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Sense8 Season 2 – What we know so far & Season 1 Recap

With season 2 of Sense8 due to drop on Netflix on May 7th 2017, we thought we’d go through what we know so far, as well as recap season 1 and a trailer for season 2.

So, Sense8 came to Netflix 20 months ago, and with season 2 coming May 7th, that means there’s been almost two years between seasons (no including the Christmas special), so we thought it best to let you guys know what we know so far about season 2, as well as recapping season 1.

So our season 1 recap, courtesy of the Wikimedia Foundation, is at the bottom of this article as it’s quite lengthy ๐Ÿ™‚

As we know, Sense8 is a unique show blending many elements of drama/sci-fi/espionage/thriller/comedy and has developed a devoted cult following. It follows a group of eight strangers, : Nomi, Wolfgang, Capheus, Sun, Kala, Riley, Lito and Will, all from different cultures and parts of the world; Mexico, Africa, Germany, Korea, the U.S.A, the Netherlands, Iceland and India. When the eight suddenly have a vision of the violent death of a woman called Angelica, they soon discover that they are “sensates”: peoples with a mental and emotional connection, enabling them to communicate with each other, even when on other sides of the globe, as well as share their physical and mental skills, knowledge and languages using the same connection. The eight try to live their lives as normal as possible while simultaneously trying to figure out what has happened to them and why. They’re soon connected with another Sensate, Jonas, who knows more than they do and tries to help our eight sensates and protect them from “Whispers”, another sensate who is seemingly hunting down other sensates and keeping them prisoner at the organization he works for.

When we leftย Sense8 in season one, seven of the sensates rescued Riley who has been kidnapped by Whispers. But after rescuing Riley, Whispers as able to look into Wills eyes, allowing him control of Wills psyche. Will was drugged unconscious as to not allow Whispers inside his head, while the other sensates took Will and headed off to continue their journey.

So, that was season one, but don’t forget the Christmas special which came to Netflix at the end of 2016. It divided fans, but offered a good bridge between seasons one and two. There’s a recap for the Christmas special below our season one recap below.

Season one was very much an original story, sometimes criticised for slower story telling, but in my opinion, spent twelve hours providing us with some brilliant, taught thrilling scenes and giving us some great characterisation, fleshing out all eight sensates characters and turning Sense8 into a true ensemble piece. This means when season two begins, we already know our characters, we care for them, we’ve been given a rich background for all of them and now the real fun can begin ๐Ÿ™‚

For season two Lilly Wachowski won’t return as writer or director. This is due to her time off to complete her gender transition to female. But she’ll stay on the show as co-creator. Also departing from Season 1 is Aml Ameen, who departed as Capheus. His replacement, Toby Onwumere has already been seen in the new role in the Christmas special, and fitted into the role perfectly. Why Aml departed hasn’t been confirmed, but following some not so cryptic tweets from some Sense8 stars, it seems the actor has a problem with the trans community. As I said, this is speculation, but for a show which celebrates love and freedom so beautifully as Sense8 does, there is NO room for opinions like this. Toby didn’t have a great deal of action in the Christmas special, but what he did have he excelled in, so welcome to Sense8 Toby.

For Season 1 writing duties was evenly split between the Wachowski’s, who wrote their episodes independent of each other before pulling them together. Another change for season 2 is the writing is now a collaborative effort happening in a writers room.

Kick Gurry, known for Edge of Tomorrow and Jupiter Ascending, has had a part written especially for him, we don’t know what the part is, but I doubt it’ll be insignificant if it’s been written just for him. Joining him is Martin Wuttke, who plays Volker Bohm, seen already in the Christmas special and looks set to be an even bigger pain in Wolfgangs ass in season 2. Surprising casting is ex-Doctor Who, Sylvester McCoy, who will play the mysterious “Old man of Hoy”, hmmm ๐Ÿ™‚

The show’s international scope will also expand from 9 cities to a mammoth 15!

So, still a lot of secrecy surrounding season 2, but what we have leaves us wanting more. Below, check out the season two trailer below, as well as our season 1 and Christmas special recap.

