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Are your Kodi addons starting to fail?

Recently more people are complaining about their Kodi addons failing, slowing down or video sources not working and many don’t know why or how to fix. Well the bottom line is due to the nature of Kodi addons and the fluidity of the laws surrounding them, many addon developers are either shutting down their addons or moving repositories.

A few things to note though. Ensure you have the latest version of Kodi installed to ensure security etc is up to date (click here for details on installing Kodi on a Fire Stick). Also, remember most of the issues lie with the addons and not Kodi itself, which is a very stable piece of software.

Another thing to note is if you’re using one of the big ISPs, they could be blocking access to some backend addon sources, sometimes regardless of whether they’re perfectly legal. In this case, you may want to look into getting a VPN.

Also, if you’re finding many videos are not returning sources, then look into adding a debrid service to your Kodi.

Another thing to note is if you added a custom build these can fail for a number of reasons. The main one is they come bundled with addons, many of which have depreciated over time. If I was you, I’d do a fresh Kodi install and add the addons yourself so you know what you have installed. I can’t recommend enough taking an hour or so educating yourself on how to install addons to Kodi, it’s not difficult and gives you a lot more power when it comes to running your Kodi installation. All of our Addon Guides include instructions on how to install the addon.

As I say, if all else fails, reinstall your Kodi and start from scratch, you’ll thank me in the end. Ask below in the comments for any particular questions 🙂



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