Dynasty Reboot – A look at the Characters Then and Now

This TV Season sees a slew of remakes, reboots and returns of some iconic TV shows. We thought we’d take a look at some of the brave and inspired new takes on the iconic characters of the rebooted Dynasty.

The CW’s Dynasty show is a reboot, so the original characters have been recast and re-imagined. The new show debuts on the CW on October 11th with a worldwide debut on Netflix the following day.

Blake Carrington
Originally played by the fantastic John Forythe, the rebooted Dynasty will see soap alum Grant Show (Melrose Place, Devious Maids) take on the role of the iconic Carrington patriarch.

Crystal Flores / Krystle Carrington
Originally played by Linda Evans, Krystal was a demure, sweet and devoted wife and mother. The reboot will see Krystle become Crystal with a Latina reboot, played by unReal and Vampire Diaries alum, Nathalie Kelley, and the trailers show the new Crystal with a lot more spunk than her 80s counterpart.

Michael Culhane
Blake’s chauffeur, played originally by Days of Our Lives alum Wayne Northrop, the reboot will see another African-American switch with Robert Christopher Riley (Underground) taking on the role. If they’ll keep the Michael/Fallon affair story-line in the new series isn’t yet known.

Stephen Carrington
Originally played by Al Corley followed by a recast with Jack Coleman and now played by James Mackay (The Leftovers, Hacksaw Ridge), Stephen will still be Blake’s gay son, but in this day in age, the characters focus won’t be his sexuality showing how far we’ve come since the original shows heyday.

Joseph Anders
Played in the 80s by TV veteran Lee Bergere, he’ll now be played by TV supremo Alan Dale (Lost, Ugly Betty, Neigbours). Joseph will still be Blake’s “fixer” (majordomo) and only time will tell is his dislike for Blake’s wives will be reflected in the new series.

Jeff Colby
John James played Jeff in the original show, and the new show will see a reboot of the character, making him African-American (played by Sam Adegoke, a relative newcomer with a previous role in How to Get Away with Murder). He’s the first Colby cast, but we’re told other family members will come onto the scene, offering a more diverse cast than the original show.

Fallon Carrington
Originally played by Pamela Sue Martin, followed by a recast with English actress, Emma Samms and in the reboot, we’ll see Elizabeth Gillies take on the role. Elizabeth is best known for her roles in Nick shows like Victorious and Winx Club, so this is a more serious diversion in her career.

Sammy-Jo Carrington / Sammy-Jo Flores
The biggest reboot twist will see Krystles niece Sammy-Jo become Crystals gay nephew Sam Josiah “Sammy Jo” Flores. The switch will see the rebooted character romantically involved with Blake’s son Stephen, so when these families collide, it should make for great TV.

Claudia Blaisdel
Originall played by Pamela Bellwood, Claudia was a psychologically damaged, but loving mother and one of Blake’s original loves. Devious Maids favorite Brianna Brown will take the mantel in the new series.

Matthew Blaisdel
Claudia’s husband will also turn up in the reboot. Originally played by stage and film actor, Bo Hopkins, the reboot will see Revenge’s Nick Wechsler take on the role. Let’s hope the carry forward the original show’s story-line of Matthew and Crystals previous romantic relationship.