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Arya’s Kill List – Who’s Still On it and Why?

With only 10 episodes left until the end of Game of Thrones, one of it’s most captivating plotlines has been Arya’s list of people she intents to kill. Still close to the top of the storylines after 7 seasons, we’re going to take a look at who’s still on the list and why.

So, who’s still alive and still on the list?

First up and surely top of the list is Cersei Lannister.

Why did she make the list?: Aside from the numerous twisted and evil deeds she’s been involved in against the Stark family, her initial inclusion on the list was because she falsely accused Arya’s father Ned of treason which ultimately led to his execution. it seems everyone deserves a crack at ending Cersei, it’s just a case of if Arya gets there first.

Next up we have Melisandre.

Why?: She took Arya’s friend Gendry away from the Brotherhood Without Banners, and although we know he’ll be returning to the series before the end, as far as Arya’s concerned (due to lack of the internet in Westeros), her friend is probably dead. Like Cersei, Melisandre has a list of enemies, only made longer after executing Stannis’ daughter. Melisandre told Varys that she knows she’ll die in Westeros, so her death at the hands of Arya looks very likely, but as this is Game of Thrones, don’t assume anything.

Onto Ilyn Payne.

Why? Simple answer, he was the man who cut off Ned’s head. He’s not been around for a while, and it seems his death would be a low impact death for GoT, but a welcome tick on Arya’s list.

Next up, Beric Dondarrion.

Why? Beric sold Gendry to Melisandra, and he also released the hound, so has two black marks with Arya. He’s currently with the Hound heading North to battle the White Walkers, so his meeting up with Arya seems unlikely,

Another from the brotherhood up next; Thoros of Myr

Why? Along with Beric, he was involved with the sale of Gendry, and is with Beric and the Hound heading North, so, like his comrade, death at Arya’s hand seems unlikely.

Enemy, Friend, Enemy, Friends, yep we’re onto Sandor “The Hound” Clegane.

Why? He killed Arya’s friend Mycah back in season one and the pair have had a checkered history since then including saving each others lives. At the end of season four, Arya left him for dead unaware he was saved, and it seems their story reached a natural conclusion. And if she did bump into him again, it’s unsure whether she’d now kill him.

An odd one now as we’re unsure if he’s actually dead, and of course we’re talking about, Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane.

Why? He was instrumental in the torture at Harrenhal where Arya was briefly, as well as involvement in many of the show’s most brutal moments. He was killed by Oberyn Martell, but Maester Oyburn raised him as a silent, killing zombie, so we’re unsure if he can be killed at all, but if she was to bump into him, we’re certain Arya would give it a go.

Onto who’s already dead.

Polliver, horrid like oik who stole Arya’s sword before killing her friend Lommy. Arya had sweet revenge though when she killed Polliver with the Hounds help using the sword Polliver stole from her.

Joffrey was on the list for ordering Ned’s death, but died at the hands of Olenna, although we know Arya was still quite pleased at his demise.

Rorge was another who made the list due to his torturing at Harrenhal, and was another who died at the hands of Arya.

Tywin Lannister made the list for orchestrating the red wedding where a pretty large chunk of Arya’s remaining family were massacred. Although he didn’t die at the hands of Arya, dying while sat on the toilet was a beautifully humiliating way to go.

Meryn Trant killed Syrio Forel, Arya’s ‘dance’ instructor and was the first person to make Arya’s list, and one of the first people Arya killed, while he was at a brothel in Braavos, and Arya made sure he knew who she was while slowly stabbing him to death.

Last, but no means least is surely the most satisfying kill Arya’s made; Walder Frey. The man who sat by and laughed as Arya’s family were massacred at the Red Wedding, he was Arya’s first “listed” kill using one of her many faces, and the look on his own face when he realised what was happening was TV gold.

So, who else may join the list? The look Arya gave Littlefinger in episode four was very telling, and she always knows more than she lets on, but if anyone deserves that kill, it’s Sansa.

And thank you to TVGuide for their awesome Gifs!



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