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Another note about legality and our Kodi Guides

Aside from our disclaimer and privacy policies, we thought it best, once again to clarify our position on the guides provided on this website. Kodi is still very much in the news; on TV, in newspapers, blog posts, podcasts; it’s everywhere and there is a lot of scaremongering going on.

A few things to note first. Kodi is NOT illegal, it’s a media management tool for a number of platforms including Windows PC and Android. Where the legal issue has come in is down to some addons allowing access to streams of movies and TV which don’t comply with copyright laws, so a number of laws have been brought in recently, especially in the EU making it illegal to use streams which don’t comply with the relevant countries copyright laws.

Here at Snuuz, we don’t condone ANY illegal activity, we provide guides for a number of Kodi addons, builds etc, all of them include legal content, but some may include illegal content. It’s not up to us to vet and check all potential copyright infringements, so the risk is any Kodi users to take.

People who have been using Kodi perfectly legally have also found themselves getting letters from ISP warning them about potential copyright infringements. If you’re using Kodi legally but you’re worried about getting these letters, then we’d recommend using a VPN; a virtual private network, which will ensure all your internet browsing is protected. See out guide here.

So, I won’t continue to preach to my readers, but warn everyone to be careful with how you use Kodi. Unless one of our Kodi guides specifies that it’s being installed from the Official Kodi Repository, then that means it’ll come from an unofficial repository, and this is when you need to be careful with what you stream and how you stream.




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