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Eastenders Kills Second Character in a Week

Eastenders has killed another character off screen in a week.

Yesterday saw Eastenders kill another character off screen, less than a week after killing Robbies dog, Wellard 2.

Last night’s episode saw Robbie searching for Dots cat, Dave before making a gruesome discovery.

While searching the square he found Dave, dead and in a bin!

He shared the awful discovery with sister Sonia.

How the storyline will play out is unknown, but finding the cat in a bin means the cat may have met its end in a ‘non natural’ way. It won’t be linked to Wellard2’s death though as he died naturally off screen according to Sonia and happened while Robbie was living away from the square.

Whether Eastenders has developed a morbid love of killing animals, we’re unsure why these plots have occurred, but with new (interim) executive producer John Yorke who’s stepped in to replace Sean O’Connor, who knows where these stories will lead.



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