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Install Durex Custom Build for Kodi

Durex is a new custom build for Kodi and is a speedy, well laid out, dynamic build which should be very popular with Kodi users. Install below.

Durex Build

If this is the first third party Addon or Build you're adding to Kodi, click here for details on how to enable Addons from Unknown Sources in Kodi

  • With Kodi Open, Click the Settings “Gear” Icon
  • With the setting menu open, click System Setting
  • With the system settings open, click “Addons” from the left hand menu. (If you can’t see “addons”, make sure you’ve clicked “Advanced” on the bottom left of the menu to enable to Addons settings).
    After clicking Addons, click the “Unknown Sources” button so it turns white.
  • Once you click “Unknown Sources”, a box will pop up ensuring you’re OK to allow third party addons. Just click “OK”

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  • Open Kodi and click the “Settings” gear icon in the top left of Kodi home screen. and select “File Manager”.
    1. For Kodi 16, from the Kodi home screen, select System > File Manager
  • Select “Add Source
  • Select the box which says “None
  • Type and click “Done
  • Go to the box underneath which says “Enter a name for this media source” and type “Durex” before clicking “OK
  • Click back to your Home Screen
  • Click “Addons” from the Kodi home screen, then click the addons browser icon in the top left.
    1. For Kodi 16, from the Kodi home screen, select System>Settings>Add-ons
  • Select “Install from zip file
  • Select “Durex
  • Select
  • Wait for Add-on installed notification (this may take a few minutes)
  • Once installed, a message box will now appear telling you about durex iptv. Read it if you want, then click Dismiss

  • The wizard will then open a list of settings, choose what you want to enable (or just leave the defaults selected) and click continue

  • Next you’ll see a message telling you there’s no build installed, so click Build Menu

  • The previous Durex TV pop up box and the previous settings popup will now appear again. Just click “Dismiss” on the TV popup and “Continue” on the settings popup.
  • If you see the Build menu popup again, click “Ignore
  • A list of builds will now appear. Click “Durex Build for Kodi Krypton” (or for Jarvis if you’re on an older build)

  • The next screen asks what installation you’d like. Select Fresh Install>

  • The build installation popup will ask you to confirm restoration of default Kodi settings before being installed. Click Continue here.

  • The build will now install, and as the build is around 400mb, it may take a while so be patient.
  • Once installed, you’ll be asked to either Force Kodi Close or Reload. Click Force Close.
  • Once you restart Kodi, you’ll now have the Durex build in place.
  • If you have any queries regarding the build, and to keep up to date with updates etc, make sure you join the Durex Facebook Group

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