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Star Trek: Discovery – All You Need to Know, trailer, dates, cast & more!

Star Trek Discovery is coming to our screens in September, so we thought we’d provide what you need to know before it’s premier.

Discovery will be the first Star Trek series on TV in fifteen years, the last being the ill-fated Enterprise. It’ll be the sixth regular Star Trek TV series following The Original Series, The Next Generation, Voyager, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. The show has been delayed quite a few times, but new show-runners Aaron Harberts & Gretchen J. Berg (Reign, Revenge, Pushing Daisies, Roswell) reassure fans that the crews care for the show and painstaking attention to visual detail is the cause.

When does it debut?
It debuts with an hour long episode on September 24th in the US and Canada, with a worldwide debut on Netflix the day after.

Where can I see it?
The show’s home outside of the US and Canada is on Netflix, but in the US it’ll air exclusively on CBS’ online streaming service, CBS All Access, with the debut episode airing on CBS TV broadcast network.

How many episodes in season 1?
Season 1 will be 15 episodes long, with the first 8 episodes ending on November 5th with it’s mid season finale, and the remaining episodes starting their run in January 2018, similar to many Cable TV models.

When is the show set?
A common question for all Trek TV and movies, and chronologically it’ll be set roughly ten years before the events of the original series, and roughly 100 years after the events of Enterprise.

Quick TV Series Timelines:

2151 – 2155 – Enterprise
2256? – Discovery
2266 – 2269 – The Original Series
2364 – 2370 – The Next Generation
2369 – 2375 – Deep Space Nine
2371 – 2378 – Voyager

Who’s making the show?
The show is executive produced by Bryan Fuller who stepped down as show runner, but has a great track record of good (if not sometimes niche) TV including American Gods, Hannibal, Pushing Daisies & Wondefalls, and new show-runners are Aaron Harberts & Gretchen J. Berg, who have worked extensively with Fuller previously.

What storylines will it include?
Many of the show’s plot-lines are being kept secret, but we have some information to keep us going. With it’s setting, the show looks like it’ll be set around the time of the Klingon/Federation war which ultimately led to the peace deal between the pair. This war and subsequent peace treaty has been mentioned many times before in Trek (TV and film) but it looks like Discovery will finally show us some of the action. Adding fuel to the fire for this has been numerous casting calls from CBS for Discovery looking to cast Klingon roles. Also, unlike other Trek series who would wrap stand alone episodes around an ongoing arc, Discovery will be more of an epic space opera with one story-line happening over the course of the first season.

Will the show have any relation to the new movies?
No, Discovery will be completely unrelated to the movies (motion pictures or fan made) especially as the movies take place in a different universe to the TV shows. And Bryan Fuller has previously stated that he wants Discovery to establish it’s own universe.

Any returning characters?
Again, Bryan Fuller has stated he wants the first season to establish it’s own universe, and if a second season happens, characters we know and love could make an appearance. However, James Frain has been cast as Spock’s father, Sarek, and Rainn Wilson has been cast as Original Series’ Harry Mudd.

Who is in the cast?
The cast list is impressive. Sonequa Martin-Green from The Walking Dead will be the shows protagonist, and for the first time, the series won’t be led by a Starfleet captain. Her character, Michael Burnham is First Officer of the USS Shenzhou, and “She is the first human to attend the Vulcan Learning Center and Vulcan Science Academy, and has a close relationship with Sarek”. Admiral Anderson is played by Terry Serpico (Designated Survivor, Elementary, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods & Army Wives). 30 Rock’s Maulik Pancholy will play USS Shenzhou doctor, Dr. Nambue. Doug Jones from The Strain, will serve as science officer, Saru, aboard the Discovery and will be a breed of alien not seen on Trek before. Michelle Yeoh will play USS Shenzhou captain, Philippa Georgiou. Star of Rent (on Broadway and the Movie) Anthony Rapp will play another science officer, Stamets. Chris Obi who recently played Mr. Jacquel/Anubis on American Gods and will play Klingon captain T’Kuvma, while another British actor Shazad Latif will be play Starfleet lieutenant Tyler. Jason Isaacs, star of The OA, Armageddon, Event Horizon, Harry Potter to name but a few will play Discovery’s captain, Gabriel Lorca.

We’ll keep you posted of any further developments, but in the meantime check out the show’s trailer below.



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