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Final Season of New Girl has two BIG Surprises!

Fox finally renewed ratings-lite (but still FOXs biggest) comedy New Girl for a seventh and final season of 8 episodes, but it’s been reported that the final season will include some surprises..

When New Girl finished it’s sixth season recently, fans expected a renewal, but due to many circumstances (Zooey Deschanel’s maternity leave) FOX came close to cancelling the comedy. However, it relented and renewed the show for a seventh final season of eight episodes.

Deadline reported that series creator Liz Meriwether pitched an idea to FOX which apparently convinced them to give the renewal. When we return to New Girl next year (it will air in 2018), a massive 3 year time jump would have happened! Not only this, but the final season of 8 episodes will take place over a year, meaning we’ll join the gang after a lot has happened, and the one year time span means all loose ends will be tied up and all stories given some kind of closure.

If only all shows could be guaranteed closure like this, I’d bet my life ratings would improve for many shows because, if you’re like me, the first sign of ratings trouble and I dip out of a show, too scared I’ll get my fingers burned when it’s cancelled after I’ve invested so much time.



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