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Quantico Renewed – But there are strings attached!

Quantico has been given a third season, but there’s a catch.

With it’s dedicated fan base, cancelling Quantico would always kick up a fuss, so ABC has finally given fans what they want; a third season. But there are strings.

Firstly, the third season will only consist of 13 episodes. This isn’t a final season order, just shortened (for now). Also, show creator and showrunner, Josh Safran will exit those duties staying on as a consultant. He told The Hollywood Reporter, “My deal on the show was two years only and it’s up.. I’m leaving the show in a good place and capable hands.” Although no new showrunner hasn’t been found yet, we can assume the “capeable hands” could refer to the cast, remainder of the crew and ABC.

Season 2 saw Quantico moved to Mondays following the Bachelor, but ratings continued to tumble. However, it’s reported that the possible return of Russell Tovey, a lucrative Netflix deal, and a narrative shift to focus on politics “Trump” helped Quantico secure it’s third season. If ratings don’t tick up though, there’s every chance season 3 could be it’s last.



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