Season 1 – June 2015

A woman named Angelica, being hunted by a mysterious adversary named Whispers, kills herself to avoid capture. Before she does this, she uses her unique abilities to awaken the powers of eight other people around the world, connecting these “sensates” into a cluster. The eight begin to experience the beginnings of their psychic connections with each other via hearing what the others hear and seeing what the others see. The episode mainly introduces the situations of these eight people. Riley becomes entangled in London’s drug world when she meets a powerful dealer named Nyx. Nomi faces discrimination as a transgender woman. Lito is in the closet from the public. Sun is looked down upon in the business world for being a woman. Capheus’ matatu business is failing. Kala is engaged to a man she does not love. Wolfgang and his best friend Felix steal diamonds his gangster cousin, Steiner, had been planning to steal. The episode ends with Riley and Will meeting each other via their powers in the place where Angelica killed herself. Will decides to begin investigating Angelica’s death. Riley’s boyfriend, Jacks, attempts to rob Nyx. The ensuing fight ends with Riley the only survivor in the room.

While at the San Francisco Pride with her girlfriend, Amanita (or Neets), Nomi spots Jonas (Angel’s lover), and faints. She awakens in the hospital with her sister and transphobic mother. Dr. Metzger claims that Nomi needs a brain operation and keeps her in the hospital against her will. Jonas comes to Nomi telepathically and tells her that the operation will lobotomize her. Will, investigating Angel’s suicide, discovers a gap in the CTV footage. A Homeland Security agent briefs Will’s precinct that they are on the hunt for Jonas, who is wanted for murder. Will thinks that this is linked to a girl named Sara Patrell whose murder was never solved. Lito is using a fellow movie star, Daniela, to appear straight. Daniela finds out about Lito and his boyfriend Hernando but she’s excited and happy about the situation. Wolfgang begins to see visions of Kala, instantly gaining a crush on her. Riley goes on the run when she discovers her purse holds the money and drugs. Jonas comes to Will in person, telling him that he is a sensate, and that Nomi needs his help. Will tells him he has to turn him in and crashes his car into Jonas’s.

Riley throws the drugs away and gives the money to a piano-playing busker. Sun becomes increasingly frustrated by financial problems at her corporation and her inability to reach her father, the CEO. Will continues to investigate the disappearance of Sara Patrell and remembers the childhood visions he had of her. In his visions, Sara was being lobotomized by Whispers. She told him “Don’t look at him; that’s how he got me”. Daniela’s gangster ex boyfriend, Joaquin, intimidates Lito. We learn of Sun’s secret second career as an underground kickboxer. Capheus and his passengers are robbed by bandits. He channels Sun’s skills and rage and Will’s knowledge of guns to defeat the bandits. Sun is stunned by the experience.

Capheus is stopped by police and brought to Kabaka, a high-ranking gangster, who offers him a job. Kala encounters religious conservatives at the temple who are praying for the death of Rajan’s father, a prominent atheist politician. Sun confronts her father and brother about embezzlement in the corporation. She volunteers to go to prison in her brother’s place to save the company. Will surprises himself by speaking Korean to a colleague. He encounters Jonas in a vision; Jonas explains that the phenomenon is called “Visiting”, which is something sensates can do once they’ve made eye contact, although members of a cluster can do it instinctively. Jonas tells Will that he needs to save Nomi. Riley and Wolfgang simultaneously begin playing the 4 Non Blondes’ song “What’s Up?” and all the sensates begin singing along. Kala and Wolfgang share an intimate moment. With the help of Will and Amanita, Nomi escapes the hospital. At the end of the episode, Nomi finds herself visiting Riley as they sing the song together.

