split long before. After a harrowing dream, Mike decides to visit his family, or what’s left of it, in the countryside of Iron Hill, Ohio. After a talk with his estranged mother Marla, it soon becomes clear that Mike is really just interested in solving the unsolved murders, and avenging his brother’s death.

So he makes the first logical stop: the sheriff’s department. Mike knows Gary from way back and he’s now been elected sheriff, and Mike is hoping his old buddy can help him get access to those Iron Hill Murders files. Sheriff Gary will abide only if Mike comes to dinner that night, and casually psychoanalyze his kid for him. At dinner, Mike runs into Katie, one of Gary’s kids, who’s watching something strange on the television. A show called “Candle Cove,” filled with nightmarish characters that used to haunt kids’ dreams. But that show only lasted two months, and was discontinued…back in 1988. Exactly when the murders happened.

Mike gets the willies and has to go home (a little drunk) back to his mom’s house. Marla is woken up by his entrance, as well as the television that inexplicably turns on and starts playing…Candle Cove! Mike has more nightmares, and even sleep walks. The next morning when Katie’s mom Jessica goes to wake her up, she’s not there. With Mike’s help, Jessica organizes a small search party for her daughter, and together with the law they comb the woods. The same woods in which Mike and his twin would traipse about as kids. When confronted by the cops, Mike can’t account for the hours after he left dinner and when he got home to Marla’s house at 3a.m.— and Jessica is understandably suspicious. Mike thinks the show coming back on the air has something to do with Katie’s disappearance. Okay. And on top of that, we learn that Mike actually checked himself into a psychiatric ward after attempting suicide. So, this is a pretty tough time for him.

Mike breaks away from the pack and asks Katie’s brother Dave if he knows where Katie is. He tells Mike that Katie’s at the Crow’s Nest. This means something to Mike. When Mike plunges deeper into the woods, this time armed with a blade, he comes upon a man dressed like a caped skeleton (it’s not even Halloween yet) with a bony mask on. Mike chases him through the forest until he comes upon the place where all those children were murdered, and he finds Katie. Alive.

18 Oct 16   I’ll Hold Your Hand
It’s the middle of the night, and Dave screaming awakens Jessica and Gary. Dang it, Dave! Katie has apparently stabbed her brother Dave with a hook…a hook similar to the one the mysterious skeleton figure used to scare Mike and his brother Eddie with way back when. After a frantic, pleading call from Jessica, Mike returns to Iron Hill (again) to solve the mystery (again).

Mike shows up at the hospital at which Dave and Katie are convalescing, much to Gary’s chagrin — the good doctor is giving the sheriff the willies. Outside Katie’s room, Mike finds hung up on the hallway wall a drawing she drew in crayon. But it’s no ordinary drawing. It’s a drawing of what’s known in the Candle Cove mythology as Bravery Cave. Creepy kid. Mike takes Katie’s drawing and pores over it at Marla’s house. Marla’s been out all day trying to uncover the mystery of why Candle Cove is airing after all these years. She visits the town’s public broadcast studio, where the biggest Candle Cove geek shows her his homemade fan videos. He doesn’t have any recordings of Candle Cove because…they don’t exist. Something in the frequency rendered the broadcast un-recordable. That’s some advanced copyright infringement technology.

When Marla arrives home, she sees Katie’s picture and knows exactly where it is: the old cement factory Eddie and Mike were forbidden to play in as children. Marla and Mike make their way out to the old cement factory, now defunct, when Mike sees the faint image of a person wandering around the plant confines. Who is it? Looks a lot like his dead twin brother. Mike tells Marla to hang back while he goes in alone. After being led around darkened hallways and up stairs by what appears to be his brother’s ghost, Mike comes upon something a little unsettling: a skeleton surrounded by candles. The cops swoop onto the scene, but it’ll be a little while before they’ll be able to match the DNA of the skeleton to Eddie’s (if it’s even his).

