American Horror Story Apocalypse Episode 3 Recap

“..and I’m a Goddamn robot.”

Langdon is conducting his “who get’s into Sanctuary” interviews with the Outpost 3 inhabitants, telling Timothy and Mr. Gallant that he was able to quash both of their punishments for fornicating (Tim and Emily) and stabbing his grandmother multiple times killing her (Mr. Gallant).

Most of the rest of the interviews didn’t offer anything exciting (he told Coco and Dinah they were shallow), but then came his interview with Mallory. She tried to make out she was a dutiful assistant to Coco with Langdon probing her getting her to admit her occasional feelings of rage toward Coco before admitting she felt that there was something buried deep inside her, something we’ve heard before (witch?). She tried to leave but Langdon grabs her, she bellows for him to leave him alone before throwing him across the room with some kind of power. He lunges for her revealing a monstrous face for a split second (I’m hoping that’s not his cum face), but she was powerful enough to fend him (the son of Satan) off. He asked who she was, she didn’t know, she asked who he was, no answer.. Our girl Mallory is a witch surely, or something else?

Langdon when pissed off.
Don’t piss off Langdon

Langdon then blood soaked, writhing on the floor call to daddy (Satan), he tell his dad that he “thought he’d killed them all” but one is still alive, a referral which has to mean witches surely?

Miss Mead is recounting a load of her Halloween memories to Venable. We look at a a regular Halloween in 1962, then Halloween in 1968 which saw Miss Mead on a date with a boy who gets a bit handsy (bad move), then in 1988, the Halloween of her first kill; a man she chokes to death with an electrical cord. She’s distraught with the discovery that she’s a machine, with false memories and has no real life or family. Venable says she does has family, referring to the Outpost. They then discuss their distrust of Langdon, with Miss Mead’s idea to kill everyone, steal Langdon’s Macbook and head to the sanctuary.

We finally get some outside action, finding some mutated dudes on a beach barbecuing some human leg before they’re ambushed and killed by Brock who’s trying to find Outpost 3! (Brock is Coco’s boyfriend from LA who she ditched when the bombs hit.) Brock doesn’t get any info on Outpost 3 before a horse and cart destined for the Outpost rides by, which he jumps on, hides underneath and manages to infiltrate Outpost 3. The horse and cart is believed to be from the Co-Operative and is just a cart of fresh apples! Miss Mead and Venable decide to throw a party as a ruse to execute their plan to kill everyone. A meeting is called to announce a masquerade Halloween party.

The residents all get ready and we’re treated to more scenes of Coca being a complete bitch to Mallory before the party begins. Venable does a nice opening speech, telling people to savour the night as if it’d their last (yeah, see what you did there Venable). She then kicks thing off by playing ‘Baby I’m a Want You’ by ‘Bread’.

Coco starts dancing with a man in a mask she assumes is Langdon then proceeds to just ramble off a load of inane bullshit. She promises Satan’s spawn some sex up the ass if he’ll take her to the sanctuary. They go to a bedroom where he reveals himself as a mutated Brock and stabs her in the head. Coco is dead! She was fun to watch but she was starting to get really annoying.

Back at the party, the residents are apple bobbing and we’re shown Miss Mead and Venable previously putting snake poison into the apples. By now, all residents have poison apples (except Miss Mead and Venable of course) They eat their apples gratefully before choking and violently (comically) vomiting. Coughing up blood and foam, the residents all die.

Miss Mead and Venable go to Langdon and declare they’re calling the shots now. He laughs, telling Venable it was a test and she’d be perfect for the sanctuary. Venable tells Miss Mead to shoot Langdon, she pulls the gun on him, but turns it to Venable and shoots. Venable falls to the floor, Miss Mead doesn’t know why she did that. Langdon reveals he’s been controlling her all the time, including her party plan and plan to kill everyone, it was him who had the cooperate build her for him, modelled on his mother!! He loves Miss Mead, she’s a robotic mother based on Constance Langdon!

Final big shock is the arrival of Cordelia, Madison and Myrtle, our witches from Coven.

They're heeere.
Welcome ladies.

They all arrive at the Outpost and resurrect “their sisters” Dinah, Mallory and Coco! OK, when I thought just Mallory was a witch, I was happy to see Coco dead. But the re-balance of relationship between Mallory and Coco now they’re revealed as witches is going to be fun to watch. Madison ends the show with the second best line from the show; she crouches down to a resurrected Mallory and says “Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me?” Interesting 😉 BTW, THE best quote from the episode goes to Miss Mead who, when questioned by Venable as to how the pair would get to the sanctuary alone, she responded, “you’re mean and self involved enough to survive anything. And I’m a goddamn robot”.

So, as the episode ends, one of the big questions is whether AHS address the obvious Cordelia/Venable conundrum? They’re played by the same actor, but this is the first time AHS has joined the universe in a way that multiple characters have seen two characters played by the same person in such a short space of time. And with the Coven/Murder House crossover, it’s only going to happen more, so are we looking at it the same way we would when seeing a play with multiple characters played by the same actor; suspend belief and just enjoy it. Or, will there by an important piece of AHS mythology we’ve yet to be shown?

Cordelia's arrival
Cordelia returns!