Lito experiences menstruation symptoms via Sun. They briefly visit, seeing each other in the mirror. Wolfgang is questioned about the diamond heist by his uncle, who makes veiled threats. Capheus and Riley visit, quickly switching between her flat in London and a street in Nairobi. They are interrupted when Capheus is attacked for the package he is delivering for Kabaka. Capheus manages to recover the bag and deliver it. Kabaka reveals that the package was a test. Nomi tells Amanita about the visions she has been experiencing. Capheus and Sun visit and talk about their troubles. While at a spa, Wolfgang visits Kala during her wedding and asks her why she’s marrying a man she’s not in love with. Hearing his words and seeing him naked, she faints.

Will and Riley visit. To prove that they’re not crazy, Will enters his phone number into her phone and they speak. Will hands the phone to a friend who confirms that Riley is on the other end. Sun goes to prison. Riley is attacked and nearly murdered by Nyx, seeking the return of the drugs and money. She channels Will’s self-defense skills and escapes. Wolfgang and Kala visit again, and she tries to resist her growing attraction to him. Kabaka gives Capheus the job of bodyguard to his daughter Amondi. Nomi and Amanita make love while simultaneously Lito and Hernando make love. Soon, Will, Lito, Nomi, and Wolfgang have a group sexual encounter while visiting. Daniela secretly photographs Lito and Hernando. Riley and Sun visit and Riley talks about a voice that came to her as a child and told her she was hexed and that bad things would happen if she stayed in Iceland.

Nomi acquires hacking tools from Bug, a fellow hacker, to help investigate Metzger. Riley travels to Iceland to visit her father, a famous pianist. Joaquin breaks into Lito’s home to threaten him and Daniela. Will continues his investigation into the death of Angelica. Nomi visits Nyles Bolger, a former patient of Dr. Metzer in a nursing home; she finds he has been lobotomized and is virtually a vegetable. Kala visits a statue of Ganesha in the temple, looking for answers, but finds herself visiting with Wolfgang again. Nomi clones Metzger’s phone, calls the most recent contact, and finds herself talking to Whispers. Joaquin blackmails Daniela and Lito with the photos from Daniela’s stolen phone. Nomi and Amanita break into Metzger’s apartment looking for information. Wolfgang and Felix are attacked by Steiner and Felix is badly wounded. Metzger arrives and panics when he learns that Nomi has spoken to Whispers. Nyles arrives, now animate and moving with purpose, murders Metzger, and then kills himself. As he does so, Nomi sees Whispers’ reflection in the mirror instead of Nyles.

Kala visits Wolfgang while he’s in the hospital at Felix’s bedside; he recounts the story of how he and Felix met, and of life with his drunken brutal father. Daniela returns to Joaquin to protect Lito. Hernando loses respect for Lito for letting her do it. Sun defeats a gang of prison-yard bullies and is placed in solitary. Will and Riley visit and she tells him of growing up in Iceland. They kiss. The bandits from episode 3 find Capheus and demand that he bring Amondi to them or they’ll kill his mother. Will finds surveillance footage of Nyles Bolger receiving a delivery of street clothes and a gun while lying nearly vegetative, and then suddenly standing up, getting dressed, and leaving the nursing home. Will visits Nomi to the bemusement of Amanita, and they work together on solving the mystery. Whispers arrives with police to take Nomi into custody. She escapes with the help of Amanita, Will, Sun, and Capheus. Hernando breaks up with Lito. Rajan’s father, Manendra, meets with Kala at the temple to discuss the wedding, and they are ambushed by the religious conservatives from episode 4. They stab Manendra repeatedly.

Riley returns to the cave where she first heard the voice that told her she was hexed. There, she is visited by Yrsa, the woman whose voice she had heard. Yrsa explains that Riley is not safe in Iceland as Whispers has a facility there. Will is visited by Jonas who is being held prisoner by Whispers. Will visits Riley while she continues to visit Yrsa. Jonas and Yrsa reveal that all members of a cluster are born at the same time, taking their first breath as one. Yrsa becomes agitated when she finds out that Jonas is present. She tells Riley that Jonas and Angelica were collaborators who used to help Whispers hunt sensates. Wolfgang’s uncle visits the hospital to warn him not to seek revenge on Steiner. Sun’s father comes to visit her in the prison and reveals he wants to help her. Nomi and Lito share intimate stories of their past. Riley visits the graves of her husband and infant daughter. Lito struggles with the loss of Daniella and Hernando. Riley and Capheus share some of their painful memories.