Distraught, Mike meets Marla at the kitchen table for some late night confessions — as you do after an emotionally fraught day. He tells her that it was he who killed his brother with the fishhook. It was he who buried his bodied in the woods. But it wasn’t he who moved his body before the police could find it. That was someone else. Marla can’t stand to hear this, so she cuts Mike with a carving knife, and breaks away from his grasp. The next morning, Sheriff Gary arrives at Marla’s home, and he cordially invites Mike to a trip down to the station in the back of his SUV. To discuss matters of murder. But shortly into the ride, Mike realizes that the sheriff missed the turn into town, and that he’s now driving to…wait, where is he driving to?

25 Oct 16   Want to See Something Cool?
When we left off, Sheriff Gary had taken Mike into custody without a warrant for his arrest. Rather than booking him in jail, Gary takes the good doctor to a house that he and Jessica wanted to buy — Jessica was the real estate agent for it. But they eventually lost it to a moneybags fat cat from Cleveland. The house has since been abandoned, so it’s a perfect spot to apply some force to Mike through illegal interrogation. Gary has bound Mike’s hands and detained him in a chair when Tim and Daphne show up. Tim lost his brother Gene in the Iron Hill murders, and Daphne lost her cousin. All three of them think that Mike and the Painters know more about the murders than they’re letting on — especially after Mike admitted to killing his brother. It’s a slippery can of worms.

Marla, feeling guilty that she turned her son in, goes to look for him at the jail. Amy tells her that he’s not there, so the two of them go on a manhunt for Mike and Gary. Marla ropes Jessica in on the expedition, and when the two are brainstorming where Gary might have taken him, Jessica confides in Marla that she and Mike had been emailing and texting each other pretty frequently. See, ever since she and Gary lost the house, Gary’s been a wreck. Wait, that’s it. Jessica realizes that Gary took Mike to the house!

Back at the makeshift torture cell, Mike has given his captors a little more information. Apparently, Candle Cove had such an influence over Eddie that he started killing those other kids. He killed Gene the bully through telekinesis — he made Gene walk over a cliff. He killed the other kids as well. And after four murders, Mike knew he had to do something to stop it. So he killed his brother. Tim thinks this is all a bunch of malarkey, so he draws a gun on Mike to try and get the “truth.” Gary attempts to wrestle it out of his hands, but the gun goes off and shoots Mike in the shoulder. At that very moment, Marla, Jessica and Amy arrive at the scene. Tim and Daphne scurry away, and Amy disarms Gary. He’s in big trouble.

Later that night, Daphne pays a visit to the teacher Mrs. Booth, who lost her son to the Iron Hill murders as well. Mrs. Booth, if you remember, is also the woman who feeds The Tooth Child teeth. So, she’s totally normal in the head. When Daphne tells Mrs. Booth of the botched plan to extract information from Mike, Mrs. Booth kills Daphne with the hook. Wait, what? You read that right. Mrs. Booth kills Daphne with the hook. She then proceeds to bring hot chocolate for a group of school children she’s got over at her house to watch Candle Cove. Wait, what? You read that right, too. Mrs. Booth has kids over to watch Candle Cove. These are the same kids who killed Tim as he walked home in the woods. Mrs. Booth helped them hide the body. The night gets even weirder when, back at Marla’s house, an unexpected guest pays Mike a visit: his daughter Lily. She must have walked all the way from Westchester just to see him. She definitely got her steps in that day.

01 Nov 16   A Strange Vessel
Incredibly, Lily has walked all the way to grandmother’s house, and neither Mike nor his wife (who left Lily with her sister) knows why…or how. When pressed for answers, Lily references Candle Cove. She finds a pirate doll — creepy — that Eddie made as a kid and hid in the family piano. When her dad asks her how she found it, Lily evades the question, and says she’s not Lily. Even creepier. Then where’s Lily? What’s she doing? The strange girl answers, “She’s dreaming this.” Creepiest. Then who are you, strange girl? “Eddie.”Eddie-inside-Lily tells Mike how he can send him where he belongs. Whatever he must do, it won’t be easy. Creepy checkmate.

