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Kyle MacLachlan Promised Twin Peaks ‘will make sense in the end’

Kyle MacLachlan has promised that the new series of Twin Peaks will make sense in the end is viewers ‘persevere’.

The sequel series which airs on Showtime on Sunday nights has received critical acclaim since its return, but alienated some casual viewers with David Lynchs trademark surrealist and artistic approach to the show with Showtime giving the showrunner and creator free reign.

It’s most recent episode which aired two Sundays ago received a huge reaction; it appears to have explained the origins of BOB, one of the shows main antagonists, but the episode was a stunning, beautiful piece of visual art, and it seems only the most loyal Twin Peaks and Lynch fans have stuck around. But that’s ok, we’re happy to enjoy this ‘TV heroin’ as Lynch intended it to be.

But in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, show star Kyle MacLachlan has promise that the show will ‘make sense in the end’, if ‘viewers persevere’.

He said ‘I think we all knew it was going to be a challenging journey for the audience, simply because it is 18 parts of one giant piece, and it’s sequential, so people really have to stay with it,’

‘and also that David’s storytelling is filled with imagery and different perspectives and characters and things that may initially be confusing to people, but ultimately everything will come back together and make sense,’ he continued.

‘It will be clear.. Many people wanted the nostalgic return to the Twin Peaks that they remembered. And that’s not what we’re representing here. There are a lot of new stories going forward.’

Now many cast members have said even they don’t fully understand what’s going on so its not impossible that even Kyle may not fully understand, but if any cast member can be trusted and also if any cast member has been let in on the shows secrets then it’s everyone’s favorite FBI agent, Dale Cooper, played by MacLachlan.



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