Wolfgang visits the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe to think. Sun reluctantly signs the papers that will free her, knowing the consequences for her brother. Steiner confronts Wolfgang and hints he will have Felix killed if Wolfgang doesn’t give over the diamonds. Jonas and Will visit. Jonas explains what makes sensates different from ordinary humans. Wolfgang meets Steiner to hand over the diamonds. Steiner beats Wolfgang and prepares to kill him. Lito visits and time stops while he and Wolfgang discuss their options. Lito takes over and concocts a story that distracts Steiner long enough for Wolfgang to reach a hidden gun. He manages to kill Steiner and his men. Will and Riley visit, and she tells him that Yrsa warned her about Jonas. Lito arrives at Joaquin’s house to retrieve Daniela. He is beaten by Joaquin but eventually wins with the help of Daniella and Wolfgang. They have a joyful reunion with Hernando. Riley goes to see her father play Beethoven’s Emperor Concerto. The music causes her to remember her birth. The rest join her and remember their births as well. Riley passes out, bleeding from the nose.

Riley wakes up in a hospital. Will and Nomi realize that Riley is in trouble and Will sets out to save her before Whispers can use her to hunt the remaining sensates. Capheus chooses not to sacrifice Kabaka’s daughter and arrives at the bandits’ location empty-handed. Sun’s brother comes to visit her in the prison with bad news but Sun deduces that he may have killed their father because he is afraid of prison. The bandits reveal that they have kidnapped Kabaka and order Capheus to kill him. Sun channels her rage to help Capheus save Kabaka, killing or disabling most of the bandits. The situation escalates onto the roads of Nairobi. Wolfgang smuggles Felix out of the hospital. With help from Will, Capheus is able to defeat the gang’s leader and a grateful Kabaka is returned to his daughter. Kala finds out who attempted to kill Manendra. Riley has flashbacks to the accident that killed her husband and baby. Jonas visits Will and Nomi and tells them that Whispers knows about Riley. We see that Whispers is telling Jonas what to say. Kala and Wolfgang finally kiss. Nomi receives help from Bug, who replaces her lost equipment.

Riley is transported to Whispers’ facility in Iceland. She relives the accident that killed her husband and newborn daughter. Will arrives in Iceland and races to the facility. Yrsa visits Riley and tells her the only way she can save the rest of her cluster is to kill herself before Whispers gets to her. Riley grabs a guard’s gun, but Will convinces her not to kill herself. Wolfgang confronts his uncle, killing him and several of his men. Will and Kala help him escape. Before killing his uncle, he reveals that as a boy, he had killed his abusive father. Kala is horrified by the violence and Wolfgang realizes that they have no future together. Nomi, Amanita, Lito, Jonas, Sun, Kala, Capheus and Wolfgang help Will rescue Riley. As they escape, Whispers manages to make eye contact with Will, allowing him to get inside Will’s head. Jonas tells Will that the only way he can protect his cluster now is to kill himself. Instead, Will takes enough sedatives to knock himself unconscious. The last scene shows Riley on a boat with a drugged Will surrounded by the other sensates; it is the first time the entire cluster is seen together.

Sense8 Christmas Special

Lito and Hernando are hiding out after the tabloids outed the pair. After being evicted from his apartment for being “immoral”, Lito and Hernando, along with Dani go to Lito’s mothers for Christmas. After some awkward exchanges, Lito’s mother welcomes the three into her home, with an open invitation to visit her whenever they want.

Nomi and Amanita are still being stalked by Agent Bendix so install camera’s and audio surveillance so they can keep in contact with each other. This doesn’t stop Agent Bendix from tracking them down at a women’s shelter though, so the pair decide to go into hiding, and go stay with Bug, a friend of Nomi’s and the three have a fun Christmas together.

