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cCloud, Phoenix, SALTS and more Taken Down from Kodi – Updated June 14

cCloud, Phoenix, SALTS and more addons have been removed from Kodi

A number of addons have been removed from Kodi. It’s unsure whether this is related at the possible news that the Dish Network is suing Zem TV, although TVAddons say they know nothing about any lawsuit and have received no cease and desist. Below is a list of the addons taken down from Kodi, some forever, others not so much. Also it’s worth noting that although TVAddons have said they know of no lawsuit, they’ve also removed all live TV addons from Fusion or addons which include live tv..

  1. Phoenix: A MASSIVE blow to the Kodi community, Phoenix was always a favourite of many. One of the Phoenix developers, Cosmix said “In light of current events we have decided to close down phoenix. This is not something that was easy for us to do; we have all formed a bond that cannot be broken as a team and have a HUGE support base that we are thankful of. I can speak for myself when i say thank you to everybody that has ever been involved in phoenix and it will always be one of my fondest memories.”
    Final Result: Gone Permanently
  2. cCloudTV: No official word other than it’s down for the moment.
    Final Result: Unknown
  3. One24241: Another big blow, since One242415 deflected from Phoenix and set up his own addons full of collections and great content it was
    growing into another big player. But alas, One242415 said “I am removing my addon for good. It was a hell of a ride for me. First starting off with Navi-X, then with Mashup, then with Phoenix, and for two months with my own add-on. Thank you all for supporting One242415!! PS: I will not be back I’m closing down for good! This addon will be closed within a few days”
    Final Result: Gone Permanently
  4. SALTS: Development is moving from tknorris to k3l3vra who’s releasing his repo soon. Tknorris said “For a while now the pace of development of SALTS has slowed as there hasn’t been much to add to it and it works well enough that I don’t have to stay on top of it. Due to that, I’ve kind of lost interest in it. In that time all of you have seen k3l3vra has really stepped up and in the forum and what most of you have not seen, also behind the scenes been helping as well. With someone reliable to take over development and my lack of interest, it’s a signal that it’s time for me to retire from SALTS development. I will continue to work on my other addons like the premiumize addon, urlresolver, and apple trailers and will advise k3l3vra when he asks for it.In a short while, I will push an update to my beta repo that removes all SALTS and 1CH related addons from it. In the coming days look for k3l3vra to release a repo that includes SALTS and 1CH.It’s been a fun ride and while I’m retiring from these addons, I’m not going far and will continue to monitor this ID and these forums.
    Final Result: Back Up, now part of k3l3vras Repo – To Install:

    1. Download k3l3vras Repo from HERE, and save somewhere safe you can access from Kodi (For Fire TV, the easiest option is onto a USB drive which you can then plug into the fire tv. (Currently the only way to add the repo is to download)
    2. Select System>Settings>Add-ons (for Kodi 17, just click “Addons” from the Kodi home screen, then click the addons browser icon in the top left)
    3. Select “Install from zip file”, go to the location of your saved Zip file, click your zip file and wait for the “addon enabled notification)
    4. Select Install from Repository > K3l3vra’s repository > Video Addons > Stream All The Sources Then click Install before again waiting for the Addon enabled notification.
  5. All Echo Coding Addons: Echo has even removed his twitter account, as well as his addons including Echo Streams, Echo Documentaries etc. Before removal of his twitter, he confirmed these addons won’t be back.
    Final Result: Gone Permanently
  6. Evolve: Popular Live sport and tv addon is currently offline, Goliath confirmed: “So as of today i decided to pull Evolve and Reaper. This is to make way for a new addon that will be in goliath repo, will keep u updated”.
    Final Result: Gone  Permanently
  7. UK Turk: Like other addons on the Fusion repo at TVAddons which include live TV, UK Turk has been removed from Fusion, but he’s confirmed on twitter he’ll be back when he’s found a new repo. Watch this space.
    Final Result: Back Up – Click Here for New Install Details
  8. Bubbles Addon – Offline
    Final Result: Unknown
  9. Dandy Media – Offline
    Final Result: Unknown
  10. Exodus – Offline (Specto is a good alternative)
    Final Result: Unknown
  11. Noobs & Nerds – Back online with a new repo, Updated BoB and Zen (now called Elysium). To install:
    1. Open Kodi and go to System > File Manager (for Kodi 17 click the “Settings” gear icon in the top left of Kodi home screen and then select “File Manager.”)
    2. Select “Add Source”
    3. Select the box which says “None”
    4. Type or if the first URL doesn’t work and click “Done”
    5. Go to the box underneath which says “Enter a name for this media source” and type “NaN” before clicking “OK”
    6. Click back to your Home Screen (the back arrow on a remote a few times should do this, if you’re unsure, close Kodi and open it again.
    7. Select System>Settings>Add-ons (for Kodi 17, just click “Addons” from the Kodi home screen, then click the addons browser icon in the top left)
    8. Select “Install from zip file”
    9. Select “NaN”
    10. Select
    11. After you see the “Add-on Enabled” notification go back to the Addons menu and click “Install from Repository”
    12. Select “Noobs and Nerds Repository”
    13. Select “Video Add-ons” and click your selected addons: Metalliq, Elysium (previously Zem), BoB, f4mTester, Revved Up, Sports Devil, Red Pill Etc.
    14. Click “Install” on your selected addon(s) and after a few seconds you should get the message “Addon Enabled”

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