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American Horror Story Favorite Returns!

A fan favorite of American Horror Story is making a return.

AMS: Freak Show killer clown, Twisty is returning to American Horror Story, sort of.

John Carroll’s sinister and troubled killer clown Twisty is making some kind of return to the AHS universe. According to show creator Ryan Murphy’s Instagram (see below) it looks as though Twisty is returning in comic book form, but we don’t know 100%. What Murphy does show us is a Twisty comic, accompanied by “He’s baaaaack”. So this could be mean Twisty is returning in a literal comic book, or it could be Murphy’s coded way of saying Twisty will return in the show. Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure, Twisty was always a big hit with fans, and his return in any form will be welcomed.

He’s Baaaaaack

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