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Game-Changing Way to Install Kodi Addons and Repos Launched

TVAddons have been very busy of late. After some troubling time over recent years battling copyright bullies, they’ve made a come back and now they’ve added the functionality to now add addons and repositories directly from Github (web-based hosting service with version control). Find out below how to do this.

Kodi Addon and Repo Direct Github Integration

If this is the first third party Addon or Build you're adding to Kodi, click here for details on how to enable Addons from Unknown Sources in Kodi

  • With Kodi Open, Click the Settings “Gear” Icon
  • With the setting menu open, click System Setting
  • With the system settings open, click “Addons” from the left hand menu. (If you can’t see “addons”, make sure you’ve clicked “Advanced” on the bottom left of the menu to enable to Addons settings).
    After clicking Addons, click the “Unknown Sources” button so it turns white.
  • Once you click “Unknown Sources”, a box will pop up ensuring you’re OK to allow third party addons. Just click “OK”

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  • Open Kodi and click the “Settings” gear icon in the top left of Kodi home screen. and select “File Manager“.
    1. For Kodi 16, from the Kodi home screen, select System > File Manager
  • -Select “Add Source
  • -Select the box which says “None
  • -Type and click “Done
  • -Go to the box underneath which says “Enter a name for this media source” and type “Fusion” before clicking “OK
  • -Click back to your Home Screen
  • Click “Addons” from the Kodi home screen, then click the addons browser icon in the top left.
    1. For Kodi 16, from the Kodi home screen, select System>Settings>Add-ons
  • -Select “Install from zip file
  • -Select “Fusion” > “Kodi Repos” > “English”
  • -Select
  • Once you see the “Add-on Enabled” notification go back to the Addons menu and click “Install from Repository”, select “TVADDONS.CO Add-on Repository” > “Services” > “Git Browser” and click Install.
  • Once you see the “Git Browser – Addon installed” notification, go back to your add-ons menu, select “Program Addons” > “Git Browser”
  • Once opened for the first time, you’ll get a short instruction pop up. Have a read of this before dismissing it.
  • You can now search for Git Hub usernames. Using the username is the best option is you’re unlikely to install unofficial versions of addons and therefore avoiding and malicious addons. Take a look below at some popular addons and their GitHub usernames. We’ll take Sports Devil as an example of how to use Git Browser.
  • After dismissing the pop up message, click “Search by Github Username” > “**New Search**”
  • In the popup, type in kodibae (this is the username of the Sports Devil addon developer)
  • You’ll now see a list of all repositories and addons held under this username. To ensure addon updates, it’s best practice to add the repository, so for the Sports Devil addon, find and select “repository.kodibae”. (if you just want the addon, select “”)
  • A new popup will ask for confirmation you want to install the repo. Click “Install
  • The next popup will ask if you want to install more addons or finalize the installation. As we only installed the repo and still need to install the addon, click “Continue
  • Next you’ll see a list of addons in this repository. Select > “Install
  • Once installed, click the restart button and you’ll now had the addon.
  • Make sure to follow TV Addons on Twitter to keep up to date.

This may seem a fairly long method to install addons, but using this method will limit the amount of sources in your file manager, with just the username, it’ll be easier in the long run to remember addons etc, rather than continually trying to play catch up with ever changing repositories (those who recently had troubles with Blamo Repo will understand this), and most importantly, it give the addon developers a lot more freedom and ease with getting their addons out there. Take a look below at some addons and the developer usernames and have a play around yourself.

Addon Name Developer Github Username
USTV Catchup, USTV Now Plus, mhancoc7
UKTV Play, TV Player BludhavenGrayson
Net Streams All in One nemesis668
Death Streams RD teverz
cCloud IPTV kodibae
Neptune Rising mrblamo
Live Tube tvaddonsco

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