Meanwhile, acting-sheriff Amy is on the hunt to investigate a group of middle school kids who’ve been making a ruckus in town (stabbing dolls, acting like zombies, the usual). She speaks with the Principal of the school, who directs her to Mrs. Booth’s class, where all the kids she’s looking for are. But Mrs. Booth has sent the very same kids to the Principal’s office. Either there’s some screw up with communication, or Mrs. Booth is hiding something from Amy. It’s the latter. See, Mrs. Booth’s son Jacob was one of Eddie Painter’s victims way back when, and she’s had a taste for vengeance ever since Mike Painter returned. When Amy finds the kids, they’re playing pirates in the school gymnasium after school…without adult supervision!

Jessica helps Mike follow through with his brother’s wishes, which will send him back to whatever next life he’s visiting from. First, she needs to get him access to the morgue where Eddie’s skeleton is chilling. She uses Gary’s keys for that. Then together, they inter the skeleton in a funeral pyre in the backyard, and light that bunch of bones up. This alliance would seem a little incredible were Jessica and Mike not middle school sweethearts, back in the day when Eddie started his murderous rampage. These two got a lot of chemistry.

Speaking of chemistry, standing Sheriff Amy has just wrapped up a coital encounter with one of her deputies when she’s jolted awake by her conscience. She has a weird feeling about Mrs. Booth, and decides, even though she has no warrant, to poke around the teacher’s home. When she arrives, Booth isn’t there, so she ventures into the basement. There, Amy finds a few Candle Cove dolls, some bric-a-bracs, and, oh yeah, Daphne’s dead body oozing blood being lapped up by a vampire cat. That’s some body of proof.

And when Jessica returns home from her funereal fun with Mike, she’s surprised by not one but a whole gang of masked middle-school intruders. They’re brandishing weapons: knives, the fishhook, elastic bands, etc. When Jessica tries to extricate herself from the ambush, the killer kids each take turns stabbing her — at least they learned how to share — until escape is impossible. Who’s there to watch this whole melee go down but Mrs. Booth herself, beaming with pride at how well her students follow directions. And back at Marla’s, Eddie has been seemingly banished from Lily’s body, allowing the young girl to reclaim her consciousness. Mike’s relieved…but just wait until he hears about Jessica.

08 Nov 16   Guest of Honor
Jessica is dead as a doornail, having been stabbed countless times by masked and raging pre-pubescents. Amy takes it upon herself to break the news to Mike, who’s distraught: his middle school sweetheart’s real heart’s stopped beating. And on top of his own grief, Mike has to deal with a toothache. Cruel Fate! But this is no ordinary toothache: this pang is coming from a surprise, extra tooth making its way in on top of Mike’s gum. Funny, because Eddie had an extra tooth just like this one — in fact, it was the only way you could tell Eddie and Mike apart.

Mike goes to the police depot and implores Amy to let him poke around Frances Booth’s house — where Amy found all those “Candle Cove” props.  Amy tells Mike she has no manpower to send with him, because everyone is occupied with the whole murder thing. Cops got to do their jobs. But what about Gary, who’s still in the slammer for illegal interrogation? Pair him with Mike — mortal enemies — and they can investigate the Booth house together. Brilliant idea! While Gary is out in the backyard checking out some loose teeth (yuck), Mike is poking around inside the house. He’s interrupted when Booth’s telephone rings…so he picks up. It’s not collect. It’s Ms. Booth…and she tells Mike to ditch the 5-0, and meet her at a strip mall at the edge of town. Sounds safe.