Capheus and Jele are revelling in their defeat of “Superpower”, with Jele making a cute comment about Capheus looking different (Toby Onwumere replaces Aml Ameen who played Capheus in season 1). Their joy is soon knocked down though when their bus “Van-Damme” bursts into flames. While celebrating Christmas with his mother, Mr. Silas gives Capheus a new bus as a present, aptly titled “Van Damn!” ๐Ÿ˜‰ Capheus and his mother then have dinner with Mr. Silas and his daughter, before Mr. Silas explains he wants to build a free medical centre, Capheus is sceptical, but Mr. Silas asks if a man can change.

Sun is still in solitary confinement after attacking her brothers guards, but still get “visits” from the other sensates. She’s also visited by a prison friend who gives Sun a present for her birthday (a drawing of Suns dog) She’s soon visited by lawyers and it becomes apparent these guys are there for more sinister reasons. Drawing on the other sensates skills and abilities, Sun tries to bluff and work out why these men are there, but after getting no where, she resorts to what Sun does best and beats the crap out of them. She’s later visited by another prison pal who explains Sun will never get out if she keeps beating people and pissing off the prison, advice Sun seems to take when she’s later seen re-joining her prison family.

Riley is caring for Will who’s now addicted to heroin, a method he’s using to cope with Whispers who’s not visiting Will in his mind, as well as Angelica who’s explaining to Will she also took heroin to deal with Whispers before killing herself. When Will realises he can visit Whispers, he visits the sinister sensate who’s with his daughter, and learns Whispers takes a pill to keep his mind blocked from others. Will then visits with Jonas who explains BPO (the company Whispers works for/with who hunt sensates) is afraid of the sensates and they have a network of hunters.

When Whispers visits Will and Riley who are hiding out at a cabin, Will uses his skills to work out Whispers has a wife which rattles Whispers who threatens Will’s father. With Nomi’s help, they contact Wills dad who wants his son to return home. Later Will is visited by Whispers again who explains he’s with Wills father, who’s drunk. Before he can act, Will passes out from the heroin in his body.

Wolfgang is still reeling from killing his Uncle and some of his uncles henchmen, and losing Kala who decided she couldn’t deal with the violence she saw during said confrontation. He and Kala still “visit” but say nothing, and Wolfgang still visits Felix who’s still in hospital.

He’s later visited by Aunt Elke and Fischer who explain that killing his Uncle, Wolfgang has created a power vacuum in the territories and that he needs to take his uncles place. Wolfgang refuses! When Felix wakes up, he and Wolfgang go out before heading to Wolfgangs apartment where another territory boss, Volker Bhom offers Wolfgang power, money and women. Again, Wolfgang refuses.

Wolfgang and Kala later have a snowball fight with the tension between them thawing a bit (sorry for that analogy ;))

At a New Years party thrown by Volker, Wolfgang and Felix run into Fischer who tells them the war has started, but Wolfgang doesn’t believe them, that is until Fischer is shot by Volkers men, causing the two men to go hide. The pair are split up, and with Wolfgang cornered, it’s up to Sun to come help him kick some more ass before the other Sensates appear to check on their friend.

Kala, now married to Rajan, is on her honeymoon, but Rajan is frustrated due to his wife’s refusal to consummate their marriage. Partly due to her fear, as she’s still a virgin and after some advice from Sun, Kala decides to seduce Rajan. Her seduction is marred though when she is pulled into a sensate orgy and walking in on Wolfgang sleeping with his internet hookup, and Rajan gets a groin injury during the process.

Rajan later tells Kala he never realised she didn’t love him and that it’s not too late for a divorce. Kala tells him not to be so hasty and to see what happens. Later the pair go house hunting in India, only for Kala to be distracted by Wolfgang, where the pair have a very cute snowball fight. Rajan later tells Kala how happy he now is…

So, the Christmas episode has set up season 2 nicely. Some loose ends tied up and the series mythology expanded and teased. Roll on May 7th ๐Ÿ™‚

Season 2 Trailer



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