Game of Thrones – The Children of the Forest – Who are they?

This season is going full pelt with the children of the forest; we’ve had many references to them, and unless you’re a die hard GoT fan, you may need a little reminder of who they are. Well, let us help with that ☺️

Well, according to the GoT wiki, the children of the forest are; ‘The Children of the Forest are a mysterious non-human race that were reportedly the original inhabitants of the continent of Westeros. They were already living in Westeros when the First Men migrated to the continent, 12,000 years before Robert’s Rebellion. According to legend they were last seen during the Andal Invasion 6,000 years before the War of the Five Kings. In the present day, most believe that they are simply the stuff of myth and never existed at all. Even the few that do believe they once existed, such as Maester Luwin or Ned Stark, believe that they have long since gone extinct. In actual fact, some of the Children endured for a time Beyond the Wall as one group of Children came to serve the Three-eyed Raven. This group was eventually killed during an assaulton the cave of the three-eyed raven, rendering the Children seemingly extinct.’
Aside from this, the first men, who were the original human inhabitants of Westeros, waged war on the children of the forest, so the children created the white walkers, a race of powerful ice creatures with immense magic, who were created to protect the children from the first men. Like all creations though, the white walkers eventually outgrew their creators, broke free from the children’s control went at it alone, becoming the most powerful and feared creatures in all of Westeros.
When the white walkers returned slaughtering the first men and their creators; the children, the children and first men allied with each other to defeat the white walkers. And this is when allegedly, they used magic to help bran the builder raise the great wall to keep the walkers at bay.
Cut to modern Westeros, and the Westeros we’re watching and there’s not many signs of the children since Bran was north of the wall, but the white walkers are very much still around and heading south!
How and if the Children of the Forest will factor into the white walkers demise is unknown, and they may not return at all, but if all Westeros has is dragon glass mined from Dragonstone, they’ll need all the help they can get.