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Everwood TCA Reunion – Where are the Cast Now? Could it Return?

It’s been over ten years since Everwood left our screens, and to launch the show joining CW Seed, the CWs streaming service, the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour allowed the cast and crew to have an emotional reunion for a memorable panel set.

In attendance was show creator and producer, Greg Berlanti, executive producer Rina Mimoun, as well as stars Treat Williams (Dr. Andy Brown), Gregory Smith (Ephram), Emily VanCamp (Amy), Debra Mooney (Edna), John Beasley (Irv), Vivien Cardone (Delia), Tom Amandes (Dr. Abbot), Stephanie Niznik (Nina) and Justin Baldoni (Reid), Chris Pratt couldn’t attend due to filming commitments with the new Avengers movie.

The panel got quite emotional a few times, one of the most emotional TCA panels anyone can remember with plenty of tears shed.

Getting choked up, Berlanti told the audience, “I’m sorry it’s an emotional day for me, the show was about coming of age and I was so lucky that I had it, that I made it when I did, at the beginning of my career. I’m very blessed, and I realized a few years after that I’m not sure I’d be lucky in that same way. I’m really proud to have worked on a lot of things since, but I think people who know this show, know me better, it was very personal.”

Another moment which had members of the audience in tears as well as star, Treat Williams, Vivien Cardone, who was only 9 when she joined the cast as Delia told the audience, “When I moved to Utah, I was 9 years old, I didn’t even know there was a state called Utah, I moved with just my mom and my siblings and I really didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have any friends. It was a completely different environment…. I will never forget when I first went there, because it was tough, my father had to stay in New York because he had his business there and I couldn’t see him a lot and it was very difficult. Treat came up to me and he said, ‘Listen, I know that it’s been hard that your dad is away and I’ll make a deal with you. My family is not with me either, so if you promise to be my temporary daughter, I’ll be your temporary father.’ And that bond has stayed ever since.” Before she’d finished the story, Treat was seen wiping tears away from face confirming the close bond this cast/family had and still have.

Of course many of the cast went on to do great things. I don’t think we need recap what Chris Pratt went onto do, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years. Treat (Dr. Brown), who was a bonefide star anyway, has continued his acting career in various movies as well a number of memorable guest slots in shows such as White Collar, Chicago Fire and Hawaii Five-0. Gregory Smith (Ephram) went on to have a starring role in Rookie Blue. Fan favorite Emily Van Camp (Amy), went on to join the Marvel CU as Sharon Carter in two Captain America movies, as well as memorable multi award nominated starring roles in Brothers and Sisters and Revenge as the fantastic Emily Thorne. Debra Mooney (Edna) continued her career post Everwood as another face you see everywhere guest starring in a raft of hit tv shows including Weeds, Bones, Arrested Development, Parks and Rec., and This is Us. The same can be said for John Beesley (Irv), another veteran like Debra, he’s seen far and wide across the TV landscape. Some cast who haven’t been seen around as much include Stephanie Niznik (Nina) and Vivien Cardone (Delia) who have popped up in a guest role here and there, but never found the success they had in Everwood. Justin Baldoni (Reid) is known to many now as Rafael in Jane the Virgin, and Tom Amandes (Dr. Abbott) who, like many of his cast mates, went on to litter the TV landscape in a array of guest roles.

What many wanted to know though is what are the chances of Everwood returning to our screens. As we all know Berlanti has gone on to own certain corners of TV developing and maintaining the DC TV universe with Arrow, Supergirl, Flash & Legends of Tomorrow as well as producing Riverdale and Blindspot, so he’s pretty busy, but when asked about an Everwood resurrection he said it’s not something he’s thought about wanting to give focus onto getting Everwood into a platform to satisfy fans of the show and also find new fans. But he also said, “No one’s asked, but I think we all would love to work together again,” so make of that what you will. It seems the cast would jump at the chance to invite people to Everwood again, and maybe the success of the show on the CW Seed may dictate a potential future for the show. So, if you haven’t already, head on over to CW Seed, tell your friends to head over andĀ  binge the hell out of Everwood.



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