As Mike makes his way to said strip mall, the kids of Iron Hill are being beckoned out of their homes by some strange, magnetic force. Pokemon Go? Erica, Mike’s wife, comes to pick up Lily from Marla’s and drive her home. But en route, she has to swerve in the road to miss the kids walking through it. The kids survive, but the car doesn’t, and the mother and daughter check into a hotel while awaiting a new rental. When Mike arrives at the strip mall, he’s intercepted by a lawman — Amy’s squeeze, Simon, who’s there to keep a close eye on Mike. But he’s drawn away by a group of kids potting around in the brush behind the strip mall, and goes to investigate. Mike looks for Booth inside the strip mall, but can’t find her. Then he looks outside and sees: the kids have ambushed the copper, and Mrs. Booth, dressed as Jawbone, lands the final, fish-hookey blow into the policeman’s chest. Booth calls Mike directly, and tells him to meet at Marla’s…this time alone.

Marla entertains Frances at her kitchen table, at gunpoint, until Mike comes home. When he does, Frances drops a load of information on the two of them. See, Eddie had a rare and incredible gift: he could use his telekinetic powers to stop Booth from having seizures, and other cool stuff. And on top of that, it was Eddie, not Booth, who created Candle Cove. Whaaaaat? That’s right: little kid, so much creativity. But his imaginative inspiration needed fuel to spark, and that fuel consisted of the blood of the young. Interesting requirements. So Ms. Booth, recognizing Eddie’s talent and wanting it to flourish, killed her son and fed his spirit to Eddie. And the Mom of the Year Award goes to…. And now Eddie is coming back — through Mike. So that’s what the tooth is all about, it’s Eddie’s calling card. Frances urges Mike to let this periodontal possession run its course, no matter what the medical bill comes to. Mike isn’t so sure.

That night, Lily is at the motel watching television, and what happens to come on? Candle Cove. But wait, there’s more. Out from under the bed comes the Tooth Child, who makes faces at Lily. The little girl is so taken by the Tooth Child, that she follows him under the bed…and disappears. Mike is back at Marla’s and attempting to extract that darn extra tooth of his with some highly sophisticated pliers. His operation is interrupted when Candle Cove comes onto the TV in the room, and it’s starring a special guest: Lily!

15 Nov 16   Welcome Home
Things are their normal abnormal in Iron Hill. In the liminal place between reality and dream (dreamality), Tooth Child Eddie is trying to get to his brother Mike’s heart…through his mouth. Former Sheriff Gary and standing sheriff Amy are scouring the woods looking for more kids. They find them, and Mrs. Booth, about to pounce. Gary manages to get back his kids, who seem to take seriously the fact that their mom is dead. At least something gets to them. And when Erica comes looking for Lily, Mike goes to show her: she’s been taken to the Crow’s Nest by Eddie. Mike is invited into Eddie’s world, which is essentially a hallway with rooms behind doors, and a cast of terrifying, horrifying characters. It’s very cozy.

Mike reconnects with Lily, who’s been trapped there by Eddie. Eddie strikes a deal with Mike: his daughter can go, but he can’t. Big-hearted Mike is ready to do anything to save his daughter. And off she goes, back to Mom by stepping through the TV, out of the world of Candle Cove and back into Iron Hill. Eddie and Mike get a chance to catch up on old times, old hatreds, old rivalries, and old card games never finished: like War — the king of games. Eddie seeks to punish Mike for his betrayal (aka, growing up, dating, having fun), and keep him imprisoned in this world forever. Meanwhile, Marla goes out in search of her son (the good one), and ends up finding Booth (wrong person). Booth has come to this party with a +1…the fishing hook. And when Marla tries to get passed her, Booth uses her hook to stop Marla in her tracks. Booth is about to lay the final blows to Marla when officer Amy emerges from the woods and saves the day: by blowing Booth to smithereens. Marla gets the chance to lay the piece-de-resistance, taking the fish hook from Booth and then giving it back to her: right in the side of the head.

Before Amy can take Marla to the hospital, mother Painter escapes to find her son…at the Crow’s Nest. Knowing that Mike is the portal by which Eddie can access this world, Marla makes the difficult decision to kill the unconscious Mike where he lies. Mother of the Year award goes to…Well, it does the trick. And when Eddie attempts to return to Iron Hill through his television screen, he is unable to. The portal has closed, and old Mike turns back into young Mike, and the twins are reunited